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How to Clean Your Hookah?

Owned your own Hookah? but now you are frustated with cleaning Hookah shenanigans? Don't look further this guide will help you

If you have a hookah in your home or office, you may want to learn how to clean your Hookah. There are some important steps that you have to do, especially when you want to use this device for a long time. You should do a deep cleaning process, so you can ensure that the hookah can produce the best flavor. You can divide the whole hookah into several parts, including the hose, small parts, hookah stem, and also hookah base.

Hookah smoking always comes across as a fun and engaging event that you can keep at a party to keep up the vibes, unlike drinking, smoking, or vaping.

Hookah smoking is a kind of activity that huddles people together, people get together to smoke the hookah one by one and the whole event lasts for much longer like even a couple of hours.

The sheer number of flavors available in hookah keeps it from becoming boring or tiresome.

Here are some useful tips that you can follow, so you can clean your hookah effectively.

1. Clean the hose

This is the most important step that you have to do. First, you may want to detach the hookah hose from the base. You can twist the hose gently for removing it from the base. You can blow the hose every time you smoke with your hookah. It only takes a few seconds to be done completely. Blowing the hose will remove any stale smoke that may affect the taste of the flavor in the future.

If the hose is washable, you can rinse the hose regularly. If the hose is made from plastic or rubber, it may be labeled as washable. You can rinse the hose with water. However, you should avoid using soap or any other chemical products when rinsing your hose. Let the hose dry completely before you start using it again in the future.

2. Cleaning the small parts of the hookah

Your hookah may contain some small parts or accessories. When you take the entire hookah device apart, you will find some small pieces from this device. You can keep all of these pieces in a secure location. If you still have the tobacco and old foil on the tobacco bowl, you can remove those items. Wash the bowl with running water for removing any leftovers on the bowl.

You may also find some grommets on the hookah. These grommets are protective disks that will keep all parts of the hookah from damaging each other. It is recommended for you to clean them under warm water. You can use your finger for smoothing over the surface, so you can remove any unwanted items that may be accumulated on the grommets. Another important part that should be cleaned is the ashtray. Scrub the tray with steel wool, so you can dislodge the ash quickly.

3. Cleaning the hookah stem

First, you may want to run the water through the hookah stem. The water will remove any unwanted leftovers on the hookah stem. You can do this step for about 30 – 60 seconds. When it is possible, you can scrub the inside part of the hookah stem by using a stem brush. A stem brush is a thin and long brush that comes with stiff bristles. Scrub over the stem with a lemon. You can pour 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to the end of the stem. Lemon juice will remove any bad odor from the hookah stem.

At the end of the cleaning process, you should run the water through the hose. The water will remove all unnecessary items from the hookah stem completely. Set the hookah stem aside for drying this part completely. If it is possible, you can lean it up against the wall. It will force the water to drip down out of this stem.

4. Cleaning the hookah base

If your hookah still contains stale old water from the last time, you may want to remove the water from the sink. Run the hot water into the base. However, you need to ensure that the base is at room temperature before you add the hot water. Then, you can use your fingers to start rubbing inside part of the base.

Pour the water out for removing any dirt or unwanted items from the hookah base. Scrub the hookah base with a base brush. This brush is usually shorter than the regular stem brush. You can also use either baking soda or lemon juice for removing bad odor from the hookah base. At the end of the process, you can rinse the base with hot water. Turn the base upside down for a few hours to let this part dry completely before you start using it again in the future.

5. Grommets and Adapters

you actually simply wish to form positive every eyelet (and diffuser if you’re mistreatment one) has been rinsed off. you {will} additionally realize that employing a gentle soap on the grommets and Heba Diffusers will facilitate still. No have to be compelled to scrub them with clean-up brushes. However, you’ll wish to run a skinny cleanup brush through your hose adapters if attainable, or offer them a fast soak in a plight to get rid of any build au fait them.

6. Purge Valve

Rust encompasses a tendency to create up during this valve if not cleansed often which might cause your BBs to become stuck within the valve. If your BBs square measure protrusive, you will not be able to purge smoke from your water pipe base if you ever have to be compelled to. And, if you are not careful, you’ll additionally find yourself processing water all the approach make a copy of the shaft associated with your water pipe bowl destruction an otherwise glorious session.

Summing it up!

If you’re someone who likes to throw kickass Hookah parties, have friends come over then it’s important that you learn the art of cleaning your hookah properly so that your guest gets the perfect hookah smoking experience.

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