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5 Great Vape Juice Flavors You Should Try

The government placed bans on certain vape juice and devices early in 2020. They took this step to prevent vaping devices and e-cigarettes from being so desirable to teens and young children. Some young persons allegedly got sick from vaping and many people had to pay the price. Many of the fruit-flavored vape juices were banned and the pre-filled pods were taken off the market. Some argue that the ban was an attempt to hurt the vaping industry in favor of the traditional tobacco industry. Many vape shops had to close their shops, but many others still survived. Fortunately, there are still some flavors that were not banned. There’s still a broad selection of flavors you can get. You just have to know which device to buy and who to go to for help. You can enjoy these five flavors if you purchase one of the devices that made it past the ban.

Menthol Flavor

As of right now, you can still buy a variety of devices that have a menthol flavor. Menthol is one of the classic flavors of tobacco cigarettes. Therefore, the government allows consumers to still buy various disposable devices and vape juices that are flavored like a menthol cigarette. The logic behind this decision is that menthol flavor vape juice will be much less appealing to kids.

Menthol flavors are also really great because it’s not an uncommon flavor. Many people are used to strong and cool mint flavors in products like gum. So if you are new to vaping, a menthol flavor at a low nicotine level might help you get used to vaping without making you feel sick.

Tobacco Flavor

The classic tobacco flavor vape juice is another flavor that you can most likely get anywhere. The FDA seemed to leave tobacco-flavored products alone. They left users with not many choices by cutting out most of the rest of the flavors. Some states have stricter bans on them than other states have. You won’t be affected by this issue if you love the taste of classic tobacco. Many will continue to find these plain flavors in many shops. You’ll have to search if you want some exciting flavors, however.

Tobacco is a great flavor if you are trying to convince someone to give up smoking cigarettes. The tobacco flavors available range from being similar in taste to cigarettes to tasting like cigars. If your dad is a heavy cigarette smoker, this might be a great and healthier alternative for him without losing the flavor.

Cotton Candy

One way you can still get some flavors is if you invest in ccell vapes and accessories. You can legally purchase e-liquid for these devices and enjoy an array of flavors. The government-issued bans were mostly on pre-filled pods and disposable e-cigarettes that young people were buying from the stores. You can find many amazing e-juice flavors for your ccell device. One of those delicious flavors is cotton candy. Have you ever had cotton candy at the circus or a fair with your parents when you were young? The Cotton candy juice will remind you of the soft texture and the super-sweet taste of cotton candy on that special day. It’s a delicious flavor that will take you back to your childhood and put a smile on your face.

Arctic Watermelon

Artic watermelon is another tasty flavor that you can get for your ccell device. Arctic Watermelon will give you a rush of a nice, cold piece of watermelon on a hot summer day. It’s an excellent flavor, even if you don’t normally eat watermelon. You’ll love that sweet and refreshing flavor so much that you’ll come back for more again and again. The good part about ordering your vape juices online is that you can vary the nicotine content. Thus, you can cut down the content each time you order if you’re trying to stop using nicotine, for example. They have flavors that have zero nicotine content. Vaping using that strategy can be an effective way to cut down or stop the nicotine and just enjoy the flavor.

Frosted Animal Cookies

Frosted Animal Cookies is another delicious treat that will bring back fond memories of your childhood. This is a great flavor for you if you love the taste of animal crackers and you want to have some dessert without actually having any dessert. As always, you’ll get that melt-in-your-mouth experience every time you inhale the delicious e-liquid.


You can grab a variety of flavors if you get yourself a ccell vape. You can also find all the necessary accessories you’ll need while you’re using a vape. Don’t be afraid to visit the website of a distributor and check out the available options.

Enjoy Your Vaping Experience

All is not lost. You can still enjoy some vaping if you know the right places to shop, and you can relax and get an excellent experience with some tasty and fresh smelling e-liquids. Start shopping today for something you like.


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