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Eureka Forbes Water Purifier Brands & Customer Care Services

Water purifiers are incredibly crucial in present times, as the level of contamination in water has increased dangerously since the past few decades. There has been a gradual increase in several people falling severely sick every year due to the consumption of contaminated drinking water. Hence the demand for efficient water purifiers is proliferating. Water Purifier manufacturers are also willing not to leave any stone unturned to design highly advanced water purification systems that can efficiently eliminate all the micro as well as macro contaminants present in the water.

Eureka Forbes is one of the most prestigious water purifier manufacturing companies that is offering a range of water purifiers under its different brands. Aquaguard is one of the top-rated water purifier brands of Eureka that is offering water purifiers such as Aquaguard Blaze RO purifier, Aquaguard Crystal NXT, Aquaguard Revive purifier, Aquaguard UTC, Aquaguard Genius, and others. The range of Aquaguard water purifiers is becoming extremely popular due to their specifications and water filtration capabilities.

The brand has become the number one choice of customers due to the affordability of its product. Aquaguard is giving a fierce competition to its contemporary brands in terms of performance, pricing, and popularity. The brand and the company is not only known for its excellent products but also its unmatchable customer support services. One of the reasons for the fast growth of Eureka in the national market is its highly attentive customer care department, which tries its best to serve the customers at priority. People looking to buy a new water purifier should consider the Aquaguard water purifier an option because it has all the necessary elements to become the perfect solution for your water purification requirements.

Maintenance Advantages & Services of Aquaguard Purifiers

Several reasons contribute to making Aquaguard the most desirable water purifier brand of the nation. One of the most important ones is the water purification capabilities of the purifier. The water purifier offered by Aquaguard does purify not only water but also takes the responsibility of retaining good taste, odor, and essential micronutrients present in the water. The device can deal with the problem of hard water like a pro. Hence, the demand for the Aquaguard RO water purifier is exceptionally high in the cities or areas where the issue of hard water is prevalent.

The RO water purifier offered by Aquaguard is efficient in removing various life-threating toxic substances such as poisonous salts, metals like mercury, arsenic, lead, and others. The RO water purifiers of aqua-guard are laced with neatly and smartly crafted filter membranes and cartridges that are potential in capturing even the tiniest of impurity present in the water. The device further completes the process of purification of water in multiple stages. Hence high quality purified water is induced at the last stage of purification.

Being a mechanical device, Aquaguard water purifiers need periodic maintenance to perform efficiently and cope up with regular wear & tear that are caused to them due to continuous operations. However, the maintenance cost of the aqua-guard purifiers is quite affordable. To avail maintenance services for the aqua-guard water, purifier’s customers can choose to buy an annual maintenance contract (AMC) plan. The AMC plans offered by Eureka for its range of water purifiers are very budget-friendly and covers a wide range of services ranging from a repair of the device, installation services, the filter part replacement services, and others.

Customer Support by Eureka

Eureka Forbes is the number one water purifier company, offers terrific customer care services to its customers. For any queries related to product specification, product price, AMC services, on-site services, etc. customers are advised to contact to customer care department of the company via mail or by registering their request by directly visiting the official site of the company. Also, the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard customer care number can be easily reached at any time of the day to avail of a range of services associated with water purifiers manufactured by Eureka. Customers can also contact to customer care department of the company to buy an AMC plan or to make the renewal request for their existing policy.

For any repair and maintenance services approaching a nearby authentic Aquaguard Service center is advisable. As technicians and experts present at these centers are well-aware of the functions, problems, and solutions associated with different water purifiers, hence they can offer the best services. Choosing Aquaguard would be the right choice also because the parent company has a strong network of service centers across the nation. Hence customers based at small as well as large cities can conveniently seek services for their aqua-guard water purifiers, that too at affordable charges. Also, consumers can make their service request on any day of the week and round the clock.

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