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Beard transplant Before and After- Costs, Treatments, and Results

Hair loss can affect your facial hair. It may be hard to hide hair loss on facial hairs. It would mean you need to shave daily since facial hairs grow faster. It may be tiresome to do. Also, men pride themselves in their beards, and trimming them is like stripping their masculinity. A beard transplant may save such a situation.
Beard transplant costs are affordable. The transplant cost differed from one patient to another. It would help if you had few hair follicles to fill in the gaps in the beards.

What Causes Beard Hair Loss

Beard hair loss causes are similar to scalp hair loss. You can experience beard hair loss because of your genetic composition; Some genes are prone to hair loss. If a member of your family experienced beard loss, you are more likely to follow suit.
You can lose a beard due to trauma, stress, or an autoimmune condition. Sometimes you may lose beard hairs due to medication. You can ask your doctor to change the medication if there’s an alternative. However, if you are losing beards due to chemotherapy, you’ll need to finish the sessions before you can regrow your beard.

Beard Transplant Procedure

A Beard hair transplant happens when the doctor extracts some hair follicles on the scalp and transplants them on the beard area. The process starts with booking an appointment. During the first appointment, you should consult the available methods of beard transplant. Select the suitable beard transplant method for your case.
Ask about beard transplant costs during the appointment. It will save you the surprise on the treatment day. The doctor will assess the number of grafts you need for your transplant. Then, they will give you a rough estimate of the cost of the transplant.

The actual procedure starts with outlining the shape of the beard. You’ll explain to your doctor the design you desire to have. It will be easier if all you need is to fill the bald patch. However, if you want to create a beard when you have none, you need to know how you wish your beard to look.
After outlining, the doctor will administer local anesthesia on the donor area and recipient area. It ensures the process is painless. Then they go ahead and extract hair grafts using the desired method. They treat the hair grafts before transplanting to increase the success rate.
After the transplant process, the doctor will give you some aftercare instructions. You should follow them to ensure a faster recovery. Also, you will get some medication to relieve pain and prevent infections.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE beard transplant is when the doctor extracts individual follicles from the scalp to the beard area. The process is relatively painless and leaves you with no scar. It’s the most preferred beard transplant method.
FUE hair transplant is flexible. You can donate hair follicles from various parts of the body. Thus, you’ll still have a beard transplant even when you don’t have sufficient grafts on the scalp.
The doctor assesses the quality of hair grafts on different parts of the body. Then, they use the area that has the same texture and quality as other beard hairs. If you create a beard from scratch, you can use hairs from an area with a hair quality close to the scalp hair.
FUE beard transplant does not leave a scar on the scalp or any part of the body. Thus, there are minimal chances of infections. Also, the recovery time is short since all you need is the graft to set in.

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT beard transplant involves extracting a strip of the scalp. The doctor then subdivides the strip into micro-grafts so that the transplant looks natural. The part where the strip is harvested is stitched back together to close the wound.
FUT hair transplant needs a doctor and an assistant. The hair grafts are delicate and need undivided attention. When the doctor is busy stitching the scalp, the assistant separates the grafts and treats them before they are transplanted.
The success rate of FUT beard transplants is satisfactory. You get similar results as you would get with FUE. One difference is that FUT beard transplant cost is lower. Also, it’s limiting since you can only extract hair grafts from the scalp.
The major downside of FUT is that it leaves you with a linear scar on the scalp. Thus, many people prefer FUE over FUT.

Beard Transplant Cost

The doctor calculates beard transplant costs by the number of grafts needed. A full beard may need 4000-7000 grafts. You can have the transplant if your donor area can donate such an amount of hair grafts.
If you need to fill in bald spots, you may receive 400-1500 grafts, depending n the beard hair loss.
Each graft will cost you an average of $3 to transplant. Thus, you will pay depending on the number of grafts you need for the transplant. Also, there are extra charges that you pay for the consultation. The charges differ by the type of clinic and the experience of the doctor attending to you.

Expected Results after Beard Transplant

A Beard transplant gives you permanent results. When you have a qualified doctor perform the transplant, you will get a natural look.
You won’t notice the results immediately after the process. It will take you several months before the beard grows. After the grafts set in, the hair will shed. After a few weeks, new hairs will start to grow. You will witness some beard growth three months after the transplant. You’ll achieve full beard growth after 12 months.

Disadvantages of a Beard Transplant

  • Swelling, redness, itching, and pain at the donor and treatment are.
  • You are at risk of infections. You should ensure cleanliness to avoid infections. 
  • You’ll sacrifice hair follicles from other parts of the body.
  • The method is expensive.
  • The transplanted hair falls out after three weeks. Thus, you stay longer before you enjoy your transplanted beard.
  • You can’t have a beard transplant if your skin develops keloids. 


Beard transplant cost is worth every penny. It’s a short medical procedure that gives you permanent results. You only need to save a few hours of your time to have a beard transplant. 

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