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Exploring 11 Top Most Tips on Employee Recognition Programs

Employee Recognition Programs can take various shapes, but no matter how you approach it. It’s one of the foremost important things a team can do. Having the right quiet recognition program in situ is crucial to giving your company a competitive advantage. Firstly, organizations are increasingly establishing and reconsidering recognition programs in light of this. Secondly, they’re powerful, and when utilized effectively, they will promote employee engagement, reduce attrition, raise productivity, boost morale, and foster a way of purpose.

So, employee recognition programs are fundamentally about openly acknowledging and expressing gratitude for employees’ contributions to their organizations.

Hence, a high-five for employment well done, a special shout-out during an all-hands meeting, or maybe a bonus for completing a monthly target might all be possibilities.

What Is the Importance of Employee Recognition Programs?


In today’s tight battle to draw in and retain employees, employee recognition is critical.

Therefore, companies put in an exceedingly lot of effort to locate and hire great personnel. So, HR experts have begun to use innovative marketing techniques so as to draw in top talent and persuade them to just accept their employment offer.

When elite talent is hired, their effort doesn’t end there. They need to now exert themselves to retain their best employees, happy, productive, and loyal.

Employee recognition programs can help with this. Recognition programs for workers are critical for keeping top talent:

According to Bravo’s research, one in all the highest reasons why employees leave their jobs could be a lack of appreciation.

As per CareerBuilder survey, half the workers would stay if they were visibly recognized.

Another research of TJinsite proves, 35% of employees believe an absence of acknowledgment to be the foremost significant impediment to their productivity.

Therefore, you would like to develop an efficient employee appreciation program if you would like to keep your employees motivated, engaged, and productive.

Employee Recognition for Achievements

Work achievement rewards are used when employees achieve something strictly associated with their work or business success.

Some of the common examples include:

  • Project achievements
  • New deals closed
  • Innovations
  • New behaviors
  • Goals achievements
  • Resolved tickets
  • Personal accomplishment

Employers are increasingly rewarding their employees for personal accomplishments. So, following are some of the most prevalent scenarios in which employees are awarded for their personal achievements:

  • Achievements in health and well-being, such as physical activity.
  • Work-life balance is taken seriously.
  • Setting Up a Successful Employee Recognition Programs

When putting in an employee recognition program, follow these steps:

Get your leaders on board– so as for a recognition program to figure, leaders need to get on board. Define the critical ROI of employee recognition and present them to your CEO.

Define goals– Carefully define what you’re trying to realize along with your new program. So, this may be anything from increasing employee satisfaction or engagement, increasing customer satisfaction, and motivating employees to complete a project on time.

Determine resources needed– Understand what proportion and which help you wish to implement and manage the program. Define the key team which will lead it.

Define policies and procedures– Define how the program will work. What is going to be nominated and awarded for the staff? Will you get monetary or non-monetary rewards? What’s the utmost amount of nominations and prizes? How will the team assist employers in implementing and managing rewards programs that best fit their business strategy?

Measure success– Measure the success of your recognition programs. So, track the KPIs you have got defined at the start of the method.

Effective Employee Recognition Programs Have the Following Characteristics


Firstly, it’s critical to understand what makes a certain employee recognition program useful and successful before you start implementing it.

According to BRAVO’s research, the most successful recognition is honest, sincere, and tailored to each employee’s preferences.

Hence, employees were also asked who gave them their most significant and memorable accolade in a recent Gallup workplace study.

According to the study, an employee’s manager (28 percent) is the most remembered source of acknowledgment, followed by a high-level leader or CEO (24 percent), When asked which sorts of acknowledgement were the most popular,

  1. Recognition from the general public (acknowledgment via an award, certificate of commendation)
  2. Individual acclaim (from a boss, peer or customer)
  3. Promotional opportunities (or increase in the scope of work or responsibility to show trust)
  4. monetary reward (such as a trip, prize or pay increase)

How Do You Pick the Greatest Employee Recognition Program Ideas for Your Business?

Many factors will influence the type of employee appreciation program you adopt in your firm, including:

  1. Your financial situation
  2. The number of people who work for you
  3. Your firm’s core values
  4. Your company’s culture, for example

However, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” secret strategy for employee recognition. This is often why tailoring your employee recognition program to your employees’ interests and requirements is crucial. So, ask your staff what they need and whether or not they want to be recognized during a survey.

Therefore, make a listing of employee appreciation rewards and have them vote for his or her favorites. Now you’ll even request that they contribute their own suggestions and ideas! That way, you’ll know you’re rewarding your employees with something they’ll like.

1. Ideas For Employee Appreciation

Here are some ideas for employee recognition that your employees will enjoy:

2. Ideas For Public Acclaim

Celebration of appreciation through surprise. Therefore, plan a surprise celebration for your best employees! Include cake, confetti, and music that they enjoy.

3. Make A Social Media Post About It.

On social media, post a snapshot of your personnel and brag about their accomplishments. So, remember to tag them in your post!

4. Newsletter

Incorporate success stories from your staff into your company’s newsletter.

5. Email Of Congratulations

Send an email to your entire workplace congratulating them on employment well done.

6. Send Out a Handout.

Share a hit story about your personnel with the local press. So, when the story is published within the newspaper, have it framed and given to your employee as a present.

7. Applause

As an expression of gratitude, give your employees a Bravo! With employee recognition software like HR Cloud, you’ll be able to even automate and digitize this procedure.

8. Praise That Isn’t Obvious

Hide a few thank-you cards among your employees’ workstations.

9. Note Written by Hand

Send a handwritten card to your employees, or simply place a sticky note on their desk that says “Thank you.”

10. Thank You for Coming to The Meeting.

Just to say thank you, invite an employee to your office. Don’t bring up any other topic!

11. Please Provide a Video.

Create an employee appreciation video that includes a thank-you message from your CEO.


Firstly, employee appreciation programs can help to highlight the critical components of success. Moreover, begin by putting together a business case for an employee appreciation program, tying your project’s expected outcomes to your company’s objectives.

So, consider what difficulties an employee appreciation program might address and the way resolving those issues contributes to the company’s goals. Therefore, demonstrate to your management team that the benefits outweigh the prices.

Secondly, employee recognition is a powerful way for any organization to succeed, and using a specially-designed recognition program like BRAVO can be an extremely effective way for teams to feel valued, perform better, stay engaged, and more. Moreover, we invite you to join us for a demo to learn more about how you can start building a recognition-rich organizational culture.

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