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Hill Stations Near Ahmedabad

The ideal method to relax and break free is to go to a hilly town tucked away between mountains and forested peaks. And if you’re visiting or residing in a place like Ahmedabad, we’re confident you’ll need a break from the oppressive heat. So we’ve put together a list of these ten hill stations close to Ahmedabad specifically for when you need to experience the cool and enjoy the peace. Book all these hill station with taxi service in Ahmedabad.

Popular Hill Stations Close to Ahmedabad

Here is a list of the top hill towns close to Ahmedabad that you should visit for a fun getaway from the city amid nature.


The most well-known hill town close to Ahmedabad is Saputara, found in Gujarat’s Dang district and part of the massive Sahyadri mountain range. There is a lot to see and do in this hill station that will captivate you, so it won’t be like a typical weekend vacation, whether it’s the lush foliage or the breathtaking waterfalls.

From Ahmedabad, there are several ways to get to Saputara, including by road, plane, and train. If you don’t want to use your car, the best option to commute is by road, where you may hire a cab or reserve a bus and arrive in roughly six hours and 48 minutes.

Mt. Abu

This only hill station in Rajasthan, dubbed the “oasis in the desert,” is the most excellent and well-liked hill station close to Ahmedabad. This well-known tourist destination, located on the highest summit of the Aravalli range, is famous for its Dilwara Jain temples. The attractiveness of this hill town is enhanced by the grandeur of Nakki Lake and the surrounding evergreen vegetation, where the wind is typically gusty.

Wilson Hills

This location, commonly called “little Saputara,” is mountainous and beautifully forested. The location is ideal for escaping the monotony of city life, from the atmosphere to the sites of interest. The unique opportunity to see the sea from the top of the hill distinguishes this location as incredibly beautiful and a well-known hill station in Gujarat. You wouldn’t want to miss this, for sure!


The smallest hill station in India and unquestionably a fantastic holiday choice is Matheran, located close to Ahmedabad. It is a haven of stunning points that provides incredible vistas. It is located in Maharashtra’s Raigad District in the Karjat Tahsil. Traveling from Ahmedabad to this location is worthwhile because of the toy train ride that runs through a forest and flowing waterfalls.


This hill is an excellent choice if you’re seeking places to visit outside of Gujarat. Lonavala is undoubtedly one of the loveliest hill towns near Ahmedabad. Thanks to its stunning caverns and well-known spots that offer breathtakingly beautiful views of the outdoors. It reflect the city’s rich history. This tiny hill village near Khandala is a fantastic choice for a refreshing vacation! You can either sit and take in the gorgeous splendor surrounding you or use a camera to photograph the charm of nature.


Mahabaleshwar, the most popular hill station in Maharashtra, is renowned for its beauty and atmosphere. It is located in the Satara district and is surrounded by breathtaking mountains and evergreen forests. That are sure to take your breath away. There is a lot to keep you occupied here, with well-known sights like Arthur’s Seat, Babbington Point, Connaught Peak, and more.


If you don’t mind traveling a little further, the well-known Suryamal peak in the Thane region is the perfect place. To go if you’re seeking hill stations to visit close to Ahmedabad. This tallest peak, covered in vegetation and surrounded by clouds, is also referred to as a trekkers’ paradise. If you’re not in the mood for adventure, you may also unwind at one of the nearby picnic areas.

You can visit all the above using taxi in Ahmedabad.


This hill station, located in the Thane district at an elevation of 518 metres, provides the ideal setting for vacation photos and a tranquil ambiance. Although this location is not as well-known as some of the other prominent hill resorts close to the Gujarat-Maharashtra border, it is nonetheless worth visiting because of its rich cultural history. You can go on a hike across the hills and even take the renowned Warli paintings with you.


Toranmal is a stunning hill station close to Gujarat that is less well-known and less busy because it is located in the middle of nature. This location is a must-visit because of the lakes, forests, and waterfalls, along with other man-made wonders. In addition to being tucked away in the middle of nature, this location is awash in sacred shrines that showcase its history and traditions.

Don Hill Station

Don is more than just one of the nearby hill towns to visit. This hidden treasure is about 30 kilometres from Ahwa and is located on the Gujarat border close to Saputara. Consider visiting here if you’re someone who’s always looking for fresh experiences. By interacting with them, you will not only learn about the tribal culture but also experience a little of their way of life.

Polo Forest

Polo Forest is one of Gujarat’s top hill towns and a must-see for you. In Polo Forest, you may experience tranquilly and greenery. Plan your vacation to Gujarat during the winter and explore some of the well-known cities that will utterly amaze you.


Considering visiting a hill station close to Gujarat? Include Khandal in your travel plans. One of the well-known hill resorts for tourists is Khandal.

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