How to Overcome So that Call of Duty Mobile Doesn’t Lag

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Call of Duty Mobile or commonly known as COD Mobile, it’s not uncommon for Android users who play this game to experience COD Mobile lag either suddenly or even not at all. . Basically, this Call of Duty Mobile game requires a device with qualified specifications or in accordance with the requirements so that Call of Duty Mobile does not lag.
But if you are an Android smartphone user who has minimal specifications or doesn’t match the recommended device. You can try some of the tips that I will give so that the call of duty mobile doesn’t lag when it is being played, at least it can reduce lag in this COD Mobile game.
How to Overcome So that Call of Duty Mobile Doesn't Lag

How to Overcome So that Call of Duty Mobile Doesn’t Lag

There are several ways that you can use to overcome call of duty mobile lag , I have practiced this method myself and COD Mobile,  which was lagging before,  has decreased and even the call of duty mobile doesn’t lag at all. Maybe if you follow these tips, the lag on the call of duty mobile that you play can be resolved.

1. Deactivate & Reactivate Internet Network

The first way that you can do to overcome the call of duty mobile not lagging is by deactivating and reactivating your android internet network. Why is that, why? This method is done so that the ip address on your android internet network is refreshed and replaced with a new IP address and hopefully the new ip address has good enough signal strength so that the call of duty mobile doesn’t lag anymore when played.

2. Graphic Settings for Call of Duty Mobile

The second way to overcome the call of duty mobile lag is to adjust the graphics in the settings menu in the COD Mobile game. If the specifications of your Android smartphone are only the minimum of the device requirements that are required to play the call of duty mobile game, you should set the Call of Duty Mobile graphics to a low setting. Follow the settings as shown above.

3. Using Game Booster Application

If you have practiced the two methods above and the COD Mobile game is still lagging, you can use a help application, namely a game booster application that can speed up your game play. This application functions to automatically delete applications that run in the background when you want to open a game through the game booster application. For the best game booster applications, you can read the article  Best Game Booster Applications 2020 For Android.

4. Routinely Clean Junk Files

Another way that you can do so that the call of duty mod apk mobile doesn’t lag is by cleaning junk files stored in your Android storage space. Of course, the call of duty game also needs space to store temporary files when you are playing this game. If your storage space is full of junk files and you never clean your Android automatically it will feel heavy and slow.


Hope this article will help you to understand everything.i am apkold,if you have any question then must comment in the below we will reply as soon as possible.That’s just a little discussion about how to overcome the call of duty mobile not lagging, hopefully, the lag in the COD Mobile game can be resolved after you practice the four methods above which I have discussed on this occasion.

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