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Essential Tips for Building First Shopify Theme

What are Shopify Themes?

Themes are pre-created website design that makes your store looks pretty without writing a single code, Shopify provides you multiple themes to choose from and some are better than others.

Shopify provides you a marketplace with a freemium pre-built theme. It offers store owners a library of visually stunning themes that make short work of getting a store up & running.
One of the major advantages of pre-built themes. The marketplace allows you to take a store from conception to complete launch in hours as opposed to weeks/months if you’re building a completely custom e-commerce store.

Thousands of merchants visit the Shopify theme store to find the perfect look for their online store. While many get what they want, few of them like to have a custom theme or a migration from an existing platform. It creates a great opportunity for Shopify theme developers as well.

Most Important Tips For Building A Shopify Theme For Your Online Store:

Spend time learning Liquid

Liquid is easy to learn whether you are customizing a merchant’s existing theme or building one from scratch. Get comfortable with the Shopify open source liquid language

Now, what is liquid?

Liquid used in Shopify is an open source template language. It helps you to make your own Shopify theme and customize the existing one as per your store requirement.

It acts as a mediator between the content in a Shopify store & the HTML content rendered in a user’s browser.

Hire Shopify Developer

Learn with the Shopify Partner Academy

Shopify partner academy is the right place to understand Shopify & its ecosystem. Because to build themes you need to learn the Shopify core features & functionality including the front end development tools & framework.

Shopify partner Academy provides you a self-study fundamental courses for your help and to gain access to these free courses, you must sign up for a Shopify Partner account.

Leverage the Slate theme toolkit

The starter theme is not only a framework but also a starting point for your website. Slate acts as a toolkit and provides you quality & more productive themes. Strives theme provides you best solutions and help you to customize your own Shopify theme store successfully.

Strives contain all the files that Shopify team considers important for building themes like Templates, logic, & snippets so on.

Get creative with your Design

While building a Shopify theme, merchants have and ensure that your design offers something new better than the existing themes & functions of their stores. No matter what you choose as per your requirement, be sure that you’re theme looks, feels, & functions differently than existing themes.


Above are the key points that will help you to make attractive Shopify themes for your store. Get creative with Hire Shopify Experts. If you started thinking about developing a theme for your online store, but prefer not to go into details, Hire Shopify Theme Developers from Hire Shopify Experts, our Shopify-friendly Experts have the hand-on experienced and will provide you the best solution for your Shopify store theme.

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