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What Happens If You Refuse to Seek Medical Treatment After a Car Accident in Fort Wayne

After a car accident, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible even if you feel unhurt. Not visiting a doctor or getting treatment can be risky for your healthy and possible legal claim. Some crash-related injuries may not present immediate symptoms and can be fatal when not treated right away. Also, not getting prompt medical treatment can give the at-fault driver’s insurer a reason to deny your claim. You can learn about your legal rights when you talk to a Fort Wayne auto accident lawyer. Often, the initial consultation is free. Keep reading to know how refusing to get medical treatment after a car accident can hurt your case:

Can You Refuse Some Medical Treatments?

In Fort Wayne, Indiana, you can refuse to submit to medical treatment because of the patient’s bill of rights. But remember that not seeking treatment can have negative impacts on your legal claim. You must have a good reason to refuse treatment. For instance, you can refuse treatment if the procedure is risky and does not offer a lot of benefits. You may be able to benefit from alternative treatments. If you refuse a kind of treatment to get another kind, the insurer will have difficulty using this against your claim. Meanwhile, refusing a doctor-recommended treatment and not getting an alternative treatment can give the insurance provider a reason to argue that you are taking your injury lightly. 

The Insurer Will Question Your Injury

Not seeking medical attention following a car accident offers the insurer a reason to deny your claim. The company will argue that you were not injured or not as seriously injured as you claimed. Also, the company could argue that you are defrauding it because not getting treatment makes it hard or impossible to prove your claim. 

You Won’t Have Damages to Seek Compensation For

Not seeking out treatment for your accident-related injury means you won’t have economic damages or medical bills that justify your claim filing. Keep in mind that you can only recover monetary compensation if you can prove the negligence of the at-fault party. And the damages you have sustained are an important element of negligence. Thus, the insurer could deny your compensation claim if you have no damages to be compensated for in the first place. 

In addition, you won’t have pain and suffering damages to seek compensation for if you don’t seek treatment. and refusing to get the necessary medical treatment for easing your pain and suffering can result in the denial of your claim for not mitigating your damages. 

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