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How to Plan an Intimate Wedding

One of the best things about having an intimate wedding is the fact that you get to spend your big day with your closest circle of family and friends. Smaller celebrations can have a much more personal feel to them, and you can truly make an intimate wedding your own. Not to mention, with a smaller guest list, you can make your wedding even more special by spending more per person or by allocating your budget to other important aspects of your wedding. Here are a few top tips to help you plan an intimate wedding.

Narrow Down the Guest List

One of the most difficult aspects of planning a wedding is creating the guest list. You want to make sure everyone you are both close to are invited, but you also don’t want to offend anyone by leaving them off the guest list. Agreeing with your partner on a set number of guests is a great way to begin, then try to divide the number of guests equally between the two of you. Consider whether or not you want your primary guests to bring a plus one and if you want to have a children-free wedding. You can always invite more guests to the evening reception.

 Create a Budget

Once you have a guest list, you can create your wedding budget. Think about how much you want to spend altogether and where you will get the money. Whether it’s from your savings, inheritance, or a gift from the parents, you need to have a clear understanding of your finances before you can actually begin making bookings. If you find that your dream wedding and your budget don’t match, you can always push back the date until you’re ready. It is better to wait until you have enough to fund everything you want for your big day.

Choose the Right Venue

An intimate wedding should take place in a venue that complements the size of the wedding party. A venue that’s too large can swamp your guests and make them feel awkward, while a tiny venue can feel claustrophobic. Intimate weddings venues can include private function halls, rustic barns, and boutique hotels.

Treat the Guests

One major positive about smaller weddings is the fact that you get to spend more quality time with your guests. In addition, you can also spend more per head, which means you can truly treat your guests. Intimate weddings feel much more exclusive. Take the opportunity to splash out on a live band, professional wedding bartenders, and other lavish extras. In addition to this, foodies can also indulge their guests with a specially selected, gourmet wedding menu.

Add Bespoke Touches

Loved up couples can truly add character to smaller wedding parties. Take the opportunity to add a bespoke touch to the proceedings. For example, you can use your creative juices to craft personal wedding favors and homemade invitations, while those with an eye for design can create magical table settings.

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