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How to Overcome smoking Cigarette Urges in Just 5 Minutes

ways to quit smoking

Two types of cravings are common in the initial days of quitting smoking.

  • Physical cravings : The body’s response to nicotine withdrawal may be felt as tightness or bloating.
  • Psychological cravings are triggered by daily events. There are many cues that indicate the need to smoke. You might light up when you are under stress, while driving, eating or socializing. These subconscious cues can trigger deep urges when you stop smoking.

These are 10 easy ways to control your psychological and physical cravings and get more control over your ability quit.

Take a walk

Sitting still is a way to stew in your emotions. Move around and get up. Go outside and walk for five minutes around the block. Breathe deeply while you do so. One simple trick to use is “belly breathing”, which involves using your diaphragm instead of your chest. This will allow you to get more air into your lungs and may help with cravings.

Enjoy a mental vacation

Close your eyes. Close your eyes. Now create a calm place or situation in your head that can distract you from any discomfort. This practice is also known as guided imagery. 3 It’s a way to reduce stress. This practice teaches you how to control your emotions and not let them control you.

Guided Imagery

Take a deep breath

Breathing is an unconscious function that we take as a given. It can be a powerful tool for overcoming cravings if you take the time to regulate your breathing rate, inhaling and exhaling with mindfulness.

Pranayama, a type of mind-body yoga therapy known as pranayama, is where you can focus on your breathing and control the speed of your exhalations. It can also help you feel calmer and more refreshed.

Take a tall glass of water

It is often surprising how much water we lose in a single day. This can lead to anxiety and the desire to smoke. 5

Give us your reasons for quitting

This simple affirmation will help you overcome your negative emotions and improve your intellect. You can remind yourself that every action has benefits and consequences by weighing out the pros and cons. It helps you to remember why you started this journey and what you must do to succeed.

It will also help you to clarify your thoughts and prevent you from rationalizing any slips that you might experience. It was just one cigarette. You may be able see the progress you’re making if you make it a habit to write down your list each time you feel the urge.

Make a portable hobby

Distraction is key. You should find something that you like and is easy to grab and put down in a flash. It could be a crossword puzzle, or reading a few pages of a book. You can carry a project that you have made, if you are a knitter or crocheter, to keep you busy and away cigarettes.

Avoid engaging in action-packed games and any activity that could increase your blood pressure rather than decrease it. Smoking can be triggered by anxiety or excitement, which you should avoid and not incite.

Enjoy a healthy snack

6 Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between the desire to smoke and the desire to eat sugar. When faced with the temptation to smoke, make the healthy choice of eating a piece or yogurt, peanut butter, or some saltines.

Avoid baked goods, chips and candy bars, which are high in saturated fats, high fructose corn syrup, and refined carbs. These can not only cause you to gain weight but also increase your sugar levels and worsen cravings.

Contact a friend

Why go it alone if you’re in distress? Spend a few moments with someone you love. You will feel lifted and your mind will be free from thoughts of smoking.

You can also share your feelings with friends and loved ones, which will allow them to help you. It may lift their spirits as well.

Get Online Support

If you are unable to leave your computer at work but have internet access, you can read the experiences of others who have quit smoking. It’s amazing how many people will be willing to help you if they ask.

You may find the encouragement you need to overcome the cravings by knowing that others have gone through the same thing as you.

Count Your Blessings

Spend a few moments reflecting on the good things in your life. This is a powerful and simple way to get out of a slump, and renew your motivation.

A word from Verywell

It is important to remember that your cravings are a call and not a command. You can make short-term cravings into a way to achieve a better future by focusing on the things that really matter – your family, your friends and your future.

It is important to remain positive. You will get there

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