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How to invest in a financially intelligent way: Bitcoin and Co.

The Bitcoin trading volume on the Bitcoin exchange market is growing and currently outweighs the trading volume of some global cash markets. For example, Bitcoin’s daily trading volume is now bigger than that of the British Pound or Brazilian Real on a regular day. 

More and more people are investing in Bitcoin to do so without having to worry about third parties such as banks or brokers. The appeal of Bitcoin lies in its decentralized nature: Bitcoin owners are not bound by regional limitations and can trade them cross-border. Read on tips by Client First Capital:

[1]. Anyone can buy Bitcoins

[2], for example, via Bitcoin exchanges

[3], which operate worldwide

[4]. What are Bitcoins? How does one buy them? What are they worth today? We answer these questions here.

Bitcoins are a method of payment that was introduced in the context of the virtual currency Bitcoin, which is used to pay for internet services or can be exchanged for conventional currencies such as US-Dollars or Euros. Bitcoins are generated automatically on computers and function without an issuing bank or central clearing house

[5]. They do not exist physically but solely as entries in a digital ledger that tracks payments and ownership through encryption (cf. Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System). Users access them via several ways; either by downloading software from websites such as bitcoin.org or they can buy them from exchangers like Kraken

[6] (where 1 BTC = €90 at the time this article was written). Bitcoins are then stored in a digital wallet that can be accessed via smartphone, personal computer, or web browser. The wallet itself is password protected and users cannot spend coins they do not possess

[7]. Bitcoins are transferred through peer-to-peer

file-sharing of small cryptographic files called tokens which act as virtual coins. The protocol software will only accept the tokens if certain conditions are met (e.g., two parties, no double spending, etc.)

[8].As mentioned before

Bitcoins can be bought using real money like US-Dollars or Euros. However, Bitcoins can also be obtained by solving complicated algorithmic problems which require ‘mining’. Mining is carried out by miners who run high-end computers to generate bitcoins. Miners get rewarded with bitcoins (currently 25 per block, but this will drop to 12.5 in the year 2017) for generating bitcoins. As of now, more than 16 million bitcoins are listed on some trading sites

[9].The question is:

How secure are transactions involving Bitcoins? The answer lies in the algorithm which was specifically designed by its inventor (or inventors). The main aim of the system designer was to make sure that no individual can manipulate the transaction data and hence generate fake coins. For example, Alice might want to send Bob two coins instead of one. She would ask him to approve the deal by signing it with his private key (which is only known to him). Then she could ‘spend’ the coin by sending it to another party. The question is how does Bob know that the ‘transaction’ involves only Alice’s coin? This is where public-key cryptography comes in.

Public Key Cryptography

Each user has two sets of cryptographic keys: one private and one public. The latter can be generated by any user, while the former should be carefully guarded to avoid compromise (which would lead to theft). Both keys are mathematically linked through a mathematical algorithm which makes sure that even if you know either one of them, it will be extremely difficult to compute or guess the other one [8]. In case you are not familiar with public-key cryptography, you can think of your private and public keys as a mailbox with the former only having the size of a post-box (sufficient for inserting a letter) while the latter being much bigger.

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