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How Many Stamps Do I Need in the USA?

You’ve probably been contemplating many issues lately. One of those problems can be “how many stamps do I need?”. We don’t blame you! It’s a bit puzzling especially when you think about the variety of services that it provides.

That’s why we’re here! We’ll simplify it so you’ll have less time working out the details and spend more time making or receiving presents, things and snail-mail letters.

You are ready to start? Excellent. Let’s begin.


If you’re sending a letter to your home country of the United States of America to the United States of America,

The US Post Office

A great question, but best left to the experts of the US Post Office. You can bring an invite to the postal office and weigh and measure it in addition to utilize the USPS Postage Calculator to calculate a precise estimation.

If you’re mailing an ordinary sized letter (see the definition of what counts as a standard size) rectangular envelope which weighs less than 2 oz.

Be aware that postage rates fluctuate from time to the course of time (last change on 1/24/2021) Double and triple verify prior to applying your old postage!

In the 24th of August 2021, if you’re sending an square envelope that weighs less than one 2 ounces.

For a rectangular envelope that weighs between 1 and 2 one ounce. (most wedding-related invitations) in the US, you’ll require the equivalent of 78 cents worth of postage or 1 two-ounce “forever” stamp.

If you’re mailing something heavier or larger, the cost will continue to rise. If the envelope is deemed to be normal letters every additional ounce costs more than $0.20 (as as of August 24 2021).

To ensure your safety, talk with the professionals from the office of the Postal Service and/or consult to use the USPS Calculator.

Here are some general guidelines to bear in at heart:

The envelope size:

For your envelopes to be considered”letter” or “Letter”, the envelope must conform to the following guidelines:

The envelope has to be rectangular and must be at minimum 3 1/2″ high, and 5″ wide (an envelope that measures 3-1/2″ x 6″ would not be considered a rectangle because the narrowest side is less than 3-1/2″).


The envelope must not be larger that 6-1/8″ x 11-1/2″ (an envelope measuring 6-1/2″ x 9″ would not be considered a valid envelope since”shortest” edge is longer than 6-1/8″ “shortest” edge is longer than 6-1/8″).

The most modern method to manage your email

Have you heard of the concept of a virtual mailbox? It’s like your home mailbox, but it does the work for you , while providing you with an extra protection from privacy and security.

A Earth Class Mail virtual mailbox lets you view the mail that has been sent to a virtual address you choose when it is processed by the secure facility for processing.

You can configure your account to automatically scan your mail and you will only need to look over and manage the mail we scan in your account.

Through your membership, you are able to sort, save or share these PDFs making it easier to manage all the mail you receive.

Virtual mailboxes can be particularly helpful when postal workers are having difficulty delivering mail. difficulty getting post to you at your address at home.

How many stamps are in one book?

The basic stamp book for first-class mail includes 20 stamps of first class that can be sprayed on envelopes, as well as on first-class postage.

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It is also possible to purchase “Forever Stamps,” which contains 20 stamps an album. Every year, the USPS publishes a 64-page booklet called the Collective Stamp Book.

What is the cost of an average postage stamp?

How Many Stamps Do I Need for a letter

The cost of postage is based on the size of the item being sent. Prices for stamps for standard postage begin at $0.40 for a standard-sized, rectangular postcard.

The cost of stamps for a regular envelope begins at $0.58 and oversized postcards require stamps that begin at $0.58 while large, square or unique envelope stamps start at $0.88.

For small envelopes as well as large packages, prices vary between $1.16 up to $4.50.

There is an additional cost for packages that are not standard. For packages between 23 and 30 inches you will need to add the additional $4.00 to the price.

If the package is longer than 30 inches, and larger than 2 cubic feetof space, there is an additional charge of $15.00.

For EV & PC’s

Envelopes Enter your postal address (the “return” or “sender” address) in the upper left corner. Inscribe the delivery address (the “recipient” address) in the lower center.

Postcards The cards are available in different formats. Write the address of delivery in the space that it provides you (on the opposite side you write your message, and then put your stamp).

Write down your address for return as well as the address of delivery clearly at the right places so that you can ensure your mail gets delivered at the right time.

  1. Addresses should be printed neatly with capital letters.
  2. Make use of a permanent pen or marker.
  3. Don’t use the commas or the periods.
  4. Incorporate your Zip+4 (r) Code as often as you can.
  5. Write Sender Address
  6. Note the address (the “return address”) in the upper-left corner. Add the following information on separate lines:
  7. Your full name, or your company name
  8. Suite number or apartment
  9. Full street address
  10. City, State, and ZIP+4 Code

Address Format Tips

  • Write Delivery Address
  • The delivery address (the “recipient” address) on the bottom on the envelope. Add the following information on separate lines:
  • Full name of the recipient, or company name
  • Suite number or apartment
  • Full street address
  • City, State, and ZIP+4 Code

Pandemic changing

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the delivery time of some USPS transportation options. Because of the epidemic transport options are becoming less available.

Priority Mail and First-Class packages could require longer to reach their destinations. The commitment to service of two as well as three for Priority Mail service have been extended to three as well as four. The other types of mail should not be affected by the epidemic.

Also, USPS postage stamp rates have not changed this year, but the postage rates for metered mail as well as certain package services have been slightly higher.

The USPS has released COVID-related shipping updates as well as you can go to on their site for most current details on extended delivery times as a result of COVID.

The Bottom Line

Failure to stamp enough stamps on your mailer or package could result in dire consequences and cause your mail to be returned to you, instead of being delivered to the recipient.

It is important to note that the United States Postal Service has clearly defined rules for the number of stamps required for letters. A typical mailer costs $0.55 cents to the initial an ounce and $0.20 cents for every additional 1 ounce.

Larger letters will need additional shipping charges and the price for package mailers are based on the weight, size and the location of the package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I find out how many stamps I need to make use of?

Many people ask “How many stamps do I need per oz to mail a letter?” If you’re sending a one-ounce letter in a standard-sized envelope to a recipient within the United States, then you only require one stamp for the United States.

For every additional one ounce, you’ll need to purchase another stamp worth twenty cents. In other words that a letter of 2 ounces will cost you $0.75 to mail it by First Class mail.

For larger packages or envelopes you’ll need the weight and size of your package. This information can be entered to the calculation of postage available on the USPS website.

What is the number of stamps I require for a manila envelope 9×12?

The envelope you are using would be considered a large letter, and you’d have to put 2 stamps. To mail larger letters with a maximum weight of 1 an ounce, the required postage is $1.00.

Each ounce over that limit will cost an additional $0.20 until 3.5oz. When the letter exceeds 3.5 grams, it’s considered to be as a flat package and is no more an actual letter.

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