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Check out these OpenCart Shipping extensions that are a must-have

Do you want to check out the OpenCart Shipping extensions that are a must-have? These OpenCart shipping extensions are worthy for your eCommerce business. In fact, with the range of features and benefits, these OpenCart Shipping extensions truly deserve your attention.

Knowband offers these OpenCart Shipping extensions for marketers who wish to grow. In fact, the ones who want to provide a better shopping experience to their consumers. Thus, choosing one or more of these OpenCart Shipping extensions should likely be on your list.

Let us go forth and check out these OpenCart Shipping extensions by Knowband.

OpenCart prefer delivery time extension

An eCommerce store’s ultimate objective is to increase sales. Further, which can only accomplish if consumers are happy. Right? To keep the consumers pleased, there are a variety of approaches that are usable. For instance, by providing a smooth shopping experience, a rapid checkout page, and more. Thus, allow users to acquire what they’ve bought on specific delivery date and time. Well, this is a tiny but effective method to improve the user experience. Further, store owners can easily install and configure OpenCart prefer delivery date and time extension on their website. Allow consumers to purchase and have deliveries delivered to their doorstep whenever they want. The Delivery time slots plugin is what you’ll really need to make it happen.

The OpenCart prefer delivery time extension allows clients to specify their preferred delivery day and time based on their convenience. Thus, creating a win-win situation for consumers and business owners.

OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zipcode Extension

The OpenCart Product Availability from Knowband allows customers to see product availability. How? By inputting the zip code of their exact location in the checkbox. Customers who come to your online business to make a purchase have little knowledge about product availability in their area. Hence, people feel bad going all the way to the checkout process. Further, when they discover that the goods are unavailable at their location. As a result, they are driven to ditch their cart, increasing desertion rates.

The OpenCart Availability check by zipcode adds a simple Product zip code validator to the item page. Further, allowing customers to see if the item is deliverable to their location. In addition, if the item delivery is based on their postal code, the plugin will provide the user delivery days and dates in advance. In terms of general capabilities, this enhances both the client experience and the e-commerce store’s interface.

OpenCart store locator and pickup extension

With the support of Google Maps, Knowband provides an OpenCart store locator and pickup plugin. Furthermore, that displays the physical store’s location. On the front end of the site, customers may see the actual store details. In fact, they can choose the nearest retailer and purchase the item from there. This Opencart store locator module is very customizable. In addition, simplifies the overall process for the store owner. Moreover, it allows you the option of customizing the collection schedule and days. The OpenCart pick-up plugin is customizable by the administrator.

The module comes with pre-made email templates for delivering in-store pickup-related communications to the retailers themselves. The plugin allows you to easily add many authentic stores to your site’s front-end. The admin may present the most important facts or details of the actual shop.¬†For instance, its name, address, headlines, contact information, email address, and so on. Thus, making it super easy for the customers to collect their orders.

OpenCart free shipping manager extension

The Free shipping module for OpenCart allows you to offer free shipping. In fact, you can offer free shipping to clients who meet the criteria you set. Customers increasingly expect free delivery on their orders, therefore this module is useful. In fact, you may determine the minimum cart value to receive free shipping. Similarly, you may set the weight that the consumer must monitor if they want to take advantage of the free delivery offer. You may also use the plugin to block free delivery for specified countries. Free delivery enhances conversion rates and helps you increase your average purchase value.

OpenCart Cash on Delivery with Fees extension

The online business may use the OpenCart CoD with Fees module to allow customers to pay by COD. Further, the OpenCart Cash on Delivery with surcharge module allows online merchants to add a Cash on Delivery payment option to their website. The admin can create multiple payment profiles. Moreover, apply to certain regions, consumer groups, and carrier alternatives. By providing a Cash on Delivery payment option, the online retailer may increase the number of orders received. In exchange for the COD means of payment, the admin might charge a fee for Cash on Delivery.


Thus, these OpenCart Shipping extensions by Knowband are functional for your business. In fact, they come with 3 months of free customer support. Further, which can help you whenever you feel stuck. However, these OpenCart Shipping extensions are absolutely easy to use. Hence, find them on Knowband now.

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