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Best High Paying Survey Sites

We’ll go over the finest paying survey sites around, where you can make a lot of money online.

There’s no denying that doing surveys is a great way for people to generate money online.

You may earn money online by taking surveys from the comfort of your own home.

You should be aware that there are numerous fraudulent websites available.

We are informing you directly so that you do not become a victim of any of the fraudulent websites out there.

This is because you will simply waste your time conducting surveys and will not be compensated in the end.

This is why it is usually a good idea to do some research before registering on any website.

We’ll go over some of the greatest survey sites available.

This information was gathered after extensive research.

And we are recommending the best websites we discovered as a result of our research.

What is a Survey?

An online survey job is a way to get money by doing surveys online.

People having an email address, a computer, and an internet connection can complete surveys at home.

Surveys come in a variety of styles, but they typically include several pages of questions about your habits and interests.

Online survey jobs are not jobs which you should consider using to earn money for a long period of time.

This is a good way to earn a passive income online.

But do not depend on surveys to pay your bills as the payment for each survey is very low in some site.

You should know that in all survey sites, surveys are not always available.

Why do Survey Sites Pay People?

Businesses recognize that millions of people buy items, but they don’t always understand why and how they do so, so they use “Online Surveys” to learn how and why individuals make their purchasing decisions.

How Much Can I Make From Survey Sites

The amount of money you earn depends on whatever survey site you are using.

Each survey paying site offers different amount of money to their users per survey.

So make sure you go and and look for the best survey sites online and work with them.

You can also be a huge determining factor of how much you earn through survey.

The amount you earn depends greatly on your hardwork and consistency, some other important factor is survey availability.

In some sites surveys are not always available and for sure this will limit how much you make.

Things to Look Out for before Joining a Survey Paying Site

Some of the necessary things you should look out for are.

  • Amount paid per Survey
  • Complexity of the survey
  • Survey availability

After analysing this three factors you can go ahead and join the site and start earning of their surveys.

1. Ysense

Ysense is the top of our list on the best survey paying sites.

It is known for its reliability and it’s features which allows users to earn money online through performing of task.

Task perform to make money are minor tasks, the surveys on this platform are available most of the time.

Ysense is a global organization that supports market researchers from around the world.

You can join ysense for free and not worry about paying any cash to Create an account.

2. Swagbucks

This is to me the best online survey platform site, this is due to its good reputation, reliability and earning Opportunities.

They offer business owners an opportunity to get their products and services out there in other to get users reviews on it.

Although one disadvantage of swagbucks is that they pay In virtual points, called swag points (SB)

This points is calculated by 1:100, for each 100 swagbucks points you earn $1 dollars.

So 1,000 swagbucks points equals $10 dollars.

Swagbucks is very good as they offer other ways for users to earn money online, so surveys are not the only way of earning on swagbucks.

Your earnings on this platform can be redeemed once you have earned 160 SB.

3. PrizeRebel

This platform is reliable because it has being existing for a long time now.

PrizeRebel was created in 2007 and right now they have over 9 million users on their site and the claim to have paid over 19 million dollars to their users.

On PrizeRebel you earn survey through online surveys and this can be done immediately after your email address has being verified.

On PrizeRebel they also pay in points you earn $0.10 dollars for each 10 points you earn.

Learn more about PrizeRebel in this article

4. Inbox dollars

This site is only a year older than PrizeRebel, created on 2006 and have paid up to $59 million dollars to their members already.

A good advantage of inbox dollars survey site is that you get paid in cash and not in points.

In this platform your earnings has no limit the more surveys you complete the more money you earn.

So your earnings greatly depends on you and how well you work.

On inbox dollars you earn $5 dollars immediately you create an account this is a sign up bonus and everyone is eligible to it.

5. Cash Crate

Cashcrate is a decent place to look for online survey jobs.

You can earn money as a member by completing offers and taking part in various surveys.

The process of creating a Cashcrate account is simple and takes only a few minutes.

In comparison to other Paid Survey Sites, Cashcrate offers a wider range of opportunities to earn money online.


This leads us to the end of the this article, we are sure you must have gotten some of the best survey site which fits your taste.

Quick disclaimer, you should use a platform which you feel more intrigued to.

Do not just rush into any survey site as you will get disappointed, make sure you must have made enough research on it.

If you are like me then you will not like joining a site that pays you in points.

Make sure to always stay committed and make sure you focus on making more profit from your surveys.

Thank you for reading!!!

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