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Do You Love Dark Chocolates: Check These Flavourful Dark Chocolate Bars

Best Chocolate Bars for Connoisseurs of Dark Chocolates in India

Satiate your craving for pure dark chocolates with these delicious bars. Most of us love dark chocolates due to their health benefits. Their intense and pure cocoa flavor is just irresistible for lovers of this variety. And yes, they are available in the most exciting flavors as well. If you are looking to buy the best dark chocolate bars in India, there are multitudes of options. We have suggested some of the yummiest bars that offer a complete delight to your palates. 

These luscious bars of dark chocolates are truly packed with high cocoa. Their smooth finish and rich texture satiate your palates and hearts equally. These dark chocolates are not just bitter and darker but also ideal for gifting. Whether you want to buy it for yourself or for your loved ones, they are really a great feast anytime. With the coming of e-commerce, it is easier to buy Lindt chocolate in India and other foreign brands.  

10 Awesome Dark Chocolate Bars You Can Buy Online in India 

Chocolate is the simplest food to bring smiles to our faces. A single bite lifts up our mood and moments instantly. We have summed up here some of the best dark chocolate in India. These bars guarantee complete delight to your palates and mind. 

Lindt Excellence Coconut

This excellent blend of high cocoa with coconut will simply rule the list of your favorite chocolates. This bar is just ideal for gifting with its appealing flavor enhanced by crispy coconut flakes. It’s easy to buy Lindt dark chocolate in India. If you are planning to send a luxurious gift of imported chocolate in India, you can always get them delivered to your home. All you need to do is find a reliable online store with great customer service. 

Lindt Excellence 90% Cocoa

This bar is crafted to attract dedicated dark chocolate lovers with 90% cocoa content. You will enjoy this bar with intense flavor if you are truly a fan of dark chocolate. Of course, there are variants with 70% and 80% cocoa content. 

Lindt Excellence Intense Orange

Here is something that is truly unique for dark chocolate fans. Experience the joy of a rich combination of cocoa, almonds, and orange. This premium bar also gives you the best gifting option. 

Lindt Excellence Intense Mint

Refreshing mint meets the depth of cocoa to give a stunning experience. This unique combination is sure to appeal to your sense at once. This is indeed a bar of perfect dark chocolate to gift on any occasion. 

Lindt Excellence Blackberry with Acai

The tangy taste of acai and sweet blackberry flavors instantly tickles your palates. A very flavourful and rich dark chocolate in the Excellence lineup. Lindt’s truffles are also extremely delicious and make a perfect gift for any celebratory moment. 

Lindt Excellence Dark – A Touch of Sea Salt

Deeply dark chocolate combines with refreshing French salt to create a unique chocolate flavor. The texture looks simply ravishing and offers a delicious experience to palates. No matter what is your age, this Lindt offering is just perfect for you at any time. 

Lindt Excellence Chilli

A rare combination of red chill and cocoa brings a new twist to your chocolate menu. This dare-devil combination offers thrilling dark chocolate fun. Indeed one of the best dark chocolate to buy in India. Lindt chocolatiers have offered exciting varieties of dark chocolate making them as tempting as milk chocolates.

Toblerone Dark

And here comes your ultimate dark chocolate. This Toblerone dark will delight with its famous, and rich combination of almond and honey. Buy Toblerone online in India from any reliable store dealing in foreign chocolates and snacks. This Swiss chocolate is famous for its unique triangular bar shapes and luscious taste. 

M&S Fairtrade Dark Chocolate

M&S Fairtrade dark chocolates are available in different variants like 75%, 78%, and 52%. If you are not liking the bitter taste of dark chocolate, choose this. This Dominican taste is a great balance of sweetness and bitterness. If you are looking for other varieties, you can order milk and white chocolates of this brand online. 

Kitkat Dark 4 Finger

Here is popular dark chocolate buy online in India. Though it is simple to buy Kitkat in India from any store, you can also order them online. These chocolaty wafer fingers are loved all across the world. Kitkat Dark comes with 70% cocoa and a wonderful break-time munch for those who love dark chocolate bars. Kitkats are also a favorite to share on festive occasions like Diwali and Christmas. 

Chocolates are no more a mere food to feast on. They stand for the expression of the most beautiful emotions like love, friendship, and care. That is what makes them very popular for gifting on birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas. Though the love for dark chocolate is still in its embryonic stage in India, it is slowly gaining its place. Yet many people are now getting the imported and best dark chocolate bars in India home delivered. The brands and products listed above are ideal for sending to those who are avoiding milk chocolates and white chocolates.  

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