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How to Felt a Shed Roof? __ Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Felt Roof Repair Solihull

Sometimes the felt on shed roofs starts showing the signs of depreciation. The reason for this erosion in Solihull is the rainy weather. You may have witnessed some cracks and holes in your felt roof and, for such cases taking help from Felt Roof Repair Solihull can be beneficial. In some worse conditions, you may notice a leakage in the roof. It is essential to contact the professional contractors as soon as possible. As time will pass, the problem will increase and can lead to massive destruction and financial loses.

Do you think it is an easy task to detect and solve a felt roofing problem? No, not at all. It needs skills, professional training, knowledge and expertise to get to the roots of the problem, and solve it. Only trust the expert and well-rated contractors. You can find many web sites online for roofing constructions and repair purposes. You need to focus on your budget and, find the contracting company that will give you the quality services in the less price. This article is for discussing how you can re-felt your shed roof. You all want to get ready for the winters and save yourselves from more dissipation? This article can help you with solving your felt roofing problem.

How to Felt a Shed Roof?

There are some steps by following which, you can make you shed roof perfect for winters. First, the most important thing to highlight is that only an expert with high skills like S.Tomic Roofing can do this work properly. Do not trust the unprofessional companies.

  • Removing The Old Felt Roof

It is necessary to remove the old felt roof before installing the new one. You must start by removing the old roof you have. Removal of fascia boards if you have them is vital. If, you will not remove previous fascia boards. It will try to install a new roof by using the same boards. It will cause massive destruction later. You have to be careful while ripping the old roof off. Do not rip any timber or bend any nail, which makes the work strenuous.

Try to do everything carefully and attentively. Once the nails are removed, it will become easy to strip the old felt. If removing a specific nail becomes hard, hammer it down. The left nail will then cause no damage to the new roof. Try to keep everything simple. A professional company will make your task hassle-free. It can be a headache if the work goes wrong. Trust the skilled contractors for your work.

  • Get The Dimensions Right

Once you have stripped the old roof off. Lay hold of a measuring tape, and measure everything accurately without any mistake for a perfect felt roof. The wrong measurement of an inch can waste all the effort if you do not have an expert to handle your problems. Eaves overlap will be approximate of 5cm, and Gable ends will be 7.5 cm. You have to cut three pieces of felt for a pitched roof, and for flat roof cut the felt of the length that, you need. You can also place felt width wise. In such situation cut, the felt to fit all the place according to the roof.

Felt Roof Repair Solihull
Felt Roof Repair Solihull
  • Apply the New Felt 

Try to keep the felt tight against the roof for a perfect fit. You have to make a felt waterproof so that water and ice will not enter the roof. Once the fixing is done, start hammering the nails, but gently. Fix the felt and try to avoid every small tits and bit that can later cause destruction. First, finish the side panel then start with apex panel. For apex panel, you will need high-quality adhesive and paintbrush. Fix everything and hammers the nails for about 5cm on the lower edge.

  • Sort Out The Ends 

Clean all the mess. Give the new felt roof a final look and make any change if it’s necessary. Edge everything up. You will need a craft knife for shaping the apex and cutting the unnecessary slits off. You can reattach the fascia boards and make everything right and neat. Level all the side, and you are good to go!

Tips to Increase The Lifespan of Felt Roof:

Here are some tips that can help in increasing the lifespan of the felt roof

  1. Never forget to check your roof after heavy rainfall or in snowy weather. If you see any, kind of ponding, it may be because of a drainage problem. It can lead to leakage.
  2. Try to avoid the surface damage, as some of the roofs are not for foot traffic. Keep all these points in mind. It may cause harm to your roof.
  3. Arrange annual roof inspection can prevent huge loses, and you can solve problems easily.
  4. If you see any damage, try to repair it as fast as possible. Sometimes the delay can cause more harm.
  5. You must know when there is a need for repairing, and when, there is time to replace the roof.

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