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Drill Press Magnetic: Everything you need to know!

A magnetic drill press is a portable boring machine equipped with an electro magnet. Also known as permanent magnet base. It is used for making openings in steel.

A Magnetic drill press is a maker device fitted with a cutting device add-on as well as an electromagnet, is utilized for drilling openings in metals. A magnetic drill press is connected with cutting tools called as a core drill, this core drill is hollow from inside however has cutting edges on the surface as well as on teeth.

A magnetic drill press is likewise called a magnetic core boring device, magnetic exploration machine, mag base drill, magnetic drill machine, mag base drill or mag drill.

A magnetic drill press can likewise perform procedures like String cutting (tapping), Spin boring, Reaming and also Countersinking. A mobile magnetic drill press makes holes in metal with the help of an unique cutting tool called as core drill or annular cutter or annular core cutter.

Distinction in between a traditional drilling device and also a magnetic core exploration machine:

The major distinction is that, unlike the traditional exploration device, a magnetic core drilling equipment is portable and also versatile, it can be relocated from one location to an additional, it can be fixed flat, vertically, laterally, etc. Such adaptability of working is never ever attained by any other exploration equipment.

Another difference is that a core exploration device cuts only on the periphery of the hole. It does not all over the whole surface area. Therefore, it has to reduce very little material and also consequently is faster and economical. That is why under normal condition a magnetic drill press is taken into consideration to be 3 to four times faster than the standard exploration machines.

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Summary of a magnetic drill press: What is a Magnetic Drill Press?

A portable magnetic drill press is a new technology device. As well as it is a  faster replacement against the old innovation steel hole making devices. Like Drill press, Geared head drill press, Radial arm drill press, Mill drill, etc.

A portable magnetic drill press is a brand-new technology maker. A much faster replacement.Versus the old modern technology steel hole making makers like Drill, Geared head drill press, Radial arm drill press, Mill drill, and so on. For this reason always check a magnetic 5-speed drill press!

A portable magnetic drill press with core drill little bits (annular cutters) makes openings above 12 mm diameter. For the holes below 12 mm diameter, one can utilize spin drill bits. The core drill little bits made use of for these machines are usually generated from high speed steels (HSS) and also tungsten carbide pointer (TCT).

Depending upon the nature of the material to be drilled as well as the diameter of the hole, the customer determines to use HSS or TCT core drills.

With annular cutters, a magnetic drill provides a precision of 0.005 mm approximately 0.001 mm in steel, stainless-steel, and so on.

A portable magnetic drill is available in various sizes, forms, designs, electronic devices, as well as tools depending upon the purpose of the maker. It incorporates the flexibility of a drill press with a strong electromagnetic base enabling. It to follow carbon steel (ferrous steel) surface. It can be placed to drill horizontally, up and down, or even inverted (expenses).


A magnetic drill press comprises of maily 4 parts, magnetic d ´ base, drill stand, electric motor and also arbour.

Magnetic Base for drill press

The base of a magnetic drill press is outfitted with a powerful electromagnet. It conveniently clamp (stick) the device on the work surface to be pierced. When energized this magnet obtains highly fixed on the workpiece securing the equipment base. To the metal work surface which assists the operator to offer a constant feed versus the work surface. The electromagnet plays a very crucial duty in a mobile magnetic drill press. As it aids the machine to be stable, does not let the machine dismount throughout exploration. It can collaborate with the maker expenses, straight or upright. Typically, a magnetic drill press is made use of on a ferrous material directly. yet it can additionally be used on no ferrous product like stainless steel with the help of clamping devices.

Drill Stand

A drill stand is the main body of the magnetic drill . Where the electric buttons for motor and magnet are placed, magnet indication is placed and also PCBs are mounted. The body of the magnetic drill holds together the electric motor and also the magnetic base. The feed deal with is also attached to the body. The body of the magnetic drill aids the motor slide on it to obtain a higher and also down feed. The body of the magnetic drill press additionally plays the duty of a deal with to raise and relocate the machine from one place to one more. The product utilized for the body is usually cast iron.

Electric motor for drill press

The electric motor is the major component of a magnetic drill. It is a DC electric motor. The result power of the electric motor varies from 800 watts to 2300 watts. It depends upon the power required for exploration. A bigger diameter opening will certainly require a much more powerful electric motor. The electric motor made use of for exploration and also touching makers will likewise have a clock as well as anti-clockwise rotation option. Generally, the electronics for rate as well as torque control lie on the motor itself.

Arbour for

An arbor likewise called as device owner or chuck on a magnetic drill is affixed to the motor. It is a kind of clamp utilized to attach the core drills. There are mostly two kinds of chuck available for the magnetic drill. commercial arbor (hand-operated firm) as well as fast adjustment drill chucks. The quick-change drill chucks are easy as well as rapid alternative to attach the core drills. They do not require to tighten up the screws/jaws manually. The arbor or chucks have various kinds of pin holder (maker taper). Like Morse taper MT 2, MT 3, as well as MT 4. The chuck allows various kinds of core drill shafts (shanks) to suit it.

Percussion or Cable Drilling

Percussion drilling is an oft-used hand-operated exploration technique in which a hammering little bit is attached to a long cord that is then reduced into a wide open hole. The strategy is also called cord exploration, wherein the driller utilizes a tripod to support the devices. By going back and forth with the little bit, the action loosens up the dirt in the borehole. It is then removed with the help of a bailer. At periods, the bit is eliminated while the cuttings are suspended in water, which is after that eliminated by pumping to the surface area. A steel housing helps prevent the hole from collapsing down briefly as well as additionally to secure the hole versus contamination of groundwater. The short-term setup is to be removed after an irreversible display as well as housing are mounted.

This kind of boring is perfect for unconsolidated and combined formations including sand, silt, sandstone as well as also gravel. Manual percussion can reach depths of about 25 meters. That’s why magnetic drill  is always preferred for it!

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