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Sage Payment Easy

Sage 50 streamline business processes such as supply chain management, warehousing, reporting & financial accounting and are uniquely positioned to offer you the best of breed software solutions like Sage 50 Payroll. Thousands of companies across Ireland trust Sage pay payroll software to pay their employees. Sage pay is designed to do the heavy lifting and takes the pain out of doing payroll calculations, creating the correct returns for revenue, and simplifying paying your employees. Read more to Setup mobile payments in Sage 50 accounting software.


Sage Micro pay helps you process complex payrolls quickly and accurately. It’s easy to use, very powerful, and has excellent reporting capabilities. You really don’t need to be a payroll expert to use this software. Sage Micro pay Professional allows users to quickly and accurately process complex payrolls while also providing detailed reporting capabilities for your business needs.

Sage Micro pay Professional Key features to include:

  • Import timesheets, batch entry time and pay, automatic timesheets
    Compliant with the latest legislation; PAYE, PRSI, Income Levy, etc.
  • Formula-based payments and deductions.
  • Calculates holiday entitlement and pay
  • Assign employees to multiple departments and cost centers
  • Email payslips with PDF password-protected attachments
  • Customized reporting with Excel and PDF integration
  • Automatic updates and RSS feeds
  • Integrates efficiently with Sage 50 Accounts and other Sage software
  • Expert support from us and handholding for year-end payroll processing
  • Import Timesheets, batch entry time, and pay
  • Compliant with all relevant legislation
  • Formula based payments and deductions
  • Calculates holiday entitlement and pay
  • Assign employees to multiple departments and cost centers
  • Email payslips with PDF protected passwords
  • Automatic online updates and RSS feeds
  • Integrates with Sage 50 Accounts
  • An Expert support team with us.
  • Key Benefits
  • Process Payroll Quickly
  • Email Payslip
  • Revenue Online Compliant
  • Up to date, Tax Legislation Included.

Best Software For Your Small Business

Sage 50 Accounting Features

Sage 50 Accounting Software is filled with features that customers actually want. The software is well thought out, beautifully developed, and now taking the market by storm. The concept is to give “freedom, control, and productivity to you.

Key Benefits:

  • Freedom – to work how and when you want with secure cloud and mobile access to your business data, contact records, documents, and key tasks.
  • Control – over your business to make faster, better decisions with smart performance dashboards & powerful reporting.
  • Productivity – take the pain out of running your business and being able to work in a slick new interface.
  • Easy Invoicing – Create, Edit, and send invoices directly from your accounting software.
    Easy bank reconciliation – Connect to your bank for automatic updates! (AIB, Ulster Bank, and PTSB, Bank of Ireland to follow suit).
  • Sage Drive (Cloud Connected Solution) – access via the cloud.
  • Modern integration between Sage 50c and Microsoft Office 365*
  • Outlook Connector
  • Sage Capture (capture expenses from your phone)
  • Mobile Apps
  • Cloud Backup
  • Powerful Excel Reporting
  • Business Performance Dashboards
  • Process Map guides users through everyday payroll tasks’
  • Batch and pay entry
  • Automatic timesheets
  • Calculate and track holiday entitlements
  • Email payslips
  • Compliant with the latest legislation
  • Excel and PDF Report integration
  • Automatic updates of service packs.

Sage 50 Accounts Mobile Solutions

You can now access business-critical information – anywhere, anytime, with the new mobile app. This free app is now available on the iPhone and Blackberry for contract customers of Sage 50 Accounts. Now download Sage 50 on MS Windows and iPhone and Blackberry users access to your in-house Sage 50 Accounts information on the road, resulting in improved productivity. This is an ideal solution for field-based employees, sales personnel, and financial controllers as it gives you access to business-critical information while on the go. Download Sage software on iPhone, blackberry, or windows to avail all these features and benefits.

Benefits to Install Sage 50 on iPhone, Blackberry

  • create quotations, orders, and invoices
  • Get access to real-time to customers, suppliers,s and product information
    ease of use
  • Have a full list of your companies customers, products, and suppliers on the road
  • Check customer balances before calling into them
  • Only give users access to what they need on the road
  • Save time calling in orders from sales reps to the office
  • Reduction in user errors from calling in sales orders
  • Ability to check stock there and then plus raise the order
  • Make full use of your handset’s email capability to call/email a client based on details saved in Sage.


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