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Graphics Designing

How To Make Your Logo Design Effective?

A logo defines the identity of any business and is an excellent way of interacting with people. We can say that the logo is like a communication tool that helps the viewers get an idea of business effortlessly. Many businesses don’t work smartly on their logos and save money by making logos with online logo generators instead of preferring a professional logo design agency. If you analyze any top brand, you’ll see its logo in every excerpt of the written or virtual work. Why? Because multi-national organizations understand the importance of a logo.

You need to understand that every logo design is not effective. Certain quality measures should be kept in mind while making a logo. Today, there are plenty of cheap or even free logo design services available out there. Most startups prefer such services, which is the biggest mistake as you can’t get a professional touch in your logo if you choose this option.

Mainly, a logo comprises symbols, text, images, or design that represent your brand. It seems pretty easy to mix these elements, but it’s not such a simple task. One needs a highly creative mind to play with these elements and produce something out-of-the-box and effective. If people start recognizing your brand with your brand, congratulations, you become successful in creating an effective logo.

Anyhow, we all want to make efficient and effective logos, which can clearly state our business’s purpose. To have this efficacy in your logo, the following are a few things you should concentrate on.


Why is logo designing indispensable?

Think of your LinkedIn profile. When you’re looking for a job, the first thing you do is make an impressive, appealing and tempting profile so that you can get the attention of various companies. You want your first impression to be impactful. Similarly, you should make your logos the way you create your LinkedIn profile or any social media profile like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc., because your brand’s first impression depends on the logo. There’s also a saying that “first impression is your last impression.”

Consequently, logo designing is also crucial because a logo is your business’s profile picture, representing you and your business. So, it’s essential to pay more attention to your logo and get the services of a top-notch logo design agency instead of relying on a free DIY logo maker or your designer friend.


Descriptive or Non-descriptive

There are two types of logos, including descriptive and non-descriptive. Descriptive logos state what product or business is about, like McDonald’s and Burger King. Descriptive logos have more impact on customers than non-descriptive ones as the former gives a virtual persuasion to the viewers. Besides, it also leads businesses to positive financial deals.

However, if the brand is famous globally, it doesn’t matter whether a logo is descriptive or non-descriptive. Recently, Dunkin Donuts has changed its logo and come up with a non-descriptive design. As we all are familiar with the brand, it has no such impact on us.

Sometimes, a descriptive logo also gives gloomy and unpleasant feelings. You can look at the logos of funeral homes, mosquito killers, parasite repellants, etc. It indicates that both types of logos have positive and negative aspects. So, it’s essential to keep both types in your mind while making a logo for your business. We suggest you team up with any well-known and credible logo design agency if you want a professional logo.



What do our IDs show? It shows our names, age, and residential location. Likewise, logos are the IDs of brands. With the help of logos, a person can instantly understand and recognize the brand. A good logo can easily make an impact on people.



The brand’s story inspires and builds a type of emotional bonding with the person. Apple, Nike, Adidas, Nestle, and FedEx are a few examples. These brands have a story behind their logo design. Therefore, a story or any inspiration behind a logo creates curiosity among the people and boosts the brand’s popularity.



It’s important to see what competition you are in and what type of logos your competitors have. It will give you an idea about the competitors and help you come up with a logo that makes you stand out. For instance, if your competitors are using traditional logo designs, you can use modern designs to attract people. To get valuable suggestions, you should connect with a professional designer or a reliable logo design agency.



The font you are going to use should complement and show a relation with your brand’s logo. There are four popular typographies that can give your logo a distinctive appearance:

  • Serifs font – gives old fashion look
  • Sans serifs font – offers a modern and clean look
  • Script font – a handwritten font
  • Display font – use to convey a specific feeling



What red color indicates? It usually denotes passion, excitement, and anger. Similarly, different color represents diverse types of feelings. It is not necessary to use monochrome colors. You can also use a combination of colors. Following are the colors that you can use in a logo.

  • Red – excitement, passion, danger, power
  • Orange – energetic, vibrant
  • Yellow – cheerful, friendly, commanding
  • Green – connects to nature
  • Purple – royalty, elegance, mysterious
  • Pink – feminine, attentive
  • Brown – handmade, old, relaxation
  • White – clean, modern, minimalistic
  • Black – luxurious, modern



If you go to any logo design agency, they will introduce you to different logo layouts. Take a look at them:

  • Lettermarks – CNN, HBO, H&M
  • Wordmarks – Coca-Cola, Calvin Klein
  • Pictorial marks – Apple, Target
  • Abstract logo marks – Pepsi
  • Combination mark – bright side
  • Mascots – KFC
  • Emblem – Starbucks


Design style

Choose your design style that fits your brand. There is nothing like what style is right; here, the matter is which design best suits your brand. Below are the types of style that you can use:

  • Classic
  • Retro or vintage
  • Modern and minimalist
  • Fun and quirky
  • Handmade and handcrafted

There is no rule of thumb to stick one style while making a logo. You can use the fusion of styles.

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