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How to Choose Right Casual Sweaters for Men Online

Are you looking to buy sweaters for men online? If yes, then please read this article to know the tips that will help you in buying the right men’s sweater online.

Sweaters or jumpers come as the savior in the winter giving protection against the chilly weather. 

During winters, sweaters are the perfect piece of clothing that gives endless opportunities for men. One can wear a sweater even as part of a suit. You can find the ideal middle ground between casual and formal. However, keep in mind that not all sweaters are created equal. You can find a range of sweaters in different materials, styles, and thicknesses. Here are some tips on how to choose a sweater that you love. Only if you have the perfect men’s sweaters, you can style them the way you want.

What is a sweater?

A sweater, a jumper, or pullover is a knitted piece of clothing that generally keeps your upper body warm. Sweaters are of various types depending on the cut, style, and material used. To find a sweater you love, let us start by considering the material of the sweater.

The sweater material

The sweater material is the most crucial thing to consider while purchasing winter sweaters for men online. The sweater plays a huge role in the level of warmth it will offer you. Here are some common sweater materials that you can find online

  • Wool sweaters: one of the best materials that offer warmth is wool. The main purpose of wool in garments is to provide heat. Wool also comes in various grades. Select the highest grade such as merino wool.
  • Cashmere sweaters: cashmere, a form of wool comes from cashmere goats. The cashmere wool also provides nominal heat insulation though it is not as great as wool. However, a cashmere sweater goes well with most of the clothing items in your wardrobe. The material has gained popularity due to its softness.
  • Alpaca sweaters: sweaters are highly popular in South America for over a hundred years. It has similar properties to wool and cashmere and is used to make ponchos, gloves, high altitude sweaters. Alpaca sweaters are hard to find in other parts of the world as they originate in South America.
  • Cotton sweaters: the cotton sweaters are cheap, easy to maintain, and long lasting but cotton sweaters are not heat resistant. Once it gets, it remains wet and makes you feel cold. Cotton is a great option as summer clothing but when it comes to a sweater, it is not such a great option.

The sweater size

The size of the sweater has a huge influence on how it will fit on you. When searching for sweaters online, get measurements similar to how you would get for a dress shirt. Make sure that the following are measured

Sweater Chest Size: the sweater should not fit your body like paint but it should hug your body without any restriction.

Sweater Length: measure your length from the back of your collar to your waist and get the size of your length. Take a look at the online size guide and choose a sweater accordingly.

The sleeve length: the sleeve length should be from the shoulder blade and to your wrist bone.

Also, keep in mind that the fabric might shrink after one or two washes. Hence there is no bad in getting a size bigger than you measured.

Sweater styles

As mentioned earlier, there are many varieties of sweaters available to men. Each style has its own benefits and works in a specific environment compared to other styles.

  • Crew neck: the crew neck sweaters are the most common and formal style sweater. It comes in a variety of material from heavyweight Aran to wool and cashmere. This classic style sweater can be worn under a jacket. The round neckline consists of narrow ribbing to support the bulk appearance.
  • V-neck sweater: the V-neck sweater leaves visible room for showing the necktie and shirt collar. As it can be worn with a tie and formal shirt, you can wear it to the office.
  • Turtleneck sweater: the turtle-neck sweater is also known as a roll neck, mock neck, or polo neck sweater. The collar raises high on the neck but doesn’t fold. The classic collar neck ends somewhere around the lips or cheeks. The turtle neck sweaters are highly practical as it keeps you warm.
  • Shawl neck: the shawl neck sweaters are highly fashionable and they can be paired well with shirts and t-shirts. If you love sporting business casual attires, the shawl neck sweaters are perfect for you. You can find shawl neck sweaters on cardigans or half-zip sweaters. The collar is wide, turns over, and narrows to form points on the front of your choice.
  • Notch neck: the notch-neck is a cousin counterpart of V-neck and resembles the t-shirt with the same name. It is similar to the opening of the V-neck around the collar.

Bottom line

Choose the right style and material of the sweater to own the perfect style. Along with the above-mentioned styles, consider the pattern and price of the sweater while making a purchase online.

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