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How to Open OLM File in Windows Outlook? – Smart Ways

To open OLM file in Windows system, you must read this article thoroughly. The OLM file is a Mac Outlook file that saves all of the data items in it. But this file is not recognized by the Windows PC. Since the OLM file is an Outlook file for Mac PC, it should be first converted to Outlook format for the Windows computer. This file format is the PST file that is used to store all of the data items from the Outlook account.

Therefore, to use the OLM file in Windows, you have to convert the OLM file in the PST file and import it into Outlook for Win. Keep reading this article to find out how you can do so.

User Query: “I was a Mac user and have recently started using a Windows PC. On my previous system, I used Mac Outlook that saved the files in OLM format. Now that I am working with the Windows system, how can I bring those emails and other data from the OLM file to Windows Outlook?”

Ways to Open OLM File in Windows

There are several ways that you can use to perform this task. The best of all is to use an automatic software called OLM to PST Converter for Mac that converts the OLM files in the said format. It provides multiple benefits such as the conversion of bulk files in a single attempt and many more as listed below:

  • Convert all data items from OLM to Windows Outlook
  • Provides Add Folder feature to export OLM files in bulk.
  • Migrate OLM to Windows Outlook format and several others.
  • Allows splitting resultant file into small components of files.
  • Permits to export selective data from OLM using the date-based filter
  • Retains on-disk folder hierarchy same as the source file.
  • Supports OLM files created by the Mac Outlook 2019, 2016, and 2011.
  • Allows to choose & convert multiple Mac OLM files in one go.
  • Software is compatible with the latest versions of Mac OS.

Method 2: Manual Way of Opening OLM File in Windows

The manual method is over complicated to perform since it requires you to make use of another platform. 

This method works by enabling the IMAP settings in your Gmail account and configuring it with Mac Outlook. Once done, you have to transfer all of your data to Gmail. After this, you are supposed to configure the Gmail IMAP account with Windows Outlook. After doing so, you need to move the data in the respective order. 

Since it is not easy to work on this task, it is always recommended to use the former method. 

Another way is the copy-paste method where you require to first drag the mailbox items from your Mac Outlook account to a local folder. Here, the files get automatically saved in EML files. Then, by using any external device or any other method, you just have to move them to your Windows PC. Once done, create a new folder in your Windows Outlook and drag these EML files again into it. The files will now function on a Win PC.

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In this article, we have learned about ways to open OLM file in Windows. You can use any of the methods described. The tool that we recommend here is much more versatile than you can think. It works with multiple OLM files at once. This utility provides a safe environment to execute the process while maintaining data integrity. Along with that, users can avail its demo version that is free-of-cost that users can opt for testing purposes. Users are free to choose any of the methods for opening OLM files in Windows system.

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