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Direct Migration of Users from MDaemon to Office 365?

Are you one of those users who wants a direct migration of users from MDaemon to Office 365. If yes then continue reading the article which will give you best method to implement the direct migration of users from MDaemon to Office 365.

MDaemon is affordable, reliable and secure groupware email server that is developed by Alt-N Technology. It is trusted by businesses for more than 20 years. The email server has a simple control of communication and collaboration.

The email client offers numerous benefits to users such as email security, email archiving, email encryption, remote administration, mobile device management, instant messenger, webmail and exchange migration in a single download.

The app does not need expensive administration or impose high-per user costs. It ease the messaging and requirements of collaboration with an intuitive, comprehensible design that offers enterprise-class features which can be managed with less support and training.

Now, you will be wondering, if MDaemon has so much amazing functions, then why users want a migration from MDaemon to Office 365? Let us discuss about the same in the next section.

Why Migration of Users from MDaemon to Office 365?

Office 365, which now popular as Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based cloud service which is developed by Microsoft Corp. It is basically the offline edition of Microsoft Office Suite.

Microsoft Office 365 has all the apps that are offered in offline MS Office Suite package such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. The application allows to pay month or yearly instead of paying big amount at once.

The main benefit of using Office 365 is that you will have the freedom to access latest O365 editions. It then helps in reducing maintenance cost as admins are not required to install or update devices for each user themselves, it is handled automatically. One can also move all the apps of O365 to different devices and move licenses around to different users very easily.

Some Important Features of Microsoft Office 365 App

Know some beneficial features of Office 365 application:

Connected Platform

Office 365 provide ease to multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously, even if they are not physically present. Because the application allows to open, view and edit the desired file from any location at any time. Microsoft 365 help users to become more unified with cloud sharing elements that bridges the gap between different work stations.

Cloud Features

Users will automatically receive 1TB of storage after subscribing to the service and it does not matter which plan you have adapted. Getting so much space, a user will be able to backup all essential files, edit content and share documents anywhere where internet connection is present.

Moreover, it has been designed to work with Microsoft programs, it seamlessly integrates into titles such as PowerPoint or Word.

Easy Sharing

SharePoint Online is a remarkable platform which will help to collaborate with others on already existing content. It will also enhance business-to-business practices. In this way, one can showcase information to a client and they can, in real time, work with on the material, also if physically not present in the room. It reduce the approval wait time and helps to achieve more in a single day.

Comfortable Setup

Office 365 is not a new platform that you are not familiar with. It is completely similar to MS Office suite offline edition. The app does not require any technical skills for a perfect setup. Users can instantly do the task within seconds.

Other Options don’t Stack Up

As an organization admin or a business owner, nobody knows better than you about the company’s requirements. If you think Microsoft 365 has the ability to enhance your production, then go ahead and utilize it. With so many plans, you can easily test its whole features and options and if it fits you, then you can subscribed to it.

Apart from this, there are lot more other advance features too which pressurises users to migrate from MDaemon to Office 365. Now, let us see how we can accomplish direct migration of users into Microsoft 365 account.

Solution for Direct Migration of Users from MDaemon to Office 365

Direct migration of users from MDaemon to Office 365 is successfully implementable by using MDaemon Converter. The application carries friendly steps and simple functioning so that users with technical and non-technical skills can utilize the app effortlessly and perform quick migration of users from MDaemon to Office 365 with emails, contacts, calendar, notes and tasks.

MDaemon Converter has many features which will be really useful in getting the desired output such as filters, copy to default folder, I am Admin, converting multiple MDaemon users and more. To check the whole process, download free demo now know how to extract MDaemon users account data in Microsoft 365.

Steps for Direct Migration of Users from MDaemon to Office 365

Procedural steps to migrate users from MDaemon to Office 365 directly with emails, contacts and calendar:

  1. Open MDaemon to Microsoft 365 on Windows-supported system.
  2. Add MDaemon required data files and folders by using Select Files and Select Folders button.
  3. For migration of multiple users from MDaemon, select Converting Multiple MDaemon Users checkbox and press Next.
  4. Entire MDaemon items will be scanned and analyzed and instantly appear entire list with checkboxes in a hierarchical structure. Click Next.
  5. Choose Office 365 by clicking drop-down button of Select Saving Option.
  6. Set O365 other options according to user needs such as I am Admin, copy to default folder, filters etc.
  7. Press Connect.
  8. In case of admin account and you clicked Connect button, then the tool will open Mailbox Mapping window. It will allow to select and set desired user in which user needs to migrate MDaemon users. And, if single account details are added, then the tool will directly perform migration of users from MDaemon to Office 365 without presenting Mailbox Mapping screen.
  9. Now, tool will show live process report.
  10. Once all is done, tool will show a message on the screen “Process Completed Successfully”.

Now, login to Office 365 account and check the migrated data. All will be transferred with exact data integrity.


The complete procedure has discussed the direct method for migration of users from MDaemon to Office 365. MDaemon Converter is a reliable powerful solution which helps to perform precise and successful process without data loss.

Utilize free edition now and test the entire process of migration. Moreover, you can use the free version to explore and experience the migration of MDaemon to Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Exchange Server, G Suite, Gmail etc.

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