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Drip Content – check out one of the MemberPress’ Killer Features!

Do you offer an online course and wondering how you can keep the visitor glued to your site? Or maybe, you have a brand and aim to retain your readers on your website to learn more about it?You could even be seeking to monetize your content and don’t want to give the whole drip content at once to prevent your readers from leaving once they get full access. The best way to keep them on your site is through dripping content.

In case you are running WordPress enrollment site or selling premium courses/content. Then, at that point you should arrangement dribble content on your site. Since with this, your course content will deliver step by step at various time spans as opposed to delivering or showing at the same time to your clients.

The WordPress Membership site allows you to drip content where you offer content bit by bit instead of granting whole access at once. That keeps your members yearning for more content and will remain on your website waiting for the next release date or time.

WordPress website has a membership drip feature that enables you to drip content, even posts, images, pages, and partial content or menu items. But why should you use the drip content method?

Why drip content is right for your website

1. Drip content boosts website views.

Dripping content keeps your visitors coming back, and that increases site views. Your site users will interact with your content more frequently when you release it bit by bit. Since your readers won’t get the whole content at once, they will have to come back to your website. However, you should ensure your content is valuable and engaging.

Do you offer an online course on your website? If the course is going to take few weeks and to be published after certain hours, that can keep your readers coming to your website. If you publish your content and your members finish the whole course in few days instead of weeks, chances are they won’t come back. And that can harm your business. Therefore, you can drip content to avoid such a scenario.

2. Dripping content helps your users to stick to the course with commitment

Have you ever taken a course without any breaks, exercise, or with no section? You can easily be overwhelmed and bored. But that won’t be the case with drip content.

The MemberPress drip content feature allows you to release the whole course but step by step and section by section for a specific period. When the members complete every section, you can offer a test to check if the necessary knowledge has been delivered.

Step by step release of content through MemberPress drip content feature builds commitment in your users. That helps the content users to stick to the course and cover it without any boredom.

3. Drip content helps to prevent customer fraud

A lot of fraud is happening online, and you need to be careful when offering content for monetary gains. Do you offer a money-back guarantee for your online course? Some of your content users may download the entire content after signing up and subscribing to your course. And after that, they start asking for a refund. 

That can hurt your business, but you can avoid it through the use of the drip feature.

How to add drip content feature to your website

It’s easy to drip anything protected by the MemberPress rule. All you need is a MemberPress drip content feature.

If you have decided to drip your content, go to the WordPress website dashboard and navigate your way to MemberPress and then click on the rules option.

You’ll then have to click the “Add New” option. That helps to create a new rule. But you may pick an existing rule and do some editing.

Check the rule’s editing page and scroll down the Drip / Expiration section. Here, you are required to check on the checkbox near the Enable Drip.

When you’re done, ensure to set the drip content trigger.

Alas! You are almost finishing. Go to the next step and view the outline of your drip trigger options. They are arranged from left to right.

The first dropdown allows you to type any whole number that matches the second dropdown.

In the second dropdown, you can pick days, weeks, months, or even years.

The third dropdown allows you to pick the event after which dripshould happen. It can be when your members register to mean a drip will be triggered for the first time to a new member who joins your site.

The other option is after a fixed date. That means that drip content is triggered based on the chosen date. You may even decide to have drip triggered when your members purchase your products.

After enabling the drip  feature, you can drip entire pages or pages and even posts. The MemberPress drip feature also allows you to do sequence drip or drip partial content.

It’s also possible to drip the menu items, notify your users about dripped content, and where necessary, you can adjust the sequence of dripping your content. 

Caution to take when dripping content

You’ll have to be smart on the way you drip content since some of your users may want to finish a course or completed series of related content without delay.

If the course you are offering online requires certification that benefits your readers immediately, or there is a project to be done sooner, you can address that concern. You may use an alternative dripping method.


Providing content to your readers isn’t enough. You need to look for a way to keep those readers coming back, and drip content will be a perfect method. Dripping content also engages the readers rather than overwhelming or boring them. Though drip content is a great idea, you need to consider your audience and address their concerns on how they want what you offer. That is because not all your readers like being on schedule or content dripping.

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