How to Choose the Best Housing When You Own Pets

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Getting a pet is a big step and a large responsibility. If you are looking to buy a home, there are amenities that you can look for that will make life better for your pet, such as a nearby dog park. If you rent, you may be facing a larger deposit or you may have to hide your pet. Hiding your pet can mean voiding your lease, so make sure you rent from the best housing you can find with a pet friendly facility.


No matter your flooring choice, not housebreaking your pet will result in serious damage over time. The best housing is a place where you and your pet can achieve housebreaking. Additionally, a poorly house trained pet will not be able to let you know when something is wrong. For example, a cat with a bladder or kidney infection that generally uses the litter box constantly may stop if they equate the litter box with pain.

For a new dog or a puppy, crate training is recommended. There are many steps to create training, including getting your pet familiar and comfortable in their space. For bladder and bowel training, regular breaks for using the bathroom and play are critical. Leaving your new dog or puppy in the crate until they make a mess is abuse. Make sure you are home enough when they are a puppy to complete this critical training time. You and your pet will be happier if your pet is well-adjusted to your home and their crate before leaving them for long periods of time. Remember, your pet just wants your companionship and misses you!

Keep Your Pets Entertained

One bored or panicked puppy can do a great deal of damage. If you need to leave your new pet for a time, make sure that they are contained and that they have something to entertain themselves. If you can block them in a room with a solid surface floor when you have to leave them, they will be much safer and less likely to get destructive. As your pets get older and more accustomed to their new home, they will likely cause less damage over time. Of course, to correct destructive behavior effectively, you need to;

  • catch your pet in the act of chewing trim or tearing up carpet
  • let them know that this is not appropriate behavior
  • guide them to a chew toy or another activity

Careful monitoring, especially of a new or young pet, is critical.

Local Amenities

If you are planning to get a pet, make sure you look at places that are pet friendly such as Bloomington Indiana apartments. Take a walk around the neighborhood to see if you and your pet would be happy here. Make sure that there are walking paths for you and your dog. If you want an apartment with a balcony, take care that your pet either cannot get onto the balcony, or that they cannot get through the railing. Should you have the time, monitor local walking paths to make sure that they are properly maintained. Fleas can be a problem in long grass, and you and your dog can both be at risk of ticks if the grass is allowed to get too tall. This can help you narrow down the best housing options for you and your pet.

Pet Friendly Rent Offers

Before you choose to sign a lease, make sure that you review any restrictions on pets. For example, you may be limited as to

  • size, such as weight limits
  • breed, such as pit bulls or other large dogs
  • type of animal

Be aware that many landlords used to take pets, but have chosen not to anymore because they were cheated by irresponsible renters in the past. If you get a pet, make sure you have the time and the dedication to train it properly.

Updates to Consider for the Best Housing

When buying a home, keep an eye on flooring. If you have carpet just inside the door where you and your dog enter the house, you may have to stop and clean off their feet before entering the space. A tile or vinyl floor entryway is a better choice for living with pets. Renters can also make adjustments. For example, you can invest in office chair mats for carpet under; bird cages, litter boxes or at the front door. These clear plastic mats can make cleaning up after your pets much easier, reduce odor in your home, and save your deposit. These are very important investments that you will be happy about picking up in the beginning. Waiting too long can lead to broken or messes in your home that are too late to keep in excellent condition.

Conclusion to Finding the Best Housing

Finding an apartment where you and your pet can live happily may take some extra time. Additionally, you will likely need to make a larger deposit than a non pet household. Do your best to make sure that your pet is very well trained. Get your dog out to check out local amenities and fall in love with their new neighborhood.

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