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Early Signs of Erectile Dysfunction and its Treatment for Permanent Cure

Before getting down to early signs, it needs to be kept in mind that occasional erectile failure is not an early sign of erectile dysfunction.
Erectile dysfunction is a weakness in the erection of male organ. The term is a medical term used in condition when a male is not able to get an erection even with sufficient stimulation and arousal. The problem can affect any adult male from 18-75 years of age. The causes will be different in each age group.

Males above 30 are vulnerable to erectile dysfunction. Males with constant higher blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol issue and other such lifestyle diseases are twice as likely to get the erection problem as males without such conditions.  The positive part of the situation is that it is possible to cure the problem and prevent it from progressing further. The difficult part is how to detect the condition in early stages.

The treatment for permanent cure is possible only in case of early detection. Here are some early signs of the problem. Check these and make sure that the problem is cured forever.


 Early signs of Erectile Dysfunction : Causes


  • Loss of erection

Loss of erection during the intimate session without any apparent cause is the first early sign of onset of erectile dysfunction. It shows that despite higher levels of excitement and sufficient physical stimulation, the male is unable to sustain the erection till the completion of the intimate session.

  • Difficulty in getting erection

When there is sufficient relaxation, physical stimulation and desire, then any difficulty in getting an erection is a sure sign of erectile dysfunction. There may be some emotional or psychological causes. The fear of underperformance, lack of interest, fear that you may not make your partner happy or lack of confidence and so on.

These issues also create mental conditions for erectile dysfunction. Often, medical experts observe that younger males are more affected by these imaginary fears than mature males.

  • Soft erection

Soft erection which is not enough for start or completion of an intimate session is another early sign of erectile dysfunction. Over masturbation, failure to get enough stimulation or respond to stimulation, and low desire etc. some issues that lead to soft erection.

  • Lack of interest

Lack of interest means that there is no desire for intimacy with the partner. Without desire, there can be no trigger of the central nervous system which leads to relaxation of blood vessels for increased blood flow. The desire starts the erection process by creating a thought in the mind.

Lack of desire may be due to higher stress levels, currently busy with some issue or personal or business problems. It can be a temporary phenomenon as well.

  •  Frequency of erection difficulties

Anyone facing more than 60 percent erection failures in the intimate life due to above mentioned factors is dealing with an early stage of erectile dysfunction. The mistake most males make is using erectile boosting doses like generic viagra 120mg, which doctors prescribe for severe cases. The higher dose will overcome any erection weakness within 60 minutes. But the underlying cause or causes will remain to create erection difficulties forever.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Early signs of erectile dysfunction should never be neglected if permanent solution is required. The doses for erectile dysfunction only steps aside the problem for 4-5 hours or for 36 hours in case of Cialis. But the progression of the problem continues as basic fundamentals are not addressed properly.

  • Medical examination

Early signs of erectile dysfunction are health warnings. From impending heart attack to depression, these early signs reveal many things. Take them seriously. Doctors say that since blood vessels in male organs are narrower, any obstruction due to cholesterol formation in blood vessels shows difficulties in erection.

Medical examination helps to get to the underlying cause. In case of cholesterol forming in blood arteries, doctors may suggest diet change, medication and lifestyle intervention. All these steps will not only help you reverse the cholesterol formation in blood arteries, but also improve the erection process.

  • Counselling sessions

In case of all medical reports coming negative, the doctor may suggest services of a professional psychologist. Do not hesitate to seek the services of the psychologist, as delay may lead to serious depression.

Cognitive behaviour therapy from the psychologist ensures that the same negative thoughts will no longer disturb your peace of mind. A person handles better stress and anxiety causing issues after a cognitive behaviour therapy.

  • Lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes start with changes in diet and daily activities.  Start eating leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, and kale to improve the blood circulation in the body. Spinach is a nitrate rich food. Nitrate is converted into nitric oxide, a gas in the blood vessels. This gas dilates the blood vessels to facilitate greater flow of blood in the body.  

Fruits like pomegranate, berries, orange, and watermelon also ensure smooth blood circulation in the body. Nitrate rich fruits keep blood flow smooth in the male organ for an erection. Oranges and green vegetables with higher antioxidant levels improve the health of blood vessels by preventing oxidation.

Make fruits, green vegetables, beans and nuts part of your diet. The high fibre in them improves gut health, which in turn protects heart health; recent medical studies have pointed to this angle.

  • Increase energy

Lean meat, red meat, beef, eggs, avocado, Brazilian nuts and oyster increase your desire levels by pushing up libido to higher levels. Vitamin B complex diet gives sexual energy, increases testosterone levels, and libido.

  • Increase heart health

Fish and nuts with omega 3 fatty acid and omega 6 fatty acid will clear cholesterol substance from blood arteries.  Aerobic exercises, weight lifting, resistance training or any such activity you prefer will further boost pumping activity of the heart. Medical studies have confirmed that weight lifting and resistance training reduces heart diseases.

Heart health ensures smooth movement of blood throughout the body. Blood takes fresh oxygen and nutrients from food to each and every cell. The more you remain physically active, the more you enjoy the benefits of a balanced diet.

  • Check weight gain

Do you know American medical association has marked obesity as a disease? Obesity increases the risk of several lifestyle diseases such as blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, arthritis by increasing straining joints, and cholesterol issues.

All lifestyle diseases enhance the risk of erectile dysfunction.  Keep yourself physically active to keep intimacy in good shape. There is no need to become a fitness freak, but regular physical activities take care of physical and mental health.

  • Deal with mental stress

Some level of stress, anxiety and mood swings are bound to happen as long as a man is alive. But manage them so that they do not affect daily life. Yoga, meditation, spending time with family, or the partner helps to keep the levels low. Males who take tadalafil 60mg as prescribed by doctors will reduce the higher dose need with better control over stress and anxiety.

  • Never over expose yourself to porn

Younger males are dealing with erection issues because of early exposure to porn. Limit over exposure to prevent loss of sensitivity. Porn watching eventually reduces the sensation and excitement when you are with the partner. It makes one less responsive to touches. Over time, erection difficulties occur.


Awareness about health and intimate life ensure early detection of erectile dysfunction. A balanced diet, exercises and leading a relaxed life keep the erection process along with health in excellent condition.

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