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Digital Marketing

Digital Media Companies and Jobs

Few of the most successful companies in the world are in the IT field. Because the digital age took over corporate world. A lot of these companies offer a variety of branches and interests, including digital media and related ventures. In the end, the top digital media companies are among the most powerful businesses.


Google was founded around 1998 with the help of Larry Page and Sergey Brin as a revolutionary new technology for searching, has since grown into one of most valuable companies (worth around $309 billion by the year 2019). It has transformed into a multibillion-dollar technology company that produces everything related to the internet such as the web-based browser (Chrome) laptops (Chromebooks) as well as smart eyewear, as well as streaming TV online (Chromecast). It was in 2015 that Google made public the creation of Alphabet as a parent company that will oversee the company’s various departments, while it remaining an independent subsidiary. persona


In 1997, it was launched as an online rental company that let customers buy DVDs and have the DVDs delivered directly to home. Customers made their own film wish lists and Netflix fulfilled the list by delivering DVDs to the list. The DVDs could be kept for whatever time they desired and the next film that was on their list being delivered when the previous one was returned. With more than 150 million customers paying for a mix of films, television, and original content, Netflix has evolved from an independent movie distributor to an online streaming giant. Popular culture phenomenon like “Orange is the New Black,”” “Stranger Things” along with “Bo Jack Horseman” have been created by the company. London


It has grow from a small company that made computers with sophisticate marketing. To one of the most formidable technological powerhouses. Apple was establish in 1976 in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak began its first quarter century as a cutting-edge. But struggling computer company with some amazing products that it never did what they were suppose to. In 1998 Apple launched the iMac which was then three years later, the iPod and iPhone. Both were marketed through Jobs inventive strategies to create interest and drive demand, pushing Apple to the top of the tech industry. Apple is still thriving through the years due to gadgets like those of the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Every day, millions Americans are using Apple devices such as iTunes or Apple TV to consume enormous amounts of digital content.

Twitter as well as Facebook

Two of the world’s most loved social networks Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat along with TikTok. All have huge users that are hundreds of millions of users or more. According to an annual Pew Research Survey, 75 percent of people living in the United States use YouTube. 68% of them use Facebook. YouTube has use by more than 90% of those aged between 18 and 24. And Facebook has use by more than 80 percent. These brands are controlled by large corporations. Facebook for instance, is the owner of Instagram along with other platforms, including WhatsApp. Google also has a number of digital properties, such as YouTube. The number of people using social media is sure to grow as the generations that used it as children grow older, while new users are coming into their own.


The company continues to be a global giant of digital commerce with a huge presence. Within the world of digital media. The company is among the largest in the world by market value. Amazon has a significant online presence, from Amazon Prime as well as its streaming service. To personal assistants, cloud services and even digital advertising. Its presence is evident in the growth of its revenue, that grew by threefold between $117.9 billion $232.9 billion from 2017 through.

Employment and Wages for Digital Media

The phrase “digital media” refers to a range of goods, platforms and companies. This means that the market for employment in digital media jobs is based on the region. Industry as well as work experience and educational level, however the odds of success are generally good. The majority of jobs in digital media like those mention below. They are offer in a wide range of sectors including both the private and public sectors. Thus that jobs in the field of digital media offer the possibility for working within a range of environments.

Graphic Designer

Graphic design jobs are plentiful in the digital media industry. For everything from corporate identities to film posters graphic designers create digital illustrations that communicate details. They create their artwork using sketchpads, laptops, tablets, and various other devices. In the way, they employ different types of fonts and colors, as well as designs, shapes and other aesthetic elements. Graphic designers work with customers to find out what they’d like and then begin the design process. Where they design a variety of possibilities and modify them to satisfy the needs of the customer.

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics there were 290,100 graphic designers working within the United States. They earn a median annual income of $50,370. Those who were in the lowest 10 percent receiving less than $29,610. While individuals in the highest 10% of the population earning over $85,760 per year. The average annual salary for this position varies depending on the industry. Ranging from $41,170 (printing and operations supporting them) up to 51,000 (computer programming) (advertising and public relations, and other related services). The job market will grow by 3% between 2028 and 2018, resulting in an additional 8,800 jobs.

Web Developer

Web-based websites and other applications are developed by professional web designers with their design skills. They are proficient in programming and coding abilities in the fields of CSS, HTML, and Java. Web developers help businesses with developing or updating their websites, or even developing new ones from the starting point by using templates that are already in use or frameworks such as WordPress as well as Squarespace. They make sure that websites look appealing across all devices, while also being useful.

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) the number of web developers working throughout the United States in May 2018 as well as the median annual wage of $69,430. It is estimate that the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the job of web-based developers is expect to grow by 20900 jobs. Or 13%, between the years 2018 until 2028. Most of the highest annual median salaries came from the publishing sector ($75,360) and the design of computer systems ($68,670).

Digital Media Specialist

In the job market, experts in digital media are a vital part of the equation. They are multi-talent and able to manage a range of tasks by combining diverse skills. Digital media professionals are able to work on social media platforms, and draw on their graphic design expertise to assist businesses with brand identity and audio. They could also design packages to be use in digital marketing campaigns by using on-camera and writing skills and editing audio or video skills. Different projects require different responsibilities and skills that digital media experts could serve as a substitute for.

The median salary for professionals in the field of digital media was $34,000 for the year. Although it is true that the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not maintain specific information about digital media professionals. However, reports from internet marketing publications like Social Media. Today indicate that the amount of advertising on the internet increased by 4% in the year 2019 the total amount of spending is projected to be 329 billion in 2021. It will account at 49% ads. These trends point to the future of jobs in digital media.

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