Yoga Teacher Training Programs: Know The Difference

Have you been a yoga practitioner for years and are planning to become a teacher but have no idea from where to start? Fret not! It is time to explore.

Scroll down and go through the different yoga teacher training programs explained below to clarify all your doubts.

Different Types Of Yoga Teacher Training Courses

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

The 200-hour program is the basic YTT certification course that is recognized by the Yoga Alliance. It is offered by plenty of yoga schools and centers nowadays. It covers all the fundamental elements of yoga including, yoga anatomy, philosophy, alignment, and much more.

The duration of a 200 hour yoga teacher training course is usually 28 to 30 days, but it can vary from school to school. Also, this training program provides sufficient yoga practice for all the budding teachers out there.

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

This course is the second level of YTT and it is suitable for those practitioners who have completed their 200-hour yoga teacher training. A 300-hour YTT course is a bit more intense in comparison to a 200-hour YTT program. Perhaps that is why it is also referred to as ‘Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course.’ The main goal of this course is to build your yogic skills and take them to the next level. You will get to deepen your understanding of fundamental asanas as well as teaching a more advanced level of asanas.

In most yoga schools, it is required to first attain your 200-hour YTT certification in order to enroll for the 300-hour training. After becoming an RYT 300, you can easily register as RYT 500 to reach the ultimate level of teaching yoga.

500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

500-hour of training is the most advanced level of yoga training that a practitioner could opt for. A 500-hour YTT program offers you in-depth knowledge of the history and origin of yoga anatomy and asanas. You will also have an intensive knowledge of yoga philosophy and how to teach students safely by taking every precaution.

Additionally, you will also learn different pranayama and meditation techniques which will help you in improving your personal practice and taking it to an entirely new level. In the nutshell, 500 hour yoga teacher training is a combination of 200-hour and 300-hour teacher training programs.

Things TO DO Before Starting Your YTT

  • Take some time off from your busy schedule and prepare yourself mentally before coming to a decision.
  • Think about what truly is your intention behind taking YTT.
  • Read and watch videos as much as you can to get familiar with the practice of yoga.
  • Spend some time at your chosen destination before actually starting your training.
  • Do not worry about what others might think or say about you.

Things YOU SHOULD KNOW Before Starting Yoga YTT

  • Understand that constructive criticism will help you in becoming a better teacher.
  • Taking teacher training means you have to step on the mat exactly the way you are. So, prepare yourself to be vulnerable.
  • Take the yoga practice seriously by being punctual when coming to class.
  • Becoming a yoga teacher means becoming a professional, so do not forget to behave like one.


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