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How to Clean Braces

Wearing braces is a sure way to correct teeth misalignments and bite issues, but one of the most challenging things during treatment with braces for most persons is keeping the braces and their teeth clean.

The placement of braces makes it difficult to have easy access to the teeth when you want to clean them, but cleaning your braces or your kids’ braces and teeth properly contribute to the success of your treatment. Here are some tips to keep cleaning your braces during your treatment an easy task.

Get the Right Toothbrush

There are different types of toothbrushes suitable for various purposes. You may likely not need the toothbrush you were using before you started your braces treatment. Although a standard toothbrush can clean your teeth, there are a few better options that will be more effective and will make the cleaning process faster like an electric toothbrush.

You may decide to get a toothbrush made solely for those using braces. A spindle toothbrush can remove food stuck between the braces and your teeth. It can also remove food particles between the teeth.

Start Brushing the Teeth from The Exterior Surface

The orthodontist places braces on the exterior surface of the teeth, and this is the part of the teeth that shows whenever you smile. This surface of the teeth is prone to the build-up of plaques which is noticeable on braces.

When you want to clean your teeth, start by brushing under the braces to remove stuck food particles and plaques lingering below your brackets. After cleaning beneath the brackets, brush the top part of the bracket and under the wires. While brushing, hold your toothbrush in a slanting position so you can reach under the wires.

Brush Inside the Teeth Afterwards

Cleaning inside of your teeth and the bite surfaces is usually a walkover. Brushing this area of the teeth as you usually do without your braces is sufficient to keep it clean. Brush your teeth using a circular motion to remove accumulated plaque. Although, cleaning the inside the teeth is easy, try not to overlook the daily cleaning of this area of the teeth.

If you want to avoid other dental issues like gum disease or tooth decay during your braces treatment, give the inside of your teeth as much attention as the exterior part.

Floss After Brushing

For most persons, flossing with kids’ teeth braces as well as those for adults is impossible because the orthodontist places wires between the teeth. Flossing while wearing braces is important and different ways for flossing are available. For example, you may decide to use the plain old floss wrapped around your fingers. Flossing with braces may involve more time, but it is usually worth the time spent. You can opt for other types of floss asides the traditional one like a floss toothpick.

A floss toothpick usually has a plastic stick with a small floss on one end. It gets between the teeth easily and can remove food particles.

A water floss is also an alternative and a better option for people wearing braces because it uses water to remove food particles between the teeth and plaques on the teeth.

Get A Mouthwash

Mouthwashes are essential for braces users, especially during the first period of wearing the braces. When you first start your braces treatment, your mouth will take a while to adjust to the wires and brackets in your mouth.

The areas with the wires and brackets will trap food particles, and this could lead to bad breath and may harm your oral health. After you brush and floss, you may need to use a mouthwash to help kill any lingering bacteria in your mouth. Using a mouthwash would also prevent the issue of bad breath. Ensure you get a mouthwash containing fluoride and adhere to the instruction for use.

Use Saltwater

You may need to gargle water containing salt to reduce soreness and inflammation in your mouth. The saltwater can also help relieve pain after fitting braces and clean your teeth. You can gargle salt water daily to maintain a healthy mouth and after your fit braces or have an adjustment.

Change Your Toothbrush and Rinse It Regularly

Ensure that you always rinse your toothbrush before and after brushing. This helps remove the food particles that may be stuck on the bristles to prevent the breeding of bacteria on your brush. Changing your toothbrush after every three months is also advisable, especially during your braces treatment because braces tend to wear off the toothbrush faster.

Eat Healthy Foods

If you want your teeth and braces to remain clean, follow your orthodontist’s dietary instructions. You may need to avoid some foods during your treatment such as foods likely to stick on your braces, foods you need to bite into and hard foods such as corn on the cob, popcorn, chips, and caramel.

For more tips about keeping your teeth and braces clean during your braces treatment, contact Chatfield Dental Braces. You can also visit us today to get clear braces for kids in London or yourself.

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