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8 Best Ways to Disseminate a Fantastic Customer Video Testimonial

Video Testimonial is fundamentally documented customer profiles in which actual people share their own personal tales and promote the virtues of a product or service. They can have a big impact if they provide what’s known as social proof.

Vidmonials, a video production firm, claims that “because video content surpasses every other type of content, providing video client testimonials is a slam dunk.”

Social proof appeals to our intrinsic urge to trust our peers and seek guidance from patterns, as opposed to hard statistics concerning product achievements and other objective results. When you’re looking for facts to back up your replies to subjective queries like:

Other forms of social proof, in addition to video testimonials, include:

  1. The averages of starred reviews.
  2. The number of followers or retweets a social media account has, as well as the material it has.
  3. Written comments and opinions

What are different Ways to Disseminate a Fantastic Customer Video Testimonial

Here are different ways of Disseminate a Fantastic Customer Video Testimonial

Your Website Is the Best Place to Post Customer Video Testimonial

Start with your company’s website if you’re going to post your testimonials anywhere. New clients frequently learn about brands by visiting their websites, making this a perfect location for testimonials to be posted.

You have the option of embedding movies directly into your home page or creating a landing page just for this material. The Vidmonials sample below explains how you can organize this on your website.

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The Internet and social media

The Internet and social media

Because most platforms make it very easy to produce and distribute visual information to a large audience, social media is a fantastic tool for distributing testimonials. You may target people who are interested in your brand via social media, and push material that is targeted to their interests and requirements.

Unlike television, where you broadcast to a random audience, social media allows you to choose not just who you want to engage with, but also when you want them to see your content. Because you’re engaging the appropriate individuals at the right moment, you can maximize the effectiveness of your video.

Case Study

Case studies are documentaries that are usually accompanied by a document or resource that gives detailed context for the testimonial’s material. The goal of this strategy is to deliver specific information that the audience might be curious about while viewing the video. By proactively promoting this resource, you demonstrate to the prospect that you can not only back up the assertions stated in the video, but also that you’re ready to answer their inquiries.

Video Streaming Sites

While most people think of YouTube when they think of testimonial videos, there are a slew of other video streaming sites where you may post them.

While YouTube is by far the most popular option, the other streaming sites have some benefits that YouTube does not. Vimeo, for example, includes privacy settings that allow you to manage who sees and shares your movies. Dailymotion offers less copyright limitations than YouTube, allowing you to publish more content to your account. Smaller streaming services, such as these, can help you reach new audiences who may prefer these channels to larger, ad-filled social media platforms like YouTube.

Sites that Provide Third-Party Reviews

The problem is that there is no way to write a review for your business unless you ask a customer to do so on your behalf. Customers won’t want to hear how fantastic you believe your firm is if you can avoid it, even if you’re sharing someone else’s testimonial.

Asking the client who participated in the testimonial to write the review is the best way to go about it. Provide a link to the video and have them write a brief synopsis of why they provided this testimonial.

Some websites, such as the one below, allow you to upload a movie to your account page. Given that it is a review site, this would be an excellent opportunity to feature a satisfied customer’s testimony.

Prospecting Meetings

Prospecting Meetings

Asking the client who participated in the testimonial to write the review is the best way to go about it. Provide a link to the video and have them write a brief synopsis of why they provided this testimonial.

Some websites, such as the one below, allow you to upload a movie to your account page. Given that it is a review site, this would be an excellent opportunity to feature a satisfied customer’s testimony.


If you have an active email newsletter, it’s a great location to post customer testimonials. These consumers have previously expressed an interest in your brand and will want to learn about other people’s success stories.

If a consumer has a terrible experience with your goods. For example, they might give it another opportunity if they’re continually reading about other people’s positive experiences. After all, 92 percent of consumers prefer peer referrals to marketing from a company.


One of your company’s events, seminars, or speeches is another wonderful opportunity to show testimonial films. That’s because, when speaking to a large group, videos make excellent talking points. As if it were a case study, you can play the testimonial, highlight key points, and hold a discussion around specific topics. Attendees will be attentive when viewing your content if you position the video as an informative resource rather than a promotional ad.

Let’s go through some best practices to consider while sharing your videos now that you know where to get content.

Important Tips for Sharing Customer Testimonial Videos

Make it clear that you’re working with real people, not actors.

Some clients may believe you’re utilizing paid actors to construct your testimonials, as we mentioned at the start of this essay. Especially if your videos are well-produced — which they should be — some people might think they’re almost too good to be true especially if they are well-produced, which they should be.

In these situations, it’s critical to present your film as a testimony rather than an advertisement. Instead of bragging about how great your product is, concentrate on how happy your customers are. Consider what goal you assisted them in achieving, and emphasize that point in your video.

Distribute content across a variety of platforms

It’s critical to spread content over numerous communication platforms when sharing it. You’re making it more difficult for visitors to find your testimonials if you simply tweet out videos and leave them off your company website. You’ll greatly expand your reach and make your material more accessible to your audience if you use a combined media strategy.

Include a link to your website in your message

Including a link to your website is an easy element to overlook. If a viewer enjoys your video, you should make it simple for them to learn more about your business.

Use the information from your website and social media to your advantage.

Reporting options are available in most CMS systems and social media platforms that track video analytics such as total plays, average play length, and total subscribers. When posting your testimonies, this information is useful because it tells you how many people are watching your video. You may also look at stats like average play time to see whether people are leaving your videos before it ends.


Video testimonials are more detailed than written reviews. They include real-life customers who can be seen, heard, and trusted by other consumers. Unlike a written review, which could be misspelled or completely out of your hands, videos are high-quality, scripted, and edited. While customer testimonial films still represent your customers’ honest views.

You can screen out those who have had unpleasant experiences and solicit volunteers from the (hopefully bigger) pool of customers who wish to share their genuinely positive experiences. Both written and video testimonials allow you to show objective results as well as the emotional impact of using a particular product or service.

Vidmonials Video testimonials teams are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that your staff and customers are assisted promptly. Please visit our website today for more information, and one of our professionals will give you with the highest quality assistance.

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