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How to Maximize Your Meditation for Sleep Session

Meditation for Sleep

You are aware of the popularity of meditation or meditation for sleep and its out-of-the-world benefits. Meditation offers you a natural way to grow spiritually and improve your mental and physical health. Whether you are a student or a full-time employee at an MNC, meditation does a lot to help you relax after a tiring day.

The increasing competition combined with an unhealthy diet and lifestyle often leads to stress, which wreaks havoc in your daily life. A few minutes of meditation for sleep goes a long way in helping you let go of all the negativity encountered during the day.

First, let us understand how exactly does meditation helps you sleep at night.

How Meditation for Sleep Works – Know Here

Meditation provides you with an inner sense of calm and increased clarity. Daily meditation also helps you lower blood pressure, manage your anxiety or depression, and fall asleep at night.

Practicing meditation for sleep helps reduce the level of Cortisol which is the stress-inducing hormone. It does so by increasing the levels of Melatonin to help you sleep peacefully at night.

Let us find out how you can reap maximum benefits from a meditation session right before bedtime.

The Best Way to Start Your Meditation for Sleep Session

Meditation helps relax your body and mind after a tiring day at the office or school. Given below are the two major ways through which you can practice meditation before bedtime.

1. The Right Environment

The first step to follow before you start your meditation for sleep practice is having the right environment. Your ideal environment has to be peaceful, and devoid of any distractions.

Given below are the three tips you should follow to create the best environment for your meditation for sleep session.

Zero Distractions

The word distractions refer to the constant ringing of your smartphone, turning off the television, and putting away every other electronic device. Your meditation space has to be filled with peace.

Meditation Tools

If you use your smartphone to listen to meditation programs then turn down the brightness of the device and close all other applications. In other words, you need to have just those tools that help you meditate and not distract.

Comfort is the Key

Meditation requires not just a quiet mind but also a comfortable body. You should wear comfortable clothes and sit in a comfortable position whether sitting on the bed or floor.

2. Choose the Right Meditation Method

If you have taken your yoga teacher training in Rishikesh then you are aware of the different meditation techniques. All these different meditation methods have only one goal and that is to help you achieve peace of mind and body for a good night’s sleep.

Given below are the best meditation techniques you can practice before your bedtime.

Concentration Meditation

If your mind keeps wandering from one thought to the next, then concentration meditation will help you focus your attention on a particular object. You need to just observe what you see and relax your mind.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation includes you listening to a pre-recorded podcast or audio clip with a teacher guiding you throughout the session. It is beneficial if your mind constantly wanders and has a hard time staying in a relaxed state.

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Mindfulness & Body Scan Meditation

Mindfulness and Body Scan meditation helps you focus on the present state of your mind and body. The purpose of both of these meditation methods is not to get caught in any particular thought or sensation but to simply acknowledge their presence and move past it.

You should choose the right meditation method suiting your needs.


Insomnia is a common ailment affecting millions of people around the world. If you too suffer from this issue then trying meditation for sleep can help you get back that sleep. Meditation helps a lot when it comes to maintaining your mental and physical health.

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