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Top 5 Best Tablet for Photoshop Editing in the Market

Buying Guide Review - 2021

You may think that computer systems are not enough to edit photos, so you will need a best tablet for photoshop editing that will allow you to decorate pictures and images in different styles and not only provide an interesting process, but also make it cooler. Move.

Editing photos and images using a stylus may seem inaudible at first, but once you master it, you can be sure that the process is much easier and more creative. Different styluses and tablets are very sensitive as they have the ability to create catalogs of 8 192 individual stress levels, so you can draw in more detail.

Are you Looking for the best tablet for photoshop editing?

Before enrolling, you are advised that some of these tablets are primarily graphics tablets connected to a laptop or desktop for editing, and are always recommended to be processed on a computer for continuous editing of Photoshop and other heavy programs. You have to be careful.

So, if you are looking for an efficient laptop that connects to a graphics tablet, you can see our photo editing laptop purchase guide on Laptop by Budget. The list also includes completely free tablets, so you don’t need a computer to edit.

Advantages of tablet for photoshop editing

The main advantage of using a tablet is a stylus that allows you to accurately draw pictures, cartoons, edits and more. Those who edit images look for work right away, so most of them work on tablets.

There are many features to consider and there are separate manufacturers that work with cash. Important features include screen area, resolution, battery life, stylus, and keyboard compatibility.

In a world full of great hopes, people get angry to distinguish themselves. Photoshop has become one of his new best friends to take advantage of his peers. It is available on the Internet and almost everywhere in the world. Previously, the process of becoming famous was to go to the studio, print great photos in different poses and in different beautiful places, and show themselves in a group of peers.

But today, the process has completely gone through a roller coaster ride. We are our own studio. Clicking on a photo, taking it home, and turning it into something completely different allowed us to go through Photoshop, and we definitely love it.

So, to support our enthusiasm for Photoshop, several brands have released tablets that offer the best for Photoshop, improve the gel, and use the experience. Let’s take a look at the list of the best drawing tablets for Photoshop and see which tablets will appeal to Photoshop enthusiasts.

List of Top 5 best tablet for photoshop editing

  1. XP-Pen Artist 15.6
  2. Wacom Intuos CTL4100
  3. Graphics Tablet XP-PEN G640
  4. Huion H610 Pro V2
  5. Microsoft Surface Pro 4


  1. XP-Pen Artist 15.6

The XP-Pen Artist 15.6 is the latest tablet in the XP-Pen line, with a 16: 9 15.6-inch high-resolution display that gives impressive screen clarity to bright colors. With a nice new and modern design, the XP-Pen looks like an ultrabook from the side.

Weighing just 3.3 pounds, the XP-Pen Artist 15 is easy to carry in a laptop-like backpack due to its slim and lightweight design. In addition, XP-Pen Artist 15.6 features a new generation Huion Pen with the latest generation technology.

You can also customize 6 ExpressKey with your favorite gadgets for easy use while working. Overall, XP-Pen Artist 15.6 is one of the best tablets for Photoshop and Illustrator, providing the best sharpness and portability.

  1. Wacom Intuos CTL4100

Wacom Intuos Draw is a battery-free tablet for Photoshop and digital developers. It replaces the mouse keyboard and provides better accuracy for editing the photos.

In addition, Art Rage Lite software for drawing and drawing, online tutorials and 8 × 10 free photo printing are included in the package for beginners who are just starting out with digital art.

There are four customizable expression buttons on the tablet where you can put your favorite shortcuts with you. You do not have to worry about connection, as it supports all devices running Windows and Mac via USB cable. For this record, the Wacom Intuos Draw is one of the best Photoshop tablets you can buy for about $ 100.

  1. Graphics Tablet XP-PEN G640

The XP-Pen G640S now supports connectivity on devices running Android 6.0 and higher. It is compatible with the new XP-Pen Drawing software and can also work with many major third-party applications such as Medibang, Autodesk Sketchbook, Zenbrush , Microsoft Onenote, Microsoft Word, Markers and more that give you an experience. Innovation. Very mobile and potential.

  1. Huion H610 Pro V2

The H610 Pro V2 features impressive specs for a budget tablet: 8192 prints, 233 PPS response rate, and 5080 LPI resolution. High sensitivity and reaction rates ensure more accurate and precise lines.

The tablet also provides push buttons and some soft keys that make your work smoother and reduce distractions. In the drawing area you will find eight push buttons that you can customize to your liking. Standard features include: Zoom in, pencil, non-recyclable gum, scroll, pencil increase, pencil size reduction.

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Excellent display and accurate proportions make the Pro 4 the perfect screen to view the details needed for editing and Photoshop. This also strengthens Surface’s position as the gold standard for Windows tablets.

The Microsoft tablet adds the latest Intel processor and some hardware and software, but that does not change the DNA of its predecessor, the 2014 Surface Pro 3.

Best. But as a sophisticated product, the 4 tablets are not cheap. The variety of options and configurable accessories means that the starting price of $ 720 is uncertain.

Tablets can replace laptops. This statement proved to be correct. Because this beautiful animal is equipped with a magnetic pen with a touch screen and a removable keyboard for use in Photoshop and our other applications. All in all, the Surface Pro 4 is a complete winner and stands on the “Best Photoshop Tablets” chart with flying colors.

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