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How Do You Design and Plan A Website Structure

Plan A Website Structure

Without a planned structure and design, it is quite impossible to build a good house. Likewise, for the design and development of the website, you have to plan a good website that is capable of full functionalities. A website entirely depends on the web pages.

Additionally, we all think that website is a collection of pages. Moreover, it is important to know how all the web pages in a website connect to each other via links thus making a good website structure. Yes, that’s true!

However, it is important to know how the web pages in a website set up with the content structure. To create a website structure a lot of things need planning and implementation because everything impacts the technicalities of SEO.

If you fail to plan a good website structure, then it is coming back to you and bite you.

“91% of web pages fail to get website traffic from search engines if the website structure planning is not done properly.”

let’s understand;

What is A Website Structure?

Site Structure is only how well are your pages and contents are coordinated and gathered. It likewise alludes to how the pages are connected and introduced to the guest. Numerous experts call as website architecture or framework, or wireframe.

Your website ought not to have arbitrary pages and posts. Significant focuses need to consider during the arranging phase of a website structure:

  • Menu structure and placement
  • Categorization of products/services
  • Breadcrumbs
  • URL Structure
  • Internal Linking

Prior to planning your arranged site structure, consider the user and Search Engines how they explore and find available.

As a result, a good website structure will make it easy for users to find what they are looking for. Yet, the inquiry is what sort of website structure you need?

“Around 50% of website traffic comes on the website upon direct search.”

Thus, the right option is to pay more attention to a website structure, how delightful you can make it, how easy it is for the users to explore the website, and how individuals will react to the website structure and architecture you planned for them.

There Are 4 Types of Website Structures!

On the off chance that you are an entrepreneur, you need to work with a website planner who certainly has some expertise in website arranging. How you examine, plan and structure your website will shift contingent upon the products, services, or substance you have.

For example, take a look at them:

  • Professional services website – a pyramid structure
  • Authority website or blog – silo structure
  • E-commerce website – hierarchical structure
  • Learning website – Sequential structure

In short, it provides a better user experience, better crawling, better visibility on Search Engines, and topical relevance. Additionally, improves SiteLink opportunities.

How to Make Creative Website Layouts?

Inferior quality and ineffectively designed websites lose customers more of the time than some other website. An inferior quality website won’t draw in customers. Certainly, This would upset your website structure.

That is the reason acceptable website design is truly vital. Either design it yourself or recruit a website development company that vows to give you easy-to-use, alluring, responsive, intuitive, vivid, and the best UI/UX.

Smooth 2D/3D Interfaces & Designs                                  Interactive User Experience
Full-Screen Forms                                                                  Proper placement of images, PDFs, etc.
User-friendly & Mobile-friendly website                             Focus on headlines & subheadings
Utilize White/Negative Space                                              Good control over typography
Well structured web layout                                                  Split content layout
Pick The Right Colours                                                          White Open Space
Purposeful Animation                                                           Less use of jargon
Good use of CTA’s                                                                 Gradient 2.0, Blazing colors, and Visuals
Design & SEO combination                                                  Simple Mobile App Navigation
Create easy to read website content                                   Use of proper heading, subheading
Voice User Interface                                                              Diffusive Backgrounds
Background animation                                                          Innovative Scrolling
Stick to standard layouts                                                      Parallax Web Design
Big & Bold Fonts                                                                    Compressed videos and audios

How to Build a Good Website Structure?

The arrangement you make for the proper site structure should work for both the users and the search engines. Check the below focuses for creating a great site structure that drives visitors and search engines glad.

Planning Page Hierarchy

This process is direct in the event that you are developing a new site. Arranging the page hierarchy is best for SEO success. Page hierarchy is the manner in which you organize the pages and data.

Therefore, this will help you to design column cluster model contents. Create fundamental categories and guide your relevant sub-categories to the principle categories.

Creating URL Structure

Creating a well-defined URL structure is the next key factor in creating a decent site structure. Also, it guides your sub-categories into their essential category, etc.

Thus, stay away from numbers, special characters, jungle words, underscores in the URL. It ought to easy to understand by people and search engines.

Navigation Menus

It is the essential area to zero in more on website structure. Furthermore, it helps the users to discover the data which they required. Make your significant pages discover and navigate easily.

Thus, the most extreme snap to reach the destiny page is two. In the event that you work on an e-commerce site, this needs to zero in more on categories and sub-categories.

Topics and Keywords

The subjects and keywords which you encompass the contents in the website pages ought to be relevant and structured. Moreover, segregate your essential and secondary keywords and make a content structure in a like manner.

Therefore, make your points that cover your essential keywords as column pages and secondary keywords as cluster pages.

Strategic Internal Linking

The internal linking’s essential benefit is passing the link authority, which helps the user discover the data rapidly and the crawler to identify the pages to crawl and index. Thus, you can link internally by breadcrumb, navigation, and context.

Internal Page Depth

Every one of the pages on the website is essential for you and search engines to crawl and index. Additionally, it ensures users or search engines track down the required data on the pages with fewer snaps.

Therefore, make sure there are no vagrant pages on your site. Provide internal links to every one of the pages and from the home page to the main pages.

What Are the Top Website Structure Tool to Use?

To improve your website or create a decent one, it is critical to assemble website architecture without openings or related issues.

Doing so guarantees that the most extreme number of guests discover what they need, improving conversion and profit from the money you invested.

Since you know how significant website architecture is, here are a few tools that you can utilize explicitly for site mapping to use during the arranging phases of website development and for improving existing sites.

“Microsoft Visio, MindManager, Omnigraffle, XMind, PowerMapper, SmartDraw, FlowMapp, Axure, etc. are some top website layout design tools that will help you in building a good website structure.”


Development of the website structure is not kidding work. In conclusion, in this article, we audited essential UX designing and website structure tools and addressed the standards of SEO enhancement.

When beginning to develop the site structure, It is imperative to remember that correct now there is a chance to work out a large portion of the situations of how clients connect with your website.

You ought to think about the interface mistakes and get a good deal on improving your website.

Therefore, get familiar with the joining of UX procedure in item development and upkeep. This way you will have the chance to control and screen the accomplishment of your website at various stages.

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