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Digital Technology: It’s Importance in the Modern World

Digital Technology: It’s Importance in the Modern World

Technology and humans have one thing in common. They have both evolved. Man has come from primitive creatures to one of the most dominant species around the globe. We have managed to conquer the mountains and seas and make our lives easier. Much of this is possible because of digital technology and its advancements. Technology is changing everything about our lives, including our travel, communication and education. For example, you can easily look for dissertation writing services on the web. These services will help you with your dissertation and make things easier for you.




The term digital technology is broad in itself. However, a close definition is that digital technology is the various developments that operate via electronic devices. It includes the tools and material that help store, note and process information virtually. It is one of the leading fields in the world and is changing rapidly.


The most common example of these is digital software, games, online sites social media and much more. It is not easy to explain digital media like this. However, we can take a look at it by analyzing its impact on the modern world.




There are different kinds of eras that the human race has been through. There are also some breakthroughs during this journey. Every single breakthrough from the discovery of fire to the latest technological development is important.


All of these technologies and advancements have made our world what it is today. These advancements have had a great impact on our world. This impact of digital technology is positive and negative so, let’s do a quick view of how technology has changed our lives and the modern world.




The impact of digital technology is so vast that it is not possible to explain everything all together. So we will explain these impacts through various categories. We may still miss some impact areas. So, do let us know what else we should add on our list. Let’s begin!




The first thing on our list is the impact of digital technology on communication and mass media. It is not complete without mentioning the radio. The radio is a small device that uses electromagnets to run shows. These radios were a sensation back in the late 70s and 80s, as they allowed the users to tune into their favourite channels and listen to the broadcasts.

There is still a huge part of the population that listens to the radios and podcasts on them. So, let us know what your favourite channels are!




You cannot talk about entertainment without mentioning televisions. Majority of us know what televisions. However, most of the younger generation doesn’t know is that televisions started through a cathode tube.


We have advanced our way in televisions since then. There are tons of televisions from Smart TVs to HD TVs that you can choose from. These televisions have impacted our lives a lot. People are up to date because of news channels. They know what is going on around the world whether its politics, economics or any other field.


Televisions have a great impact on business and advertising. Businesses are investing millions of dollars a year in TV advertisements.




The term big data refers to huge amounts of data. This can include employee data, voting information and much more. IBM was the first one to collect big data when a U.S president hired them.


Data collection is one of the leading fields in our time now because it helps companies and organizations with lots of things. It is one of the most precious things in our time, and experts say that data is the future currency. It is helpful in everything from security to business.


Even today, the need for big data is expanding every day. Companies and governments are investing millions of dollars for data.




The internet is an invention that needs no introduction. If you can read this article, then it is because of the internet and technology. Developers tested the first internet system in the late 1950s. However, the internet became available to the general public as late as the early ’90s. It is perhaps the biggest invention of the century.


The internet changed everything and anything that you can think of. There are over 1.3 billion internet users around the world, and the number is expanding rapidly. It has changed everything about our lifestyles from our food, to transport, to our communication.


It is not possible to explain the internet’s impact together so, let us explain the most important ones.




There are several other reasons and impacts of the internet. However, we chose social media because everyone relates to it. Social media refers to websites that allow users to connect virtually. There are multiple social media platforms today. One of the first social media services was Orkut and became popular in the late 90s’ and the early 2000s.


Mark Zuckerberg introduced Facebook soon after this. Facebook was a game-changer in the field of social media. It was accepted and loved by people around the world. There are billions of Facebook users now, and the numbers keep expanding.


Facebook allowed people to stay updated with their friends constantly. It supported media like photos and videos. You could post about anything you like and all your ‘friends’ can see it. Other social media platforms came into the market soon after this. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn are some of the most popular social media apps even today.




Digital technology has changed a lot since its advent of technological advancements. We have come a long way from sending electrical telegrams to digital communication. There are tons of ways that digital advancements have changed our communication. However, perhaps the most important reason is the invention of mobile phones.


Mobile phones have come a long way, and we have stepped into the world of smartphones. Smartphones are advanced mobile phones that can do much more than just communicate. You can use it for entertainment, research and much more. These devices have internet support. It makes it one of the most versatile devices that we have right now.


You can use your mobile phones to do your office work, school work and much more. Mobile phones started as a luxury but are now a necessity for people around the world. There are different kinds of mobiles, but Android and iOS are the most popular operating systems for these mobiles.




One of the latest impacts of digital technology is on education. The world has changed a lot since the coronavirus outbreak. We are not allowed to interact with physical and educational institutes are shut off.


However, we are still able to learn and teach thanks to digital technology. We are using digital software to take our classes. This software help the teachers take virtual classes while they stay at their homes.


The teacher can provide voice and video support and provide files to students. You can also get professional dissertation writing services if you still need an extra hand in education. So it is not wrong to say that digital technology has had a great impact on our life altogether!

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