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Why Should You Use Custom Wordpress For Building Your Website?

One of the most commonly asked questions is “why shall I use WordPress for my website?”, ‘How can WordPress help me in building my website?” etc. Whether you are only starting on your business or learning how to improve your online presence, you may have just come across the word WordPress.

It is a publishing platform that people use to build their blogs and websites. The user interface is quite friendly, and millions of people around the globe are using it. To make your website grow authentically, you need to ensure that you opt for Wordpress website design in Dubai professionals. They will help you know about the best methods and strategies of WordPress. Mentioned below are a few reasons why you should use WordPress too:


Investing in a custom CMS that would do the same work as WordPress will cost you a lot of money, so why don’t you use something that is already there that too free of cost? You will be able to customise the whole settings according to your preference without paying for anything. It is free software which means you can use, install and modify it as per your needs. You can also take assistance from the experts and professionals of Wordpress web development in Dubai to grow your site.


The most significant thing about WordPress is that it is easy to use and is open-source. Open source means that the website and the source code required to run the website both are open to the general public. You can customise the source code if needed and modify it further according to your needs.

The majority of the people who are now using WordPress are not web designers or programmers and have no prior knowledge of designing websites. It does not matter if you are non-tech savvy; the website will offer thousands of free templates to make your work easy.  When you are a beginner in the business field and want to make your site look exciting, then ensure that you opt for the Wordpress developer in Dubai.


The presence of well-written code is the reason why Google and other search engines love WordPress. WordPress is the perfect option for writing your blogs and articles if you want to start using SEO. Keeping your website updated and posting regular content will hint to the search engine that your site is alive and up to date; this will help increase the rank of your website and be found through organic searches. To make your whole website visible, you need to grow it organically. With the help of a Wordpress developer in Abu Dhabi, you will fulfill your desires.

Safe and Secure

The site was developed keeping in mind the security of the users, and hence it is considered one of the most reliable platforms to run a website. If you have problems with your site, you can take the help of Wordpress website design in Dubai and get it sorted out.

Reasons Behind The Popularity Of The Software

Professional website designers must see it as an essential investment, and one can be rest assured that they will be able to make a good amount of returns easily. A comparison shows that WordPress is the best software in the market for people on a budget. The support and maintenance teams and Wordpress web development in Dubai are hard to ensure that the users don’t face any issues. Here are some reasons which make WordPress so popular:

  1.   Availability Of Good Mark-Ups – Writing codes is not an easy task. The maintenance team, working with WordPress, will take care of this task as well. The codes they provide will give flawless pixel output.
  2.   Works On All Gadgets – Users will work on the go as the software is totally compatible with all devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. For a better experience, take help from a Wordpress developer in Dubai.
  3.   Features Are Not Complicated – Both seasoned and novice web designers like this software to be easy to use. Lack of complication makes it easy to learn as you work. The more you explore the different segments, the faster you will learn.
  4.   Easy to Make Changes – Another advantage of the software is easily making necessary changes. If you don’t like some features, then you can uninstall them. You need not install all the plugins, and each has its purpose. Thus, apply on necessary plugins, and remove the rest.

You do not have to build anything while using WordPress; everything is already there on the website. There are pretty good themes on the site for free. But if you want more designs, then you can pay a premium price and buy them. Most of it requires no modification anyway. For a better Wordpress developer in Abu Dhabi, you can get help from a company like Dubai Website Design. This is one of the leading companies that try to fulfil your needs.

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