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Custom application: What you need to create your app

Do you have a new project and need a custom application? Or maybe you already have an app launched that you want to completely rethink. If you find yourself in this situation, you may not be sure where to start. There are a lot of decisions to be made, whether it’s deciding if you want a bespoke app or having it ready to go on your mobile. We will tell you everything you need to create the app you want. Take note!

Types of custom applications

One of the first decisions to make before building a custom application is choosing the type of application you need. So that you can decide for sure, let’s take a look at the types of apps out there, along with their pros and cons.

  1. Native applications

Native applications are those that are developed to run specifically on a given operating system .This implies that they have to be developed with a specific language , depending on whether they are used in an Android or IOS device. To use them, the user must download them from official application stores such as Google Play Store or App Store .Maybe now you are wondering how native apps influence you in your custom app development.

On the one hand, the cost of development will increase, because if you want it to be available for multiple operating systems, like iOS or android for example, you need to have a version of the app for each operating system. However, it is easier to distribute them through stores when posting. In addition, they enhance the user experience, as they are fully integrated into the operating system and can take advantage of all the features of the phone. Another plus point is that they don’t need to be permanently connected to the Internet to function. However, you should take into account not only the development time, but also the time it takes from when the app is uploaded to the store until it is approved and released. Native apps are easier to distribute and provide a better experience without always being connected to the internet.

  1. Web application

Web applications or Web Apps are universal, since they are designed to be used through a browser. They adapt to any device and do not need app store approval to be published. With all this, the creation costs are reduced, since it is not necessary to use a specific language for each operating system. However, some of its weaknesses are that, being universal, the performance is lower than that of a native application and requires an internet connection for its operation.

  1. Hybrids

As the name suggests, hybrid apps are a mix of the previous two. To develop them, it is necessary to use a web development language and a framework designed to create this type of application. This type of application is also cross-platform and development is faster than if it were a native application, which reduces costs. Hybrid apps can be installed from the App Store or Google Play Store and improve user experience when it comes to web apps or web apps.

Tips for creating your custom application

We have already reviewed the types of applications, but we are going further. If you want your custom application to be successful and most importantly you need to optimize development time and budget, you shouldn’t overlook these details:

  1. Clearly define the objective

Not all bespoke mobile apps are the same. Keep in mind the solution it provides, its target and what your market is. Are you going to sell your products or services through the app? Do you need it to be available in several countries or in several languages? All of these questions will help define the goals, scope and basic characteristics of your bespoke application.

  1. Finding a reliable development team

If you don’t leave your health in the hands of just anyone, why leave your custom app project to the first one? The company you work with should be reliable, experienced in your field, and have similar successes to yours. All of this will help you make your project a success. Several of the tailor-made mobile applications developed by this team will be released in official stores. It will be useful to download some of them and try them out, see user ratings and comments. We have extensive experience in Maven Digital Best mobile app development company in UAE developing mobile applications for businesses, from SMEs to major brands. We have the best certified professionals to develop custom applications for mobile devices quickly, professionally and securely.

  1. Create application blanks

Before deciding who will develop your application, the best is to transcribe your ideas clearly to transmit all the information of the project to the development team. You should convey as much information about the project as possible to the development team. It is not necessary to create professional sketches with the template of the app, but it is very useful to put on paper an outline of the features of the app, what functions it should have, etc. If you have more experience or want something more concrete, ideally you would create a wireframe or prototype of the app to simulate how the navigation will be in the app.

  1. Take care of the design

The design is very important when considering the development of mobile applications for businesses. The design must always relate to the audience to which your bespoke application is aimed. It must be attractive but without neglecting ergonomics: the simpler your application, the more it is conducive to success.  If you want to take it a step further, learn how to promote an app using ASO and SEO Auckland.

  1. Test the application

As we said before, the wireframe allows you to simulate how the user will navigate the app. Asking other people from your work team, and even your personal environment to navigate it, will allow you to see how they react to the application. This information is very useful, as it allows you to check whether the design is attractive, whether the application is intuitive or to collect suggestions that can be incorporated even in the development phase. This test must be repeated when the custom application is finished, before its publication, in order to detect any errors before launching it.

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