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6 Tips to Keep Kids Safe in the Bathroom

Kids are naturally curious and active.

Kids are naturally curious and active. They want to try everything, and that’s good since they learn from exploring. However, there are also risks that they could get hurt. As a parent, you want to keep your children safe. One of the places in the house that your kids probably go to is the bathroom. Here are some tips to keep in mind to keep your little ones safe in the bathroom.

Do not leave them unattended

Leaving children unattended in the bathroom is a big no. You don’t want to take the risk of going out for a few seconds because, in that small amount of time, the unthinkable can happen. Whether someone is ringing the doorbell or you forgot something that you need to get, bring the kids with you, or ask another adult in the house to look after them.

Check water temperature

In order to prevent scalding (intense burning) which can be extremely dangerous, check the water temperature. Make sure to adjust the water heater as it will regulate the temperature of the water not more than 120 Fahrenheit (48.9 Degree Celsius). Always test the water with the wrist or the elbow to check how it feels. As your child grows up gradually, teach to understand how to check hot water and mix it well with cold water before using it.

Stay with them in the bathtub

Bath time can be fun for kids. It also serves as their playtime as they can play with their favourite bath toys. However, there is also the risk of them drowning or getting hurt. So, stay with them in the bathtub, and remind them to be careful to avoid injuries. Whirlpool baths are also enjoyable because of the bubbles that they create. Plus, they are relaxing. They are safe for kids, too, as long as the drain covers are appropriately installed. It will prevent hair from being tangled or the body parts from being sucked. Buy only from reputable providers of these baths and only let a professional do the installation to ensure safety.

Empty the bathtub after use

Leaving the water in the bathtub can be a drowning hazard. You never know when kids could make a way to the bathroom, and if they trip or jump in the tub, unwanted things could happen. Make it a habit to drain the tub right away after every use. Clean it too to avoid bacteria or mildew from growing. It’s for the health, not just of your kids, but the entire family.

Invest in anti-slip mats, stickers, or tapes

Slipping is another common risk in bathrooms, especially since they are usually wet. Use anti-slip products like mats, stickers, and tapes designed to prevent slipping on wet floors or bathtubs. Place the mats in areas that usually get wet. The tapes and stickers are also easy to use. Stick them on the tub or floor too.

Keep all the hazardous objects out of reach of the child

Children are very curious, and in some way or other, they will find the razor blade. The worst part is that they find it extremely interesting. They might also find the beautiful design of the soap bottle very attractive. In case it has a fruity flavor, the child might attempt to taste it. Now, this could be very dangerous. Make sure to keep all the hazardous objects from the bathroom. Even if you keep them there, make them out of their reach. Wall-mounted trays or shelves could be an ideal option. Or you can also have shelves with locks. This will prevent them from touching all such items, and there will be no threat.

Supervision is the key

Children can easily drown even in few inches of water. Thus, it is important for parents not to leave the child alone in the bathroom, even for a moment. In case you cannot ignore a call or a doorbell, take your child along with wrapping in a towel. If you feel that bath sears and rings will look after things, then you are wrong. These are just bathing aids and will not help prevent drowning.

Unplug appliances

You may use different appliances in the bathroom like curling iron, hair straightening iron, electric razor, and blow dryer. Unplug them after each use to avoid kids from playing with them. Store them in their proper place, out of the children’s reach, to ensure that they will not plug them. Failure to do so could cause electrocution.

Put cushion-like covers over the water faucets

Steel water faucets can be extremely dangerous for your child. They can cause some severe injury in case he/she bumps into them. It can be in the bathtub or even playing in the bathroom. Make sure to install cushion-like covers to minimise the threat of injury. This will give you peace of mind from the injury that your child might suffer.

Keep medications away from kids

The bathroom is also the usual storage for medicines. Ensure that the medicine cabinet is not easily reachable by the kids. Keep medicines properly stored in tight containers, so if the kids still find a way to reach them, they will still be unable to open them.

You can never be too safe when it comes to your kids. Keep these bathroom safety tips in mind to avoid accidents that could hurt or injure your tots.  You cannot be careless and pay attention to something else when you have a child in your home. Your vigilance will ensure utmost for your child.

Not just for the bathroom, but you have to take care of every action of the child while in any other parts of the house. You will also have to take care even while sleeping. As they say, parenting is soothing, but it is not that easy. Following the tips will help you to have peace of mind while your child is in the bathroom. And sure, you will have a great experience every day with the child. You can get more information to visit our website.

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