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How an Android App can Increase the ROI for Your Business

According to Adweek, as many as 35 percent of smartphone users check their mobiles more than 50 times a day. So, if you still think that a mobile app is not for you, think again. However, if you think about how an android app can increase ROI for business, you’ve landed at the right place. Here’s everything to know. 

The android OS has a whopping 85 percent market share globally. Google is always on the go – with newer versions of enterprise-friendly features and enhanced security updates. With over 3.5 million apps on the Play Store, entrepreneurs have a piece of the pie with custom android app development. 

In other words, how android app can increase ROI for business is not even a question anymore. The question is, what can I do to increase the ROI even more? 

Mobile App Retention Strategies – How Android App can Increase ROI for Business? 

In-app paid features 

Most android based games are free to download and play. But users typically have to shell out a few bucks if they want to give buy outfits for their characters or upgrade to ad-free versions. This is a simple yet effective strategy – make customers used to your app and then charge for value-added services. Be it purchasing additional services and products or going ad-free, the paid in-app features are great for revenue generation. 

Loyalty programs 

One of the best mobile app retention strategies is to make your customers shop from you repeatedly – and this is where loyalty programs come into play. A study revealed that more than 80 percent of shoppers buy from stores that offer loyalty programs. The same study found that a whopping 59 percent of customers are more likely to join a loyalty program that offers a mobile app. 


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Research shows that improving the retention rates by just 5 percent with loyalty programs can boost your business revenues by 25 to 95 percent. Worth a shot, right? 


Another great idea on how android app can increase ROI for business: speak to your customers in their language. This is especially true for businesses that are trying to tap new markets or expand their clientele across countries. Common Sense Advisory surveyed about 2,400 people across eight countries to find out how language affects their purchasing behaviors. This is what they found: 

  • 72.1 percent of customers spend nearly all their time on websites in their language. 
  • 72.4 percent of shoppers are more likely to buy a product that features all the details in their own language. 
  • 56.2 percent of consumers feel that the ability to attain information in their native language is more important than the price. 

More surprisingly, the dominance of English as the language of choice on the Internet has dropped to 3 percent or less in the last years, as opposed to a 26 percent margin in 2000. That being said, localization in general, is not a choice. It’s a necessity. 

Data insights 

As user profiles save the personal information of customers, businesses can utilize such data to their advantage, such as understanding their buying behavior, wishes, interests, and birthdays. They can then create tailored deals to make the customer feel important and shop from their app again. This is backed by research too. 78 percent of internet users in the US accept that personalized content increases their purchase intent. 79 percent of shoppers only engage with tailored content – showing how businesses can use the collected data to deliver just-in-time offers and increase their ROI. 

Push notifications 

Dakota Smith, Chief Strategy Officer of Hopper, mentioned how Push Notifications were among the best mobile app retention strategies for her business, “Refining our push-notification strategy was really the key for us in converting our install base into paying customers. Each month we send upwards of 20 million push notifications to our users and almost all of our flights are sold in response to a push notification.” 

Push notifications, when used strategically, can have a huge impact on spiking up your business revenue. Experiment, check and survey what the time and frequency are favored by your customers and then plan out a robust strategy. 

Bottom Line 

In a quest to unearth how android app can increase ROI for business, customer experience is key. Mobile apps bridge the gap between in-person customer service and the comfort of shopping from home, and when done right, they can work wonders for your business.  

Not sure where to begin? Why not hire dedicated mobile app developers from India? 

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