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Decorate Your Kitchen | Best Ideas For Decorate Your Kitchen

How to decorate your kitchen well we will share the best ideas. Do you find the style of your kitchen out of fashion? Complete renovation or simple updating, the decoration of a kitchen brings a lot to the style of your whole home. Which paints to choose? Which coatings to favor? What style to adopt?

Give style to your kitchen

A kitchen makeover always seems like a good idea. You still have to be able to choose among all the possible styles: classic, design, modern, rustic… Each one has its own charm, there is no bad style or good style. What you need above all is to choose the one that suits you. One that stays consistent with the rest of the house and matches your tastes.

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The green kitchen

Almond green, emerald, rosemary, duck… Green is endlessly available for different effects and styles. In the kitchen, when it is well chosen, it can give a pleasant, elegant and refined atmosphere. Its natural side reassures and whets the appetite.

Green to subvert the codes of traditional cuisine
A vibrant green can easily transform your kitchen without much effort. As a touch on the cupboards, color wakes up the room and adds dynamism. The must ? Associate it with noble materials. It perfectly highlights marble, stone, brick, wood and modernizes your counters and worktops. Don’t hesitate to shift and mix the most traditional elements with a more contemporary color to obtain a kitchen with character.

Small Space Interior Design


A clean and elegant design
By choosing a light shade such as a sea green, you will brighten the room and succeed in visually enlarging it. Ideal for giving a boost to a kitchen that is too small for your taste. A more neutral tone will also allow you to play with contrasts to bring a real identity to the room.

Decorate Your Kitchen

A more organic cuisine
In the kitchen, green brings harmony and is very relaxing, since it evokes nature. With all the nuances it offers, you can set the mood you want for your interior. Pastel greens echo a relaxing atmosphere. Emerald is a popular color that can easily be adapted to any space, from the most glamorous styles to the most industrial settings.

Dare to be original
There are green hues to suit all styles and tastes. We prefer dark tones for a more sophisticated and modern kitchen or a more dazzling and lively green for a touch of originality. If you are looking for a calm and peaceful decoration, pastel greens are for you. Rosemary green will fit perfectly into a rustic decoration.


A touch of green for all styles
The major advantage of the color green is that it is very easy to match with other shades, because it has a lot of shades. We highlight it by associating it with light colors, such as white or cream walls, or natural wood kitchen furniture. With small lively touches, green brings a more pop side to the kitchen, both original and modern. Lively, green boosts the enthusiasm you need to cook!


The red kitchen

Tired of gray or white kitchens? Maybe it’s time to add a splash of color to the most used room in your home. Neutral design is a safe choice, but bright colors are fascinating. And in terms of passion, red is the undisputed star.

A color with style
Whether you like modern, traditional, or rather eclectic designs, red kitchens work with a wide variety of styles and decor. It’s easy to go overboard with red, but incorporating the color in a balanced way will give the room an energetic glow.


Perfect for the kitchen
Red whets the appetite. Using it in the decor of your kitchen is therefore an excellent idea. It will give you pep and help you face the difficult mornings in front of your coffee. It is also a warm and welcoming color. Remember that we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, feeling good is essential!

Decorate Your Kitchen

With what colors to associate red
Red, especially when it is bright, goes very well with more neutral tones. By mixing white and red you are sure not to make a mistake. You will automatically get a very contemporary look. If you fancy a little daring, use it with black for a more refined and sophisticated vibe. It is not forbidden to use other bright colors with red. The key is to do it sparingly. If this is done well, you will have a pop kitchen, with a more punchy look with a real identity.


By small touches
If you’re afraid to go for the total red look, you can stick to the upper closet doors. Generally, this is a great way to add some vibrant color without making it too overwhelming. Another idea, paint a wall red so as not to suffocate the room while providing a little “wow” effect. If you are still a little cautious, incorporate red in your household appliances.

Bring light and enlarge the space
If your kitchen is not very large, you may be tempted to reject adding this strong color out of hand for fear of reducing the space. But by using it smartly you can help your small kitchen look bigger. How? ‘Or’ What ? Bet on shiny surfaces. So opt for a lacquered red that will reflect the light. This will give a modern look to the room and optimize space and light.



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