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How To Get Ideal Racking System for Warehouse In 6 Steps

Planning to find the ideal racking system for your warehouse but confused and surrounded with so many queries and confusions–Right! You might be stressing yourself with questions like:

  • What racking and shelving systems are available for your warehouses?
  •  What factors to consider when buying a system? 
  • And which shelving system possesses a better and variety of features? Find out here!

Before you stress yourself with all these interrogations, read our blog to find answers for all your queries. Let’s jump to learn the same!

Table of Contents

  • Defining Warehouse Racking System
  • Steps to get Ideal Racking System for your Warehouse
  • Have a word with your Contractors and Managers
  • Know Your Storage Requirements
  • Plan Your Budget
  • Choose Your Racking System
  • Consider Mobile Racking System
  • Saves floor spaces
  • High-Density Storage
  • Enhances work processes
  • Easily Accessible
  • Deploy a Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • To sum it up

Defining Warehouse Racking System

A warehouse racking system is simply a storage solution designed to keep warehouse stock in a well-organized way. These systems can help you manage and better utilize your warehouse space by eliminating all the clutter.

The racking system helps in improving work productivity by systematically arranging your inventory, gives easy access to employees of stocked inventory. 

One can find the selective racks as per their warehouse needs as there is a variety of racking systems available in the market.

Steps to get Ideal Racking System for your Warehouse

Have a Word with your Contractors and Managers

If you wish your warehouse turned out best, spacious and comfortable, firstly talk to your contractors and warehouse managers. Don’t rush! Make a plan first then put it into action. Planning is crucial prior to implementing your idea. 

These contractors have had several years of experience, so it would be wise to discuss with them first about your requirements. The more you will communicate correctly, the more it becomes easy for them to put your specifications into action.                                                                                       

Know your Storage Requirements

To get an optimal racks, primarily, you need to know what are your requirements?

Get a quick idea of what are the goods you keep and store, accordingly, you can plan how to structure your racking system. Also, don’t forget to consider the amount of access required to move these products. 

Ask your contractors to build your warehouse storage system in such a way that high-flow products can be accessed easily and quickly. This way you can manage your space in a better way. 

Plan your Budget

The most primary thing to consider, determine your budget. Yes, it’s important to identify whether the installation is within your budget or highly expensive. Determining the total expenses may help you in moving ahead with the process.   

Before you get stuck in the ongoing process of manufacturing your ideal racking system thinking of your expenses, fix your budget. You should not repent of your decision later.  

Once you understand your storage system needs, focusing on a budget should be your second move. 

Well, the total cost for whole pallet racking installation, racking equipment is to be considered to get rid of financial constraints. Once you’ve outlined your needs then you’re ready to price-shop for the most suitable deal.

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Choose your Racking System

To get an ideal desirable racking system, you need to make a choice of which type of used or new racks you desire for your business. 

Specify to the contractors what exactly you desire or ask them which racking system is the best to put. As they are experts in their fields, so asking them would be wise. 

There are several types of racking systems available in the market:

  • Selective racks for narrow aisle racking
  • Drive-in racks for high-density storage
  • Push back Racks for bulk storage
  • Flow racks for high-density storage

So, you can find a variety of racking systems in the market and can find the right fit for you as per your warehousing needs. But don’t forget to consider factors like available floor space, pallet type and size, ceiling height, budget, and so on. 

Consider Mobile Racking System 

Moveable pallet racking systems work great in warehouses. There are several benefits that come with a mobile racking system and following are some:

Saves Floor spaces

The big advantage of mobile racking is it saves floor space for you by almost 50%. Saving floor spaces is a great way to improve your inventory storage capacity.

High-density storage

The main objective of mobile racking is to manage areas with limited space but a high quantity of inventory to store like walk-in freezers. 

A mobile high-density storage system is a great investment for businesses that often have large overhead costs for rent and utilities.

Enhances work processes

Mobile shelving streamlines the workflow of your warehouse by improving the inventory stocking of the organizations. Cluttered offices result in poor productivity leading to massive chaos and hassle.

A mobile shelving system itself keeps your inventory well-organized and well arranged. It enables employees to use their time more efficiently which enhances workflow.

Easily accessible

Mobile racking systems help employees in easy and direct access to the inventory that moves racks either from a central control panel or individual controls on each rack system.

Mobile racks can also be configured as double pallet racking systems like static racks. It allows you access from either end by simply moving the system to open up aisles on both sides. 

Deploy a Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Installing a warehouse management system is a great tip to look after your warehouse operations. An efficient warehouse optimization is worthless if your employees don’t know where things are kept and stored. 

An efficient warehouse management system will keep your inventory and operations organized as your new racks.

To sum it up

Finding the right fit racking system for your warehouse can’t just happen without a proper plan and knowledge of your warehouse requirements. An appropriate plan is essentially required. You must be well versed with your budget and how much you can invest. Also, you must be able to communicate the right requirements with your contractor. 

The best way to get this done right is to consider the factors mentioned above. 

Keep the above pointers in consideration before finding the ideal racking system for your business!

Lastly, do share your valuable opinions in the comment box!

Thank you!


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