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How do I Export Office 365 mailbox to PST

As you are constantly asking how I export Office 365 mailbox to PST, we will go through some ways to export O365 mailbox to PST. Microsoft does not allow any direct way of exporting cloud data to PST. However, several manual techniques, as well as a professional method, are possible for this task.

Approaches for exporting Office 365 mailboxes into PST

There are explained two methods to Export Office 365 mailbox to PST

  1. Using eDiscovery tool:

This manual process is a workaround resolution process related to the In-Place eDiscovery install. Log in to your Office 365 account and then follow the steps specified below:

  • In a logged-in Office 365 profile, go to the Admin centre.
  • Expand Admin centres and click on the Security.
  • An eDiscovery Manager Role group member:
  • In this step, you must be an eDiscovery manager role group member.
  • Nowgo to the details window of the eDiscovery Manager Role Group.
  • You have to add your account as an eDiscovery admin by clicking on the Edit 
  • This Role Group includes Case Management, Compliance Search, Hold, and Preview. Sometimes, RMS Decrypt, Review, Export, the export role gets failure. Click on the Edit Role Groupbutton to make sure to add an account.
  • Now, content search:

  • On Security & Compliance Centre page, navigate the Search >> Content Search.
  • In this window, click on New Search. Then select the desired location and click
  • You have to Select Exchange email or choose specific mailboxes of the selected group’s option.
  • There is an option to apply filters (keywords, to/from/subject, message type, and more). You can click on the linked options and click the Add 
  • The details page will appear. You will need to enter a name and your valid details for the search process. Click on the Save 
  • The eDiscovery content search process will run in a background window. Go back to the background page. Now, tap on Refresh.
  • Here, you have to click on more and Export result in the mailbox PST backup
  • Select the desired options, then click on the Export 
  • The process will start. You can review the process in the Export tab or wait for the process to complete.
  • In the next step, download the process results. You need to click on the Export key to copy them to the following.

Open eDiscovery tool:

  • After running the eDiscovery tool, it will appear with the script’s outlet. You have to paste the copied key here. Then set the target location to save the exported PST files and click Start.
  • Finally, the eDiscovery Export Tool will run on the Office 365 export mailbox to PST. After completing, click on the Finish button to close it.

The above method can be used in some situations. Using the content search method, you may face complications. There are many restrictions to Export Office 365 mailbox to PST.

Drawbacks with the manual process:

  • After completing the process, the item is missing errors.
  • Office 365 users need to have a robust experience to Export O365 mailbox to PST.
  • It may take an inconsistent time to complete the process.
  • This way is not reliable to Export Office 365 mailbox to PST with selected data.

You can use this method at your convenience. But, you have to be aware of its complications and restrictions. We have identified many drawbacks with the content search process. There is a most reliable way to use a professional tool to office 365 export mailbox to PST.

  1. Using Shoviv Exchange Recovery Manager Tool:

This Exchange Recovery Tool provides a professional way to Export Office 365 mailbox to PST. It comes with a wide variety of features to Office 365 export mailbox to PST. The tool comes with a simple GUI for everyone to use. It recovers the corrupted mailboxes from Exchange. You can use this tool to export source mailboxes to Outlook PST, Live Exchange Server mailboxes, Office 365, and Outlook Profile stores.


  • Allows any number of mailboxes to add and process.
  • Before processing, displays a preview of source mailboxes items.
  • PST spit option to manage large resultant PST files accordingly.
  • An Incremental Export Feature:  This feature allows resuming the process when interrupted. It also eliminates duplicate items in the process.
  • It helps you can search by subject, to, cc, bcc, from, etc. You also can include & exclude the added mailbox items to search.
  • You can use the filter option to Export O365 mailbox to PST by Date Range and Message Class to specific items.

Processing Steps for Exporting Office 365 Mailboxes to PST

  • Download and run the software.
  • Now, go to the ribbon bar and click Add. The add source wizard will appear.
  • Choose the source Office 365 mailboxes and provide valid credentials. Click Next.
  • After clicking the Next button, the tool will fetch all mailboxes.
  • Select the desired mailboxes, click on the Finish 
  • The selected mailboxes will be listed in the Source Section.
  • Now, click on the target Outlook PST from the ribbon bar.
  • Check/Uncheck Sub Folders and click the Next 
  • In the next Wizard, exclude/include a specific folder of all the selected mailboxes.
  • After following the above step, click the ‘Ok’ button, then click the ‘Next’ 
  • After that, an export item to the PST wizard will appear. There are provided two options to export the item in PST format.
  • You can set the size to split PST files and also can set the password for the resultant PST.
  • After applying all the desired options click on the ‘Next’
  • Here, you can apply the filter by Process Message Class and Process Item Date.
  • Check the Advanced option for more progressive features for the Export process. Then click on the Next 
  • After clicking on the Next button, the software will start exporting and shows a live log report.
  • After completing the process, you can save the log report then click on the Finish 


In the above post, we identify content search procedure is complex, and the mentioned tool is a reliable solution to export Office 365 mailbox to PST. It comes with a smooth and secure way to process. A demo variant of this tool is also available. The demo version allows the first fifty items per folder to estimate its functioning.

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