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Explore Body-Support Shapewear for Your Dream Shape

When a woman is looking to explore her body and enhance her shape, Shapellx shapewear is the best thing that acts like magic.

All girls dream of a slim body for wearing every type of clothes that she desires to dance in but are not able to do so. During such times, exploring body shaper for women can help them to attain their dream shape.

A woman’s lingerie closet is filled with many different types of cozy and soft bras, but it is also equally important to have comfortable shapewear. We live in a time where everybody’s shapes are respected and acknowledged, and getting the exact shapewear shouldn’t be a difficult one. The time has come to accept and create a great shape of the body by exploring the body and support shapewear for a dream shape. The best shapewear lets women wear everything according to their choices 

  1. PowerConceal™ Low-Back Hourglass
PowerConceal™ Low-Back Hourglass
PowerConceal™ Low-Back Hourglass

The AirSlim™ Lycra Seamless Tummy Control Butt Lifter gives the reliance you can rely on. Static-free, cling-free material allows your outfit to glide on deprived of any difficulty. Rejoice your curves. The Lycra material supports you by offering comfortability. Power-mesh lining supports flat tummy, hips along your backside.

2. CoreSculpt™ Postpartum MaxAb Support

CoreSculpt™ Postpartum MaxAb Support
CoreSculpt™ Postpartum MaxAb Support

Give a beautiful response and get equipped with the attitude and confidence acquired from your slim and shaped body. Every single piece is outlined with beautiful designs, so you can put on them peacefully. The open crotch supports for restroom use. The slim butt part is suitable for breathing freely and comfortably.

Coresculpt™ Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper with Butt Lifter

This AirSlim™ Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper with Butt Lifter that places your waist, and provides you increased pressure, uplifts buttocks, helps the thigh segment, and accomplishes the double tummy control result that makes it amazing to put on below any garment.

CoreSculpt™ Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper With Butt Lifter
CoreSculpt™ Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper With Butt Lifter

4. AirSlim® Full Body Tummy Control Shapewear

Shapellx shapewear bodysuits support you in cuddling your body curve and provide fine positivity to your body appearance. Get the best shapewear for women and body shapers to suit any of your clothes. Shoulder hooks and eyes are convertible for a fine fixing. It has a high elastic material and compression outline for adjusting many bust areas

AirSlim® Full Body Tummy Control Shapewear
AirSlim® Full Body Tummy Control Shapewear

AirSlim™ Lace Smooth Bodysuit

The AirSlim™ Lace Smooth Bodysuit brings 360 degrees of sturdy control for a flat, smooth shape. It has been outlined in a stretchy lace for free- breathability. Hence, this single-piece gives a perfect silhouette below any outfit and fits many fashion styles. Convertible shoulder straps can be dressed in the fashion of spaghetti straps, crisscross backside, or “V” for versatility while performing any work. Also, due to the presence of stretchy lace embellished on the breast and limbs opening offers your bust complete coverage and gives an attractive appearance along with breathability.

AirSlim® Lace Smooth Bodysuit
AirSlim® Lace Smooth Bodysuit

These body shapers bring a flawless brief cut style to make certain regarding comfortability and flexibility under any garment. You must prefer Black Friday shapewear sale for a more acceptable price.

Some guides for how to care for your shapewear

Tip #1. Always check manufacturing labels and washing instructions.

Even though hand-washing is the preferred choice for cleaning shapewear, most shapewear pieces are machine washable. It still ultimately depends on the style, cut, and material of the shaper, though. So before you toss your shapewear in the washing machine, check the tags. Most manufacturers will include washing instructions or general care guidelines that will explicitly tell you whether or not the item can be machine washed, if it can stand harsh detergents (most don’t!), what to do to prevent post wash skin irritation, or weather they belong on the drying rack.

Tip #2. Hand-washing makes shapewear last longer.

Even if your shapewear is machine washable, hand-washing remains the most effective way to ensure longevity. Still, we know nobody’s got the time to do that every single day.

There’s absolutely no shame in popping your shaper in the washing machine and run it through a delicate cycle (so long as the label says it’s alright). But if you can manage to hand-wash your shapewear in warm water with the right type of detergent, every now and then – say, six times out of ten – you can definitely make it last longer.

Tip #3. Mesh, lace, ribbons, and delicate garments mean hand-wash only.

In the very, very slim chance that the shapewear you bought doesn’t come with washing and handling instructions, you’ll have to make a judgment call.

Now, machine washing is generally safe for most styles and fabrics. The only exception is if the piece you own has delicate-looking design details—think mesh panels, lace edges, complicated ribbons, and the like. If your shapewear has any of that sort, stick to strictly hand-washing it. No matter how “too-tight shapewear” of an effect it has while worn, the delicate details won’t stand a chance in a machine cycle.


Tip #4. Invest in Wash Bags. A Clean & Care Shapewear Universal Tip.

Wash bags are mesh bags typically used for washing lingerie and delicate clothes. Shapewear just so happens to fall under these categories, too. Invest in several pieces of wash bags to keep your shapers clean without compromising their lifespan.

Tip #5. Do not wash shapewear along with bras (or other undergarments) with hooks or clasps.

Otherwise, you risk tearing, poking, or scratching your shaper. It might not be ever written on the care tags, but it’s not a risk worth taking.

Tip #6. Coldwater ONLY.

Whether you’re hand-washing or machine washing your shapewear, always use cold water. The maximum temperature should be 30°C. This is one of those “basic musts” of the care instructions(!)

Lower temperatures can restore—and preserve—the garment’s shape and elasticity. And with clothing items like shapewear, you definitely want to retain the elasticity for as long as possible. Cool water runs in the DNA of the washing guidelines for shapewear.

Tip #7. Use the gentlest washer cycle possible.

The secret to long-lasting shaper garments is to be as gentle with them at all times. If you’ve got to toss them in the washing machine, keep the machine on the delicate clothing cycle—the one you’d use to wash pieces made of silk, pure lace, or cashmere. An active detergent will do the job even with that wash cycle.

Tip #8. Avoid spot washing.

It may be tempting to scrub out a stain, but spot washing shaper garments practically guarantees uneven loosening in the fabric. This, as you can imagine, will affect the piece’s overall elasticity and compression ability. Despite the super powers of your compression wear, spot washing is its Achilles heel. ”

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