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Finding the Perfect Wooden Dining Chairs for Your Home

What’s the use of having a beautiful dining table without any chairs? Dining chairs are to a dining room what a bed is to the bedroom. They must be smart and make a style statement, yet be comfortable and invite you and your family to sit around the table for hours. After all, the dining table isn’t just where you eat your meals. It’s where you talk about the day and exchange stories… it’s where your children do their homework while you keep an eye on them from the kitchen… it’s where you and your best friend enjoy a cup of coffee… So, how do you find the perfect wooden dining chairs for your home?

Pick the right size chair

Size is a crucial element for wooden dining chairs. Most dining chairs have a standard seat height of 18” and the dining table is usually 30” tall. What you need to pay attention to is the space between the bottom of the dining table and thee top of the chair. You should ideally have 12” if free space here. This allows you to sit comfortably without your knees being hit by the apron of the table. When it comes to the width, each person sitting at the table should have at least 24” of space. Thus, a 72” long dining table will fit 2 people on either side and one person each at the head and foot of the table. Choosing chairs with narrow seat to fit in more people at the table ,ay make mealtimes uncomfortable so avoid doing this.

Solid wood or upholstered?

If you’re looking for luxury, you can’t go wrong with upholstered chairs. Upholstered chairs are usually wider than solid wood chairs and make a bolder style statement. They are also more comfortable and you can sit in them for hours. If you’re looking at upholstered chairs with arms, make sure there is at least 7” between the top of the arm and the bottom of the table. While they are more glamorous, upholstered dining chairs also have higher maintenance needs. If you have small children who are likely to spill their food while eating, you may be better off selecting solid wood chairs.

The head chair

When you have a rectangular dining table, the narrow ends are known as the head and foot of the table. You will typically only have one chair at these ends. As the length of the table increases, so will the number of chairs that fit the sides. When mixing and matching styles, many people choose different wooden chairs for the head and foot of the table. Think of this as a punctuation at the end of a sentence. It’s an easy way to show off some style and weave an eclectic look. For example, you may choose to have upholstered chairs at the ends and wooden chairs along the sides. You may even choose the same chair design but upholster the backs for the head and foot and have a solid back or a cane woven back for the sides.

Colours and polishes

The dining room is probably the most used space of a house. Hence, it’s the ideal place to show off your personality. You can experiment with colours and wood polishes and layer patterns and prints. Painted chairs have been trending for a while. But, if you prefer a more classic route, you could try a dark wood polish.

Extra seating

On a normal day your dining table ay seat only 6 but when the holidays come around, you may find yourself needing to seat 10 people around the same table. Hence, it’s a good idea to have some extra chairs in your home that can be pulled up at short notice. Folding chairs are ideal for this. They are narrower than normal dining chairs and hence will help you seat more people side by side. You can also use stools for impromptu seating.

Buying the perfect wooden dining chairs

With the rise of e-commerce websites you don’t need to scour the markets looking for dining chairs. You can shop for them online! In the same way as you’d shop for clothes and shoes, you can browse through designs online, check out the dimensions and different views, place your order and have it delivered home. So, are you ready to make your dining room come alive with comfortable chairs?

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