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Hoichoi is a video-on-demand streaming platform that focuses only on Bangla content. It was launched on September 20, 2017, through more than 500 Bengali films and more than 1000 Bangla songs. Over time, Hoichoi built a huge library of Bengali films, short movies, web series, and music that can’t access through applications, websites, or streaming devices with subscriptions.

How to get a Hoichoi discount code?

If you mention a friend, you can get rewards and enjoy the exclusive property and ad-free content at low prices.

How to download movies from Hoichoi?

First, download the Hoichoi app. After that, you can watch any series/movie or show and download the option. Then click on the download option and start the download. Also, you can set up cellular data options.

How to see Hoichoi for free?

If you are an Airtel, Vodafone, or Idea user, you can watch Hoichoi for free. So, download the app, open the hallway and watch unlimited entertainment for no extra fee.

Access to the largest Bengali movie catalog: Huicho subscription gives you access to Bengali movies ranging from classics like Panther Panchali to the latest Bengali movies like Dantio Purush, Prem Aaj Kal Porshu, Nagarkirtan, etc.

Reaching Hoichoi Originals: extraordinary plan lets you enjoy all the original Huichei work played by Dupur Thakurpo and thrillers and comedians like Byomkesh and Thriller in the role of Akon Babu.

Stream music with over 100 songs

Ad-free streaming

Accessing Offline Content: With Hoichoi subscriptions, you can download your favorite content for offline viewing. This feature is only available in the app.

View on multiple devices: Hoichai has two separate plans, and both allow two logins, and more expensive annual plans allow streaming together.

1080p video support

English Subtitles: provides English subtitles for all web series, short films, and original movies. Additionally, there are currently more than 200 films with English subtitles.

Free subscription to Hoichoi

Although no Hoichai subscription promotional code is currently running, with the next subscription hacked, you can enjoy most Huichai content, including Huichai resources, absolutely free at no cost.

Airtel Xtreme Hoichoi (formerly Airtel TV app)

Content is available on the Airtel Extreme app and website

The offer is valid for prepaid users above 99 ENR.

All Infinity postpaid, retail, and COP users are included in this offer in addition to monthly bills of 399 or more (excluding corporate plans).

You cannot use your friend’s Airtel SIM to log in because the Airtel TV app needs to have a SIM in the mobile phone at the time of writing.

  • Hoichoi on VI TV and movie apps (formerly Vodafone Play)
  • Hoichoi content is available on V Movies and TV websites
  • The app is available in Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store.
  • All postpaid users with Red Plan over 399 get free access to the Vodafone Play app.
  • All prepaid users with unlimited recharge of 179 INR or more get free access to the Vodafone Play app.
  • Tip – You can use your friend’s Vodafone SIM to log in. Enter his number and then enter the one-time password to this number.
  • Hoichoi for Geo Fiber customers

JioFiber customers access content through the Hoichoi platform in Jio set-top boxes above Silver Plans and more. In addition, original Bengali and Hindi series can see on the Geo TV + app.

Hoichoi on MX player

Hoichoi content can stream for free on the MX Player website. See this link and access Hoi Choi’s content. You can stream popular shows on MX Player, such as Love and Things, Holy Puppy, among others.

Free web series and movies hoichoi

You will not be able to download content without a Hoi An subscription. However, you can stream it for free on the Airtel Extreme app, Brother TV and Movies, or MX Player websites.

Apart from that, Hoichoi itself offers a category of free movies and episodes like Human vs. Corona, Table of Contents, Game Over, Boy Interpret, Taranath Tantric, etc., which you can enjoy at no cost.

Just log in to and view their free collection.

Hoichoi free trial version

So far, there is no free trial version of Hoichoi, but we will notify you as soon as it appears.

Hoichoi subscription plan

Hoichoi currently offers two membership plans at a discounted rate. You can only subscribe to the HoiChoi subscription plan.

  • Ray can access all the features described.
  • Here’s the cost of subscribing to Hoichoi –
  • What annual plan do you get?
  • 499 Indian Rupees
  •  (Formerly 799 Indian Rupees)
  • Login allowed on both devices
  • 1 Simultaneous streaming is allowed on either of these two devices
  • 699 Indian Rupees
  • (Formerly 1299 Indian Rupees)
  • It allows logging into three devices.
  • Two of these three devices allow two streams simultaneously.

Flickji Tip: There is no option to change the currently running Hoichoi subscription plan, so once you choose the INR 499 plan, you cannot upgrade to the INR 699 plan before the end of the year. The solution

Only you, as the parent, can know for sure. (Block citation)

Subscription fee hoichoi

Please note that international rates vary by region.

Hoichoi is good and cons


  • Stream without ads for a seamless viewing experience.
  • It is one of the OTT with a huge library of Bangla songs.
  • Content download available.
  • English subtitles are available for all web series and most movies.
  • The maximum available video value is 1080p p
  • Affordable subscription plan


  • There is no option to download content on a laptop or PC
  • One must contact customer service to change the password or log out of all devices
  • The full-screen mode of the application does not cover the entire screen and has very limited toggle options
  • Non-Bengali viewers may find it difficult to understand the content and rely on subtitles fully.
  • Hoichoi content

Hoichoi offers more than 500 Bengali movies, more than 60 original hours, and more than 1000 Bangla songs, making it the Bangla video for the world’s largest demand service. Entertainment content in Huicho includes movies, TV shows, original shows, and music that you can stream with the Hoicho app and the website.

Bengali Hoichoi Cinema

There is a catalog of more than 500 Bengali films covering the national genre of drama, romance, comedy, and horror. Classic films of famous Bangladeshi filmmakers like Satyajit Ray and Itu Tuparna Ghosh are also available. Some of these songs include Dwitiyo Purush, Prem Aaj Kal Porshu, Nagarkirtan, Kontotho, Vinci Da, Shah Jahan Regency, and Kedara.

Popular Hoichoi movies

Byomkesh Gautro: Byomkesh may be given a murder charge which could happen.

One J was the king – based on a rumor about the return of the prince of Bhoul from the dead.

Wedding Diary – A joke about the modern couple’s outlook on married life.

Kolkata 71 – A collection of 4 stories inspired by Kolkata in the 19th decade.

Crossroads: A story about five women and their lives and evolution when they meet each other.

  • Hoichoi family films
  • Jacket
  • Ahri Monday
  • Bebaho aristocracy
  • Ginda Jr.
  • Kathmandu
  • Hoichoi comedy movies
  • The ghost of the ghost
  • Charmorty
  • Honeycomb
  • Bay Bay Bangkok
  • Boyfriend fruit
  • Hoichoi web series and source

Dubbed in Hindi and Tamil for some original non-Bengali listeners like Hello, Byomkesh, Cartoon, Mismatch, Dupur Thakurpo, and Characterless.

The popular Hoichoi is original.

Hello! – I got an MMS message from Durga Puja, which turned Nandita’s life upside down.

Bayumkesh: Bengal’s most popular detective solved criminal cases in the 1930s.

Punch Foran – 5 episodes directed by five directors on the concept of love and relationship.

Taranath Tantric: A mysterious show with a Tantric named Taranath and his black magic world.

Characterless – A story of love, lust, and betrayal between husband and wife.

  • The source of Hoichoi’s comics
  • Dobar Thakurbo
  • No matches
  • Holy FAC
  • Kamini
  • Popular Hoichoi original movies

Popper Bundora – The story of the child’s suffering during the divorce of his parents.

Silent – The thrilling story of a journalist trying to solve a missing girl’s case.

Amy Versus You – A romance between two people about their polar personalities and their relationship with each other.

Borodin – A Christmas thriller movie set about action in Kolkata and the people associated with it.

Tin cup tea – 3 spirits, three desks, and Bengal’s favorite drink, tea (tea). This Bengali drama connects three different stories about tea.

Hoichoi song

For Music Buff, the subscription contains over 1000 Bangla songs from the most popular albums that you can download and stream offline. You will get songs from famous classical and modern Bengali artists like Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal. Note that Hoichoi songs are available exclusively on the Hoichoi app for Android and iOS.

Free Hoichoi movies and episodes

You can stream some movies, episodes of originals, and miniature episodes free in Huawei. In the “Hoichoi Minis” section, you can find free jokes, thrillers, and must-see episodes for in the sections with related names and mini-episodes below 10 minutes.

You will see. Search hoichoi to learn more!

  • Hoichoi free minis and shorts
  • City of Poets (Mini)
  • Market City (Mini)
  • Kolkata (Mini)
  • Buckthorn (short)
  • Disconnected (short)
  • Hoichoi pushed

Once you choose the desired Hoichoi subscription

Reputation plan, you will be redirected to the payment page. Here, you have several options to complete the transaction.

Online Payments: Various payment options for users include credit and debit cards, Net Banking, UPI, Wallets, Paytm, iTunes, and Google Play. iTunes and Google Play subscriptions and credit cards are automatically renewed.

Offline Payment (Top-up Card): For offline transactions, you can use “Hoichoi Top-Up Card”:

What is the Hoichoi top-up card?

It’s like scratching and using mobile phone credit cards we use to recharge the balance of our cell phones. Currently, Hoichoi offers top-up cards for 12-month subscription plans.

How and where can I get a Hoicho recharge card?


Recharge cards are currently available in a select few cities. If you live in one of these cities, you can request a “top-up” card for entertainment by SVF or open settings; you can buy a “top-up” card from this link. Online delivery is currently suspended due to Covid.

Hoichoi salary increase card

How to drop Hichoi top-up cards?

Once you have received the Hoichoi Top-Up Card, you need to verify to get the Hoichoi subscription code and recharge your Hoichoi account with the code.

Are there any offers on Hoichoi recharge cards?

Currently, there are no offers on recharge cards. We will notify you as soon as any incident occurs.

Hoichoi option

Hoichoi VOD is not the only fish in the ocean. With the growing number of online video streaming services, Hoichoi is facing some competition in the market.


times is probably Huicho’s main competitor, and it is very similar to Huiche in terms of the services and content it offers. One Night Stand, Arundhati, Byomkesh, Som Maben Na, etc., are included.


The streaming service provides the latest Bengali movies on a per-view or subscription basis. They can see on computers, tablets, TVs, and phones. They also have a free trial of the day.


YupTV streaming service provides access to movies in 9 languages, one of which is Bengali. A 14-day free trial is available. Some of the Bengali content included are Sunday Baikelbela and Mahakala.

Hot star

The streaming giant provides access to several Bengali movies and TV shows. Video quality and user interface provide a better viewing experience. A Hotstar subscription gives users unlimited access to many Bollywood and Hollywood movies, American TV shows, live news, and sports.


Online video platform Colors TV has some Bangla content. Some of them are Koach Mahashivaratri, Bidleppi, Bhalupasa Bhallopasa, and Sujan Sakhi. News18 Bangla can also be streamed in Bhut.

Hoichai subscription offers an overview.

Hoichoi subscription offers can give you many options to save money for ten active results. You can get the best discount of up to 69%.

New discount codes are constantly being updated in Coupons. The last one is May 31, 2021, on

We’ve seen five new Hoichai subscription view results in the last 90 days, which means a new Hoichai subscription view result is detected every 18 days.

As a coupon tracker, recently, online shoppers can get an average of 10% savings by using our shopping vouchers on their Hoichoi subscription offer. It is easily accomplished by searching the Couponbox box.

How many are Hoichai subscription show results available?

There are currently 20 Hoichoi subscription offers under the CouponXu tracking system. These deal offers come from various sources, coupon codes, discounts, and deals selected by our smart and comprehensive system.

Why do I have to wait a while to find a Hoichoi subscription offer?

There are many Hoichoi subscription offer results that we have specifically discovered that new coupons have been updated, and this process will take some time to provide the best results for your search. Typically, it takes 0.25 seconds for a general search and about 1 second for a rigorous search.

How many coupon codes can I use each time I search for Hoiche’s subscription offer?

There are usually 1 to 3 discount codes for a single product. However, customers can use only one voucher code on each order. So, when using a coupon code, try to choose the best code with maximum discount.

If the results of viewing all Hoichoi subscriptions don’t work for me, what should I do?

Your search will almost always be available on CouponX in general. The only reason you can find the offer you are looking for

‘It is not available in the store or not. Just contact our support team at Contact: And we will do our best to help you.

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