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Have an Early Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

Have an Early Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

It’s a known fact that the best place to holiday in the World is the Arabian Desert. However, when you are planning a vacation in this amazing country you must take some important things into consideration. The most popular activities for all types of travelers include camel safari, visiting desert wildlife, and exploring desert landscapes. So, how to do a perfect vacation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) if you are a first time visitor?

Things to Know for Best Adventure

The best way to do a Morning Desert Safari in Dubai is to get an adventure with Arabian Desert Tour in Dubai packages. Get the best deals on this adventure tour by going to an authorized travel agent. This is the best time to visit Dubai on your holidays. The weather is cool in the early morning and there are no daily crowds in the city so you get to enjoy the real flavor of the city.

The Arabian Desert is spread in Thira Ezone. You can experience the desert safari in Dubai starting from March to May, the dry season in Dubai. You must take a desert safari in Dubai to experience some exciting dune banging in the early morning. Get the best out of Dubai with a daring and thrilling dune banging in the early morning with the help of an Arabian adventure in Dubai. Exploring the dunes of Dubai in the early morning with the help of an Arabian adventure in Dubai gives you the feeling of sitting in the middle of the sand dunes.

Fun with Family

Going to the desert with your family on an adventure tour is an unforgettable experience that you will enjoy forever. You can start your adventure trip with a camel ride in the desert. You can also go for Jeep safari or quad bike safari together with your family members. A desert safari in Dubai gives you an opportunity to see the magnificent sand dunes and learn about the lifestyle of the desert animals. You can even go for bird watching excursions in Dubai.

An adventurous tour to the Grand Canyon in the early morning will give you a different perspective of the city. You will also have the option to drive to the Hoover Dam. You can have a thrilling dune banging with your family members at the Wadi Dhar Mountain. The experience of driving the Grand Canyon on your camels in the early morning will make you realize that Dubai is a totally different place from the reality. You can drive at night without any light pollution in Dubai, which is something not possible in many countries. You can also enjoy the exciting desert safari with your family.

How to plan for a Trip

If you want to start with this exciting adventure trip, you will find many companies that offer such tours. You can choose a tour from a well known tour operator and get the exciting start to your desert safari Dubai. You can enjoy all the attractions of the desert like sand boarding, desert safari, hot air ballooning and driving in the moon lights etc.

The most popular tourist attraction in Dubai is the Shekhawati region, which is the largest desert in the world. You can enjoy camel riding and other exciting activities on Shekhawati. You can visit the desert villages and spend the day camping by the sand dunes. This is one of the best options for an early morning safari in Dubai. You can also enjoy the desert safari at Al Mazar Desert by taking a camel ride.

When you plan the desert safari in Dubai, it is better to do so in the hot months. The hot months are from June to September. This is the best time to visit the desert and the hot temperatures of the place will make the place extremely attractive. However, do take a camel ride from May to October or from October to November. The Shekhawati desert is the best place for desert safari in Dubai. You will not regret spending your desert safari in Shekhawati.


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