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How Double Glazed Windows Helps Protect You From Pollution?

Secondary glazing can dramatically reduce noise levels in houses that are equipped with double or single glass. A double glazed windows panel that minimises noise, can block out outside noise by as much as 80 per cent, which is equivalent to 54 decibels.

How can you get the best soundproofing results? Learn our top suggestions.

Tip 1: The Air Gap

The unit needs to set up in a way that allows the greatest space between the glass already install and the second glass that is completely new.

This depends on the windows’ design so, make the most of the options you have available.

A 50mm increase in the air gap could provide another 25% performance.

If you reduce the aesthetics of your selection it will impact the efficiency as well as the ROI.

The gap is optimally sized at 200mm or more; however, if you don’t have that space (many properties do not) You can compensate with a robust and thicker Glass.

Tip 2. The Glass

It’s important however, it is not as crucial as the air gap. The heavier and denser it becomes, the higher sound energy must be able to travel through the structure and then disperse various levels of sound.

There is a way to obtain outstanding results using only the use of glass with a thickness of 4mm. If you have an air space of 150mm you can attain an acoustic decrease of 48dB.

We recommend starting with a minimum of 6mm glass. It is about only half the thickness and is a good choice together with making use of Double Glazing. A reduction of 50dB in sound.

It is when the thickness will increase and double glazed windows and doors are installed. The sound quality will definitely improve, however only in small amounts. If you’re using a 10.8mm glass then it’s highly unlikely to achieve anything greater than 54 decibels. This is around eighty per cent of noise-reducing by the process of fenestration.

Tip 3: Understanding Decibels

If you could decrease the decibel level of the space by 3 decibels. This is roughly getting half the energy from the sound. However, the average person’s hearing would think that 10 decibels are less than half the volume that is heard.

The typical best double glazed windows will reduce the noise by 35dB. The possibility exists to get to the low 40dB level with costly glass and combinations. We often receive requests from clients after windows were replaced, but the results haven’t been achieved. But Secondary Glazing can be much more effective in the reduction of the noise level.

Tip 4: The Cost

The thicker the glass or the use of an acoustic version will bring a significant rise in cost because more material and weight are transported and utilised.

Don’t fall for the trap by the fact that you stumble across an acoustic glass. Which is expensive because the label could be more attractive than the actual performance and it’s certain it will perform superior to non-acoustic glasses; however, the quantity might be very small.

So, the psychology behind playing. Check out these elements.

What kind of noise can you make on a scale of 1 and 10?

  1. Alert to the sound but it’s not a problem.

5 = It can cause distraction at certain times. It’s good to lower the volume.

10, it’s a nightmare creating health problems, workplace issues and so on.

If you are in the categories 1-5, you’ll thrill by the variety of 6mm glass choices.

From categories 5-10. The more prestigious the position, the more likely you’ll be able to choose an acoustic or more robust choice.

Change pricing tools. You can select and compare all kinds of glass as the levels of performance change just a little and you should select which one is most cost-effective for your budget.

If you opt for a less expensive lightweight system that is lighter in weight to meet an acoustic glass specification, it’s not a smart investment. A high-quality and sturdy system that is secured and has interlocking panels, as well as 6mm glass, will be superior to the tiniest of systems made of Acoustic glass.

The most effective double-glazed windows is an individual choice with the specifications of the windows could differ in different places due to the variety of factors that influence how our windows but any information that is confirmed is intended to use to illustrate only.

soundproof window

You Can Keep Your Current Windows As Well Doors

With Secondary Glazing, we attach doors or windows on the insides of the door or window that’s already there. There is no need to take off the doors or windows you already have.

The final cost of installing double glazed window installation typically less than half the price of making new double-glazed doors and windows. The secondary glazing options we offer are so small and subtle that you’ll barely notice that they’re even there.

Stop Drafts

If you’re looking to get rid of drafts from your doors or windows, secondary glazing is the most efficient choice. Our precise installations and high-quality materials, like polypropylene Weatherpile sealant – will eliminate drafts dust and smoke. Double glazed windows help keep out the Melbourne climate during summer and winter.

Enhance The Value Of Your Home

The topics that are discussed in the news of Melbourne today typically are about the cost of energy, and unfortunately, the increased number of burglaries as well as home burglaries. With our double-glazing option, you can not only reduce the transfer of heat through doors and windows but with our locks that can install on every window and door to increase the security of your home.

The glass on windows and doors is one of the most efficient ways to cut down on noise coming emanating from the outside that making it more tranquil. This entirely boosts the resale value of your property in the attention of potential buyers.

Save on Energy Costs

Secondary glazing on windows and doors helps to maintain the temperature inside your home. The loss of heat is reduced during winter and less heat loss during summer. This helps reduce cooling and heating costs. The additional and larger layer of the air we supply with our secondary glazing creates an ideal insulation material, which stabilises internal temperatures.

The Soundproofing Of Windows & Doors Windows

It is important to ensure that noise is blocking away (or within the interior) of your house or office. For residential buildings, this would mean reducing the background noise, and also nearby businesses and everywhere else to create a calm family atmosphere.

For many commercial glazing needs in London, the aim is to cut down on the noise of machines, music groups, or large crowds within the building. In the case of parents with children who have disabilities, limiting their noise levels down can result in an atmosphere that is quiet for the entire family.

Great Noise Reduction Capabilities

Typically, two to three layers of glass (double-glazed/triple-glazed) are used with an airspace or polymer layer (laminated glass) in between serves to disrupt and absorb sound waves and minimise noise pollution. Double seals are crucial to seal air gaps and let sound waves pass through. They are typically larger to lessen vibrations caused by noise.

In the final analysis, soundproof double glazing windows, as well as doors, can block out up to 90% of the sound which enters your house. It’s like reducing the hum of traffic on highways to the point of having an uninhibited room with the soft sound of an air conditioning unit.


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