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Customer satisfaction survey form- Best feedback guide

A customer satisfaction survey form is a great way to gather feedback from your customers. In addition, they are a great way to stay ahead of your competitors. 

They can help you understand your customers’ pain points and enable you to fix them.  There are many ways to run a customer satisfaction survey through email, phone, and face-to-face interviews, but the question remains: Do any of these methods work? 

What is a customer satisfaction survey form?

A customer satisfaction survey form is a questionnaire designed to help understand their customers’ thoughts about their products or services, brand, and customer support. It can be helpful for several reasons.

First of all, it can be used as a marketing tool to find out what customers are thinking about your brand. This way, you know what you need to do to improve and better your customer experience. 

It’s a way for you to open up a dialogue between your customers and your brand. Sometimes, it can also be a quick way to find out if your customers are happy with their experience with your brand. 

Why should you use the survey form?

Every business wants to be successful, and every business owner wants to build a great brand. Customer satisfaction survey forms are a great way to determine what your customers think about your products or services. 

A customer satisfaction survey measures customer opinions and perceptions. It is an excellent way to measure how well your business or product performs. You can use the survey results to improve your business and make your customers happier. 

You can also use the survey results to identify your best products or services. The customer satisfaction survey is the best guide for improving the product or the service.

How to create a customer satisfaction survey form?

There is no formula for the question format, as you may have seen while examining the example of customer satisfaction survey questions.

Depending on the question (or your objective), one strategy will work better than others. You can combine two methodologies in the same customer satisfaction survey by mixing and matching.

Discover how simple it is to use all available resources to improve your customer satisfaction survey form with intelyForms. There are three simple steps to follow, and no coding skills are required:

Step 1: Create your form first:

You can start from scratch or use a template to create your customer satisfaction survey.

All forms are fully responsive on any device, which is critical for providing a frictionless form for clients to fill out at their leisure.

Step 2: Make your form unique:

You have complete control over every aspect of your customer satisfaction survey form with intelyForms. Fields can be resized and repositioned. Choose colors, fonts, and a background image that entice customers to take action.

You can choose the structure of the question field that best suits your customer satisfaction survey question from the left side menu. Then, simply drag and drop the option into the form from the builder’s Toolbox.

Step 3: Distribute your Form:

You can publish and share your customer satisfaction survey once it’s finished. Also, you can easily embed intelyForms on a web page or just a choice field in an email using intelyForms. You can also send the link to the form via email or social media.

How to Make a Customer Satisfaction Survey Automated:

Now that you’ve seen how simple it is to create a form and how you can save time by using optimized customer satisfaction survey templates, it’s time to see how intelyForms takes it to the next level.

Simply click on each button of the dashboard to uncover more and powerful intelyForms features and functionalities:

  • Logic Requirements:

This feature makes your customer satisfaction survey more dynamic and relevant by allowing the following question to be conditioned on the previous replies.

  • Justification in the Field:

Clarify what’s required in each field to boost the response rate of your customer satisfaction survey. You may either add a field label and an answer example as a placeholder or provide a tooltip text that illustrates your satisfaction scale.

  • ‍Notifications:

Set up an email or SMS notice to be sent whenever a new contribution is made. A customer satisfaction survey might reveal information about a new product or alert you to a problem with your brand’s reputation. When you combine it with Logic Rules, your form will notify the appropriate individuals, allowing them to address each situation more quickly based on the information provided.

  • The message of Success:

Ascertain that your consumers’ feedback was well-received. After each submission, you can customize and personalize the success message that appears. For example, you can thank clients for participating in your customer satisfaction survey, explain the following steps, and even redirect them to a different page.

  • Integration:

Send all form submissions to other platforms for data storage and administration automatically. For example, to check replies, connect your customer satisfaction survey to Google Sheets or Mailchimp to include customers in a marketing campaign. helps you to integrate your forms and application for your business. 

Importance of customer satisfaction survey:

Customers’ comments and opinions are two of the most significant components invalidating crucial business decisions and sparking your company’s long-term viability and growth.

Their views influence the client lifecycle as well. You have a decreased chance of maintaining, delighting, and encouraging your customers to make future purchases if you don’t know what they think.

Creating Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Best Practices

It’s not easy to create a customer satisfaction survey. Fortunately,  a few best practices can help you boost response rates and gain valuable feedback from your clients.

Getting honest and accurate responses from your consumers is critical to the accuracy of your customer satisfaction data. As a result, it’s no surprise that most customer satisfaction survey issues focus on receiving correct responses from respondents.

  • Make sure you select the appropriate survey tool:

You’ll have a lot of data and no means to distill it or extract meaningful insights if you don’t use the correct customer survey feedback instrument. So instead, choose a solution that allows you to ask various questions, analyze primary data like response rates, and track consumer sentiment over time.

  • Always keep your survey questions simple and to the point:

Because no one appreciates spending a lot of time filling out surveys, make sure yours are brief and to the point. Keep the minimum character count low, make the question optional, or offer an incentive when asking open-ended inquiries.

  • Send out the surveys at the appropriate times:

Consider where you want to place your surveys during the consumer experience. For example, it’s pointless to send a survey to someone who has just signed up for your blog, and it’s also pointless to send one year after a consumer has stopped doing business with you.

  • Always conduct A/B testing on your surveys:

A/B testing is a great technique to see if your surveys are as effective as they possibly can be. First, create two versions of the survey with minor changes in each. For example, you may rearrange the questions, increase or decrease the number of questions, adjust the language, and even change the color of the buttons. 

  • Thank your clients for their suggestions:

Always thank the customer for their time with a gift card, a discount, or simply a courteous email. You’re ready to create your customer satisfaction survey, aren’t you? To get started, use the template in the next section.


A customer satisfaction survey form is an essential part of customer service. It can assist you in identifying difficulties and opportunities that you may not have considered before. intelyForms is an online form builder is helped you to provide a solution to your questions.

Don’t worry about designing a form without any code. supports you 24*7 and provides you satisfaction in your query. 


Davinci is a research-based contributor for intely, providing content specifically in the Healthcare IT and Digital Health space.

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