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Home Improvement: 10 Affordable Uupgrades


Due to the coronavirus epidemic, you’ve probably been spending more time at home than normal, so all of those tiny things about your space that didn’t annoy you before are definitely driving you nuts now. If your home is in need of some TLC, you may not want to spend thousands of dollars on a full kitchen or bathroom remodel, but there are lots of home improvement upgrades you can make without breaking the bank.

2. Fresh Coat Of Paint To A Room

Dings, blemishes, and paint that has lost its sheen or is an outdated color are likely to be seen on the walls of your home. “You can change those inner walls into a bright, new color with some fresh gloss for just about $35 per gallon,” said Geoff Sharp, founder of Sharper Impressions Painting Company. Alternatively, a professional can paint an average-sized child’s bedroom for around $350, he said.

3. Add New Flooring For Home Improvement

The cost of replacing wall-to-wall carpeting and other outmoded floors will be well worth it. Juneja recommends Pergo, a tongue-in-groove laminate wood that is simple to install. He estimated that an average-sized room would cost around $400.

4. Revamp Kitchen Cabinets

Updates to your kitchen may be the key to increasing the value of your property. However, you do not have to start from the ground up when remodeling your kitchen. Painting your cabinets and adding new knobs, rather than replacing them, is a very inexpensive method to remodel your kitchen, according to Juneja. Paint will cost around $35 per gallon, and knobs will cost between $10 and $12. Alternatively, experts suggest replacing a few of cabinet doors with glass doors to instantly modernize the room and bounce light throughout. Two glass cabinet doors will set you back about $500.

5. New Bathroom Accessories to renovate home 

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of replacing the lighting, a new rug, shower curtain, and towels will do the trick. A plush or bamboo-style bath mat, a fabric shower curtain, and extra-soft bath towels will give your bathroom a spa-like vibe.

6. Clean The Exterior Of The House

According to Realtors, complete cleaning of the front of your home can improve the value by thousands of dollars, according to Gibbons. The expense of making this modification, however, is little. For less than $100, you can rent a pressure washer to clean your home of grime and mildew. You may also hire someone to do it for you for around $200.

7. Clean Up The Yard

Cleaning up your current landscaping can go a long way toward improving your property’s curb appeal. A lawn care specialist can freshen up your front yard by pruning bushes and eliminating weeds according to Janine Acquafredda, an associate broker with House-n-Key Realty in Brooklyn, New York. A clean yard, coupled with a clean exterior, can draw more attention to your home and result in offers that are up to 10% greater than those for homes that haven’t made these easy modifications.

Add Shades in Home Improvement upgrades

Sunlight flowing in through the windows might be an annoyance. Not to mention the neighbors who can peer into your brightly lighted living room throughout the evening hours. To keep inquisitive eyes at bay, you could install shades, but swinging wood shutters would be far more attractive.

Interior shutters were the first “window decorations,” and they’re still a terrific way to add architectural and historical charm to both Southern and urban homes. They also help keep out the bitter winds of winter and the scorching heat of summer. They attach to a tiny frame that lies inside the window opening or around the outside of the casing, making them simple to install on any window.

Make The Garage Door New

Another cost-effective option to improve the appearance of your garage door is to paint it. “People underestimate the size of a garage door,” Connor Roberson of A Plus Garage Doors in Charlotte, North Carolina, said. “No one will notice the difference until it’s painted.” Homeowners can also add decorative hardware to their doors, such as handles or false hinges. He claims that all of these improvements may be completed with a little elbow grease and for less than $100.

Paint The Front Door

Painting your front door is a low-cost way to improve the curb appeal of your property. “Your door will seem new and striking at first glance with a nice coat of primer and a couple of coats of exterior paint,” said Dina Gibbons, a home and garden design specialist at RubberMulch, a firm that creates environmentally friendly rubber mulch. According to research, upgrading the front door can improve the value of a home by as much as $8,000, according to Gibbons. The primer should cost around $30, and a gallon of paint should cost between $25 and $50. Then, for less than $50, you can add a decorative touch by installing a door knocker. But before buying check prices and types over the internet.

For Home Improvement Display New Art

Your wall art may give a place a new personality, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it. On Etsy, you can get art and frames for a fraction of the price you’d pay elsewhere.

New Light Fixtures

Juneja believes that lighting is one of the most significant aspects of a home that can be updated. Installing upgraded overhead fixtures and adding both floor and table lamps to space won’t break the bank. According to experts, you should allocate $100 to $200 for each fixture and $10 to $20 for enough light bulbs for each room. Avoid fluorescent lighting, which emits a bright glow, he advised. Replace incandescent lights with LED bulbs when displaying your home for sale, as incandescent lights produce a softer light.

Add Crown Molding for Home Improvement upgrades

Crown molding is at the top of most remodeling lists because it adds beauty and value to a home, not because it’s fun to spend a Saturday trying to get the corners just perfect. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to miter-saw frustration.

Trimroc molding is a lightweight polystyrene foam coated with durable plaster by Canamould Extrusions. It goes up in a hurry with a joint compound and slices neatly with a handsaw. There’s no coping, no awkward angles, and ragged joints vanish with a smear of mud. So you can transform a simple room into an attractive environment in only a weekend—and still have time to complete the rest of your to-do list.


Before making any big adjustments, ask your realtor what the most common requests are in your region, and then make those changes yourself. They’re a gold mine of information about what others are seeking at the same time you’re selling, and they’re just as eager to close the deal as you are.


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