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Figuring out how a bank statement analyser works

While starting a business or emergency fund, maximum people go to the bank or any lender. Before lending money to anyone, lenders checks that are it safe to pay that person or institute, so in this period, bank statement analyser. As an individual lender, a bank, or a financial institute, you should analyze the borrower’s bank statements’ creditworthiness. After getting the idea about this financial matter, then you can pay out the money for him. The main objective of this statement is that paying money to the person is safe, and the lender can get back the money or get property against lending money. 

What is a bank statement?

A bank statement or account statement is a document supplied by banks to their respective bank account holder. It summarizes every account transaction over each statement period which includes deposits, transfers and withdrawals as well. Now modern applications like UPI and all those transactions are recorded as well. If the bank account holder asks to stop it, then the bank will do that. 

The account holder can easily get the info regarding the starting and ending of balance and bank contact information with a bank statement. Traditional banks, online banks and credit unions have to prepare bank statements without errors for every account holder. Banks issues statements that help keep the account holder’s records and reconcile bank account if any mistakes come out at the end of the year. A bank statement analyser helps to keep information of the account holder and represent data of creditworthiness. 

With this statement account holder can take the loan or ask other lenders for a big amount. This is a great tool that helps to keep a record of spending and expenses. Surveying bank account results in finding the area where people can find out how to cut down their expenses and start saving some money. Most people have thought to save money rather than spend on luxury items. 

Advantages of bank statement analyzer

Bank statements have a lot of information which sounds unusual when you see it for the first time. At the same time, some transaction entry varies from one bank to another one. 

  • Bank statement analyser works on specifically designed statements prepared by banks. The statement covers all types of banks like public sector banks, private sector banks, co-operative banks and major international banks.   
  • This bank statement analyser tool is driven with AI, so no unfair practices are done with it. It handles every transaction and generates a single accurate report. 
  • The reports produced by AI are comprehensive and insightful. 
  • Bank statement reports are accepted whole worldwide, and every lender trusts these reports. 
  • This tool helps to get a loan as per requirement, and the lender can pay money without any issues. 
  • The bank statement analyser shows the actual credit score of the account holder and allows them to take the loan for personal use.

How to Read a Bank Statement

Bank statement analysis involves summarizing cash inflows and outflows from the statements and provides an overview of the financial health of each individual. Thus, bank statements are not complicate statements for those working over the bank and those who have quite a knowledge regarding the transactions.  

  • Bank information: In this field, you will get the bank’s contact information where you have enrolled. On this page, you will find a bank statement, including the phone number and mailing address. 
  • Personal information: You will find the name and contact information that you have provided to the bank. 
  • Statement period dates: Bank uses the first and last day of every month on statements while other starts and end on the specific days of the month. 
  • Starting and ending balances: The balance included at customers where they have begun and progress or take out money for personal usage is shown at the end of each month.
  • Transactions: This includes deposits, withdrawals, cheque written, direct deposits and other transactions which account holders have done. 
  • Interest earned: After a certain month, the bank will pay the account hold some interest for keeping money over the bank. The interest rate varies over different banks.

After calculation of all these things then it shows the account holder bank statement. And this statement will be the normal one that any layman can understand easily. Businesses and NBFCs consider this statement and check the history of borrowing and paying back in which period. So, Many industries use this software for faster processing times and efficient work and documents processing properly. 

Facing challenges during bank statement analysis

  • Format of bank statement: In the perspective view of borrower submission, the bank statements are provide in digital PDF form. After that, the lender has to take out the printout and then check out whether paying money is safe enough or not.
  • Magnitudes of data: It depends upon policies, level of credit assigned to the borrowing person. Some borrowers get the period of 3,6,9 or 12 months even. Not everyone gets the same borrowing period as per this data lender pay out the money.
  • Narrations: Usually, when anyone asks for a bank statement, banks take some days to provide it. After getting the statement, the narration presented over there is the correct one. But the issue comes as the format. Not every lender is from a commerce background to understand the bank format. So it creates a dilemma in the lender’s mind to pay money to the borrower or not. 
  • Manual analysis and calculations: After getting the bank statement, the lender starts the calculation, which helps to pay the money more quickly. It becomes difficult to inspect the amounts of borrower perspective bank account, but for his safe side, he calculates everything. 

Why does the business need bank statement analysis?

Businesses need bank statement analysers for the following reasons:

  • Underwriter:  

Banks and financial institutes do a lot of stuff like checking borrowers’ backgrounds and assessing creditworthiness with the underwriting process. In this process, the business gives a loan to the borrower at an acceptable risk in exchange for a good return as interest. Bank statement software helps businesses figure out where bank deposits come from and the assets which individuals have. After getting all the information of that person, the business decides to provide a loan or not since the company can’t take the unusual risk for anyone and add unnecessary losses.

  • Loan approvals: 

Borrowers who have applied for loans and mortgages need to let their documents go with other financial audits. After the intelligent document process solution, these data are used from the bank statement to go with cash flow analysis. It helps to determine the amount of loan borrowers eligibility. For each borrower, the bank provides a list that shows what the credit score of the bank statement is and avoids making mistakes by giving out the loan. 

  • Income tax purposes: 

Many new startups are coming nowadays to help out in computing ITR filing and income tax returns. In income tax calculation, it helps businesses to estimate how much taxes individuals have to pay every year to let them know whether the person is eligible to pay money or not. 


A bank statement analyser helps to know the creditworthiness of each individual. If anyone wants to take a loan amount beyond his net worth, he must have a good credit score and big transaction. After calculation of different factors at the bank then the bank decides to pay out the money.

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