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Food and Drink

The benefits and harms of coffee

A little less than 3 billion cups of coffee are drunk every day in the world ( and this number is steadily growing )!

  • Of course, such popularity is primarily due to the magical aroma and invigorating effect of the drink, but it also has .
  • A direct effect on the body. But what kind of impact is this, positive or negative, let’s try to figure it out in this most detailed article.
  • In the media, quite often there are reports about the benefits or harms of coffee. And often these news contradict each other.
  • I have tried to summarize the most recent research in this area. If you are a fan of this wonderful drink
  • Then it will be useful for you to know what the benefits and harms of coffee are, how much you can drink per day, and at what time is better, and
  • I will regularly update this article if new scientific information appears.

The content of the article – you can go directly to the desired item:

  • The benefits of coffee
  • How much coffee can you drink
  • Harm coffee
  • Who shouldn’t drink coffee
  • What is the best time to drink coffee

I’ll run ahead a bit ( or, as it’s fashionable to say now, I’ll allow myself a small “spoiler” ) and please coffee lovers:

  • almost all studies on the effect of coffee on a person come to one general result –
  • This wonderful drink has much more useful properties than harmful ones, but  all. there are also negative aspects, so in
  • The article we will talk about them. In general, I honestly tried to make the material as objective and comprehensive as possible, I hope it worked out.
  • All the facts listed in the article are taken from the media, and not from the “yellow” direction, but from quite respected and authoritative ones.
  •  Each news about the properties of coffee is also published in the “Interesting News” section of the blog, indicating the source.

1.  Liver protection. 

  • Coffee stimulates the production of liver enzymes and gallbladder function, which significantly reduces
  • The likelihood of stone formation ( as Harvard scientists have found, drinking more than 4 cups of coffee with
  • A high content of caffeine per day contributes to this), slows down the development of cirrhosis in viral hepatitis.
  • In addition, caffeine has a good effect on liver cells, protecting them from an excess of iron and fats in the body.
  • Scientists from Stanford University assure that even one cup of coffee a day will protect the liver from the harmful effects of alcohol,
  • Two cups will reduce the risk of cirrhosis from alcohol by 44%, and four cups will reduce the risk of getting cirrhosis of the liver by as much as 65%.

Naturally, only if a person does not abuse alcohol .

  • And the employees of the American Mayo Clinic found that just one cup of your favorite aromatic drink
  • A day significantly reduces the risk of a very rare liver disease – primary sclerotic cholangitis.

2. Prevent Parkinson’s disease. 

This terrible disease causes loss of neurons, and caffeine prevents the destruction of nerve cells.

3. Reduces the risk of developing cancer.

  •  According to recent studies, coffee can seriously help in the prevention of cancer.
  • The components of coffee are anti-carcinogenic, preventing the development of many types of this most serious disease, such as liver cancer.

4. Useful for travelers.

 So that when changing time zones your body acclimatizes faster, drink a cup of coffee.

5. Helps you concentrate.

  •  Coffee activates the brain, helping to cope with hard mental and physical work.
  • And according to researchers from The Ohio State University and the University of California, coffee
  • especially improves efficiency, concentration and attention when people work in a team.
  • So if your work is connected with periodic discussions of important production or creative issues in the
  • team, then be sure to do this while drinking coffee!

6. Protects against diabetes. 

This is true for type 2 diabetes. Moreover, in men who consume coffee, the risk of getting diabetes is halved, and in women – by thirty percent.

However, this applies to healthy people; diabetics should avoid drinking coffee ).

In America, it was found that a daily dose of coffee in three cups helps to reduce blood glucose and improves secretory properties due to the action of the cafestol molecule contained in coffee .

7. Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. 

  • Coffee reduces plaques on neurons that disrupt the brain in Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Older people who regularly drink coffee more than halve the risk of getting this serious illness.
  • The best protection against Alzheimer’s disease and the aforementioned Parkinson’s disease is provided by dark roasted coffee
  • due to the production of special substances – phenylindanes, and it does not matter whether the drink is caffeinated or not
  • as stated in the work of the Krembil Research Institute and the University of Toronto ).
  • By the way, a team of chemists from Germany and the United States has finally determined for sure that it is precisely because of phenylindanes that coffee has a bitter taste.

8. Improves metabolism in the body.

  • Drink a cup of coffee after a hearty meal –
  • this will help the digestive system in the absorption of food.
  • Just one cup of coffee a day will speed up your metabolism by an average of 3%.
  • Your body will be able to burn fat more actively, making it easier to maintain a slim figure.
  • Mushroom are also effective you can buy shrooms online.

9. Relieve pain.

  •  Do not rush to swallow the pills, if you are overtaken by pain, it is better to drink a cup of good coffee! Coffee will significantly reduce the pain of migraine, help relieve menstrual pain.

10. Affects libido. 

  • Strong black coffee has a beneficial effect on the sexual temperament of both men and women, increases sexual desire.

11. Will help lovers of hard workouts. 

  • American scientists advise drinking coffee before an intense workout.
  • Caffeine will reduce susceptibility to muscle pain, thus allowing for the most difficult workout possible. This should be done only occasionally, without abuse.

12. Coffee and antibiotics.

 Iranian scientists claim that coffee enhances the effect of antibiotics by two to four times.

13. Protects against gout.

 A six-year study of American scientists gave the following results: four cups of coffee a day reduce the likelihood of gout by 40 percent.

14. Able to improve memory, it is stronger than sclerosis. 

  • Older people who regularly drink coffee have a much better memory than their peers who do not drink
  • This drink. And in general, in people who regularly drink coffee, the ability to memorize increases, according to scientists from Johns Hopkins University and their colleagues from
  • The University of Arizona ( they received data from observations independent of each other ).

15. Helps protect yourself from a stroke. 

  • Regular consumption of coffee improves the functioning of small blood vessels, including those in the brain, which significantly reduces the likelihood of a stroke.
  • Especially coffee is useful for reducing the risk of stroke in women – the probability is reduced by 40 percent.
  • This conclusion was made by a research group from Japan, they hope that after a more detailed study of
  • This effect of coffee, they will be able to offer a new way a new way to treat diseases of the cardiovascular system.

16.  Benefits for the heart. 

  • An interesting result was obtained at the American Heart Association by applying modern technology with machine learning algorithms.
  • They analyzed a large number of previously conducted studies on the effect of different diets on heart function and it turned out
  • That just one cup of coffee a day will reduce the risk of heart failure by 7% , and an additional serving will further enhance the effect
  • ( by the way, the data from the previous paragraph were also confirmed, o that coffee significantly reduces the risk of stroke).
  •  In addition, moderate coffee consumption will not hurt at all, on the contrary, it will help with low blood pressure. In general,
  • The results of many of the latest medical studies suggest that coffee is not only not harmful, but even good for the heart.
  • So for sure, moderate coffee consumption significantly reduces the percentage of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

17. Protects from stress.

  •  Coffee promotes a positive outlook on the world, can save you from depression, increase stress resistance, maintain
  • your mental health, and even save you from thoughts of suicide. Well, in my opinion, for such a conclusion it
  • was not even necessary to carry out scientific work, any drink lover will confirm that the aroma of fresh coffee really sets you on a positive wave!

18. Coffee and teeth.

  • t turns out that the common belief that coffee is bad for your teeth is not true!
  • The components of coffee ( chlorogenic acid, nicotinic acid, trigonelline ) destroy the bacterium Streptococcus mutans,
  • which is the main cause of caries.

19. Useful against baldness. 

  • German scientists have concluded that caffeine is a hair growth stimulant in men.
  • However, a similar effect is achieved not by drinking coffee, but by rubbing it into the scalp.

20. Coffee and beauty. 

  • Coarse ground coffee is an excellent scrub that not only removes rough skin, but also moisturizes and tones.
  •  A coffee and cinnamon scrub will also help in the fight against cellulite .

21. In medicine, caffeine is used to treat diseases that depress the central nervous system. 

  • The coffee component helps in case of poisoning with a drug or poison, with infectious diseases,
  • with cardiovascular insufficiency, with spasms of blood vessels.

22. Surprisingly, a cup of coffee drunk under certain conditions will help you get enough sleep! 

  • Read more about this interesting use of coffee in the article about “nappuccino” .

23. Helps to get a slim figure .

  •  Chinese researchers have found that coffee promotes the production of oxytocin in the body, which, in turn, reduces appetite and increases energy expenditure.
  • As a result, due to the normalization of weight, we get a more slender figure ( the dream of many people is to eat and lose weight ! ).
  • Another Chinese group of scientists from the University of Science and Technology in Guazhou recommends
  • That those who want to lose weight consume 4 cups of coffee per day, the effect of a drink drunk 30 minutes before training ( but no later than 16:00 )
  • will enhance the effect. An even more amazing result was obtained at the University of Arizona ( USA ), you
  • won’t believe it, but it turned out that adding oil to coffee contributes to weight loss (since the fat added to coffee helps to speed up the metabolism )!
  •  It is only important to follow a few rules: add no more than 10 grams of oil to a cup of coffee, no sugar, and drink such an unusual mix only in the morning
  •  ( Although scientists say that it doesn’t matter what kind of vegetable or animal fat is added to the drink, it seems that coffee
  • with butter will be quite good for itself, for example, in Singapore this option has been popular for
  • a long time, and now in the USA it has grown an entire company actively promoting their version of Bulletproof Coffee with butter ).

24. Coffee for asthmatics .

  •  American and Italian researchers claim that drinking a couple of cups of coffee
  • A day can reduce the likelihood of asthma by 25%, and also significantly helps those who are already sick.

25. Procreation. 

  • There is evidence obtained by Chinese scientists from the Classical University of Central China ( in Huazhong )
  • that caffeine can increase the chance of getting pregnant!

26. Long life. 

Perhaps this is the most interesting item on our list and a lot of scientific research on this topic has been carried out!.

The results of a large study conducted by Stanford University staff are very optimistic: coffee not only strengthens blood vessels.

But also prolongs life, successfully fighting metabolites that are sources of chronic inflammation and death. And at Imperial College London.

Scientists also got similar data from an even larger 16-year study in ten different European countries. The British from Imperial .

College London claim that a couple of cups of coffee a day significantly prolongs life (preventing a whole range of possible ailments and reducing .

The risk of premature death from various diseases by as much as 12% . And three cups or more increased the chances of staying healthy for many years ( unfortunately, British scientists did not name the upper limit on

The amount of coffee drunk per day ). Moreover, it does not matter whether the drink is caffeinated or not, since polyphenols and antioxidants, which have a positive effect, are contained in both varieties of coffee. Here is

Another interesting example: Spanish scientists monitored the health of 20,000 volunteers over a very long period and came to the conclusion that those who drank 4 cups of coffee a day had a 64% lower risk of mortality than those who did not drink. coffee!

Author Profile :-  About Deep Mistry. Deep Mistry is a content marketer who formerly worked out of office. A writer by day and a reader by night, he is loathe to discuss himself in the third person, but can be persuaded to do so from time to time.

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